Mari is live from the Philippines and loves the music of Shakira.

So that music can be heard loud and clear in her chat room. And that’s handy, the more music, the less she has to talk. Sound Stuffing. But why will you visit her?

Obviously because of her looks, from the looks of her pictures she has participated in the ladyboy elections. In a snow-white dress and with a crown on her head she looks beautiful. Suddenly she starts talking, she calls a regular viewer, but he does not receive her message. The viewer wants her to type her number into the chat room, Mari is not going to do that. “I can’t, not allowed to do”.

The regular viewer is deeply in love with her, he wants to buy her a plane ticket. Moments later Mari types her number anyway, oops, in a public chat. As mentioned she is beautiful in different clothes. Her camera is in HD and goes on without a hitch.