I am on my hands and knees on the bed, my heart beating wildly in my throat. Around my growing pole is a real hand moving slowly up and down, there is a poor and smooth hard pole pressing against my starlet. How did I get into this situation, why was I so eager to listen to this beautiful trans woman named Megan? I am a handyman and do odd jobs or bigger jobs everywhere, I am nice and busy and have no complaints about patronage.

Two weeks ago, I started at a beautiful woman’s house to remodel her bathroom and bedroom. After an initial contact with her, I calculated my price and gave it to her two days later. With a professional look, she checked the paper, looked at me and very briefly stroked her tongue along her lips.

Then she asked me if I would listen to her for one day and do what she wanted me to do for her. I looked at her strangely and immediately she started to laugh, when she stood up she said again that I should think about it and give her the answer later. Since it was a nice job and I would earn quite well from it, I decided to tell her that I would agree to her request. When I told her that I had limits, she looked at me and said very firmly that I would listen without any demands or anything. With my heart beating and my head slightly bowed, I accepted the job and she shook my hand with a smile. Two weeks ago I started the job, the first few days I was afraid that she would hold me to the agreement. Nothing happened and gradually I got the idea that it was a joke for her. After the bathroom I started with the bedroom, there was a lot to do and sometimes I worked a few hours longer.

Twice I saw her come upstairs and undress in the other room and then go to the bathroom in her underwear. The woman has a wonderful bestiality, when I saw her almost naked, the excitement went up my body very quickly. Something about this woman attracted me very strongly, when I had finished the bedroom nothing had happened. I walked her through the bathroom and bedroom and heard her moaning softly in satisfaction. Downstairs I got my money and when she put it in my hand she told me to be with her the next day at ten o’clock for the second part of the appointment. She looked at me with a very stern look that made me unable to say no, now I am also someone who keeps his promises no matter what the consequences. The next morning I parked the car at her door at five minutes to ten, the door opened immediately and without saying anything she closed the door behind me. In the hallway she tells me to undress completely, fold my clothes neatly and put them on the chair in the hallway. Then I have to come into the room and go through to the kitchen and pour coffee for her.

I am not allowed to say anything, I must only listen and obey, trembling I take off my clothes and walk across the room to the kitchen. When I come back, the woman is sitting in a chair, looking at me sternly, her nylon-clad legs are crossed and moving gently back and forth, making an exciting sound of her nylons rubbing against each other. I have to come and stand next to her chair, slowly she grabs the cup and drinks her coffee. A moment later she gets up and grabs me roughly by my cock and pulls me behind her, as we walk up the stairs I can see under her leather skirt and see that she is wearing very small panties. Upstairs she shows me into the bedroom, not a word has been spoken as I am pushed onto the bed. On my hands and knees I have to wait and see what will happen, in my fantasy I have experienced this kind of situation many times.

Now that it is real, the fantasy seems to be less fun anyway, why did I agree to obey her? It’s too late to leave now, of course I can, but I won’t, no matter what happens. It takes a while before I hear something in the room, then I feel a hand on my bottom. It is gone again and comes back with a slap, this startles me and I immediately move forward a little. Then she speaks for the first time, I gently ask her if she should tie me up or if I should just sit still. With a groan, I tell her to sit still and another slap follows. They don’t hurt and even give a very nice exciting feeling. My buttocks start to glow and in my balls I feel the excitement diminish. I feel the woman climb onto the bed and immediately a warm hand slides around my pole. Very slowly she begins to pull me down, each time I feel her nails pressing into my glans, giving me a sensational feeling.

Suddenly I feel a liquid being poured into my butt, with her free hand she strokes the liquid through my seam and immediately pushes a finger deep into my asshole. Luckily I have been anally penetrated before so I can handle the finger. The sensation in my body increases, she slowly fucks me with her finger and then slides a second finger in. For a moment I squeeze my buttocks together but notice that she does not accept it, I relax again and feel how her fingers slowly take me further. Then the fingers disappear and nothing happens for a while, I feel her moving behind me and try to stay as relaxed as possible. The hand around my cock returns and immediately I feel something hard throbbing against my hole.

With her hand she squeezes my cock tightly and pushes a thick cock into my hole, because of the many lubricants the warm pole slides effortlessly all the way into me. My cock is released and she puts both hands on my hips and presses her hard pole into me up to her balls. She leaves it there for a moment and then slowly pulls it out, stopping when it is almost out. I hear her breathing heavily and then she quickly pushes her pole back into me, at this pace she begins to fuck me. The pleasure in my body is unprecedented, I have never done anything with a man before but what this woman is doing to me is almost unbelievable. When she puts her hand around my throbbing pole, I suddenly shake violently and come to a blissful eruption. I squeeze her pole hard with my ass and suddenly feel her squirt her cum into me. This unprecedented sensation makes me cum again, slowly I feel the pole slide out of my ass. The woman gets off the bed, I stay sitting and let my head be pressed into the mattress, I have had sex many times but never enjoyed it so much. I feel a hand grab my hair, I raise my face and immediately get a thick, throbbing pole pushed into my mouth.

I’m moaning and shaking, she fucks me in the mouth, her pole disappears in my mouth almost up to her balls. Each thrust goes deeper, and at one point I feel like I have to throw up. Without stopping, she grabs my head and pushes her rock hard pole into my throat up to her balls, I hear her call for me to drink and immediately her warm cum flows down my throat. Whether I want to or not it is impossible not to swallow it, the pole slowly weakens and then slides out of my mouth. Her sperm flows a little past the corners of my mouth and out of my asshole. If I could see myself, I would know that I am humiliated, but I am happy to submit to this humiliation many times. The woman leaves the room and when she returns I get a slap on my bottom and am told to take a shower. Later we sit downstairs, me still naked and her beautifully dressed again. I can see in her eyes that she enjoyed herself.

Then she asks me if I regret having agreed to her request, and when I say that I loved it, she asks if I want to come back this weekend. Without hesitation, I answer that I will come as early as she wants, smiling she says there is no need now. If I come on Saturday, she wants to enjoy me in love and I can enjoy her and do what I want. I look forward to the weekend with great excitement, this woman is a dream come true. So many times I have seen pictures and read stories, dreamed, and now it has really happened. What could be more wonderful than being a man and having your fantasy come true? The weekend will be great, I will go and do everything for her.