A story of a boy who became a woman. Now a she, comes from Thailand. This is her story. Of course a random reference to a photo and profile of webcam ladyboy. A picture does as much as 1000 words. 😌

Two years ago, my real life began. Although I was born 23 years ago, I was born as a boy. Early in my childhood, I realized that something was not right. I was, did not feel like a boy, but a girl. Only my body unequivocally showed the opposite. Early on in my adolescence, I joined the transgender team in Thailand. This resulted in the arduous but coveted sex-change surgery in July 2005. I was fortunate that as a boy I was a petite, narrow fellow with feminine features, so now as a woman, I don’t stand out as a ‘converted’ because of my build. I’m 5’7″ tall and a size 36. When I started taking hormones, my breast development started. In two years, my breasts grew to a small B cup, but at surgery, they were enlarged to a nice C.

I am terribly proud of my breasts. They are wonderfully firm, stand proudly forward and are crowned with a dark, very sensitive nipple. In the surgery, my penis was removed and my vagina was created. The doctors did a wonderful job. According to the doctors-and, I believe them-there is no difference between my pussy and that of a “natural woman. The doctors really did a wonderful job, because my vagina is also extremely sensitive. My glans was turned into a clitoris with which I -like a real woman- can ejaculate wonderfully. In short, I am happy as a woman, only…. I had not had sex yet in my life. As a boy, I didn’t want it, because it just didn’t feel right. As a woman, it hadn’t happened yet. I had been out with guys, but it had never gone much further than a little kissing. Of course, I want a man. I thought it would be wonderful to be intimate with a boy, to be undressed and caressed by him, to be sucked and penetrated. I would like to feel a hard cock thrust into me. I long for the moment when I would be filled up… Two months ago it finally happened and I lost my virginity.

My parents went on vacation for two weeks. Since they have a capital house, they asked me if I would look after their property. I loved being alone in my parents’ house for a few days, so I immediately agreed. On the second evening, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and standing in front of it was a nice boy about my age. I recognized him immediately, it was John, my friend from elementary school. We had been like brothers, but because of my ‘problem’, we had lost track of each other. “Hello Peggy”, he said, “I heard you were here and actually wanted to catch up. I heard that your life has changed dramatically and am curious how you are doing”. I was pleased to see him again – he looked very nice – and the idea of a pleasant chat appealed to me. I invited him inside and he followed me into the room. Actually, I wasn’t dressed for visits. I was wearing a short, tight sweater with a deep neckline and a short skirt that showed off my long legs. The length of my legs was accentuated by the high heels I wore. Under my sweater, I had no bra, so my nipples seemed to be poking through the thin fabric. I saw that John was looking at me approvingly and felt wonderfully sensual. I poured him a drink. John was very curious about how my life had turned out since we had lost sight of each other. He had also been through quite a lot himself, so we had plenty to talk about. It was very pleasant and we chatted non-stop. Gradually, however, the atmosphere in the room changed.

If at the beginning of the evening he was friendly and interested, with the passage of time he became more and more interested in me as a woman. Whenever I poured him a drink and bent over, I could feel him staring at my breasts with a vengeance. Because I liked him very much I would sometimes respond to this in a naughty way. Sometimes I would sit down so that John could have a look at my panties or at the beginning of my buttocks. At about eleven o’clock I walked to the kitchen to open a new bottle of wine when he came after me. In the kitchen, he enclosed me in his arms from behind. As his hands carefully disappeared under my sweatshirt he said, “You’ve told me exactly how you’ve changed physically, but I want to see it too.” His hands had gone over my flat stomach slowly stroking upwards. They found my breasts. The excitement began to take possession of my body, I closed my eyes. Judging, his hands encircled my titties. He seemed to weigh them carefully. Gently he began to massage my firm globes. His fingers found my sensitive nipples, which by now had become rock hard. Sensually, he pinched and pulled on them. “Girl, what delicious tits,” he whispered in my ear. While John’s right hand played with my left breast, his right hand slowly slid down my stomach.

Handily he undid my skirt and quickly stroked down my panties. Carefully exploring, a finger slid down my slit. I now stepped out of my skirt and turned around. John grabbed me by my hips and pulled me against him. Through the fabric of his jeans I felt his hard cock press against my Venus mound. Our mouths found each other and we sunk into an intimate French kiss. I grabbed John by his hand and took him to the guest room. When I got there he quickly took off my sweater and for the first time in my life I stood completely naked in front of a man. Approving, he took me in from head to toe. “You have become a beautiful woman. I am now going to do to you what men prefer to do to women…I am going to mate with you, I am going to fuck you,” John whispered in my ear. He led me to the bed and asked me to lie down. As he quietly undressed, he asked me to spread my legs so he could get a good look at my pussy. I did as he asked. I liked what I saw in the meantime; a handsome, tall and slim boy with a muscular body. When he took off his briefs my breath caught in my throat. I had never seen such a large cock.

Beneath his cock is a well-filled scrotum. For a moment, the fear shot through my head that I could not take such a large penis inside my new body. With his big hard cock at the ready he came to the bed and lay down next to me. Again we sunk into an intimate kiss as our hands explored each other’s bodies. His hands slid over my breasts, down my stomach, and his fingers found my virgin pussy. “You are my first,” I whispered in his ear. Smiling sweetly, he looked at me. With gentle force, he pushed me onto my back. His mouth and tongue now explored my body. Over my neck, to my shoulders, to my breasts. Gently he caressed my tits. His mouth encircled a nipple and by turns he licked and bit into it, while his hand played with my other breast. Slowly his tongue continued its way over my tight belly to the pleasure triangle between my legs. When he had almost reached my pussy, I excitedly spread my legs. Attentively, he looked at my pussy. “What a beautiful, tightly closed pussy you have,” muttered John.

Carefully, he opened my labia and put his tongue in contact with my clit. A rush of pleasure shot through my body. John started to eat me and I felt the excitement of an orgasm building. His tongue was everywhere, now again at my clit, then again he licked my labia, then he inserted the tip of his tongue into my pussy. It was fantastic. So it wasn’t long before my first orgasm was coursing through my body. I surrendered to the pleasure and was completely out of it for a moment. When my orgasm was over, John looked at me smiling sweetly. “You’re a wonderfully horny broad,” he said. Now it was my turn. John lay on his back and I crawled between his legs. I took his big, rock-hard cock in my hands and then gently took it into my mouth, while my hands played with his balls. John was enjoying himself. With eyes closed, he underwent my caress. Sometimes I sucked gently on his glans, other times I licked it like it was a lollipop and then licked his big scrotum. His cock grew and got harder and harder. He was about to cum when he withdrew his cock from my mouth. “On your back,” he whispered to me, “I’m going to deflower you.” I lay down on my back and spread my legs for his big cock.

Carefully, he guided his cock to the entrance of my man-made pussy. Gently, he moved his glans back and forth through my slit. Fortunately, I was so wet from John’s mouthing that I didn’t need to use any lube. With one hard thrust, he pushed his cock into me to the root. I felt my virgin pussy being stretched and then John started thrusting fast and hard. The room filled with the sound of two people passionately fucking. Our moans, the sound of John’s bollocks slapping against my buttocks, my exhortations, “Fuck me harder, deeper…”. The feeling of a cock deep inside me was more delicious than in my horniest dreams. “My god, how tight you are. I’ve never fucked such a tight pussy,” was all John could bring out.

Finally, I felt like a complete woman. Finally, I was taken by a sweet, handsome man. I grabbed John by his buttocks and tried to push him deeper into me with each thrust. My hard nipples caressed through John’s stiff chest hair, stimulating them even further. My breasts moved along to the cadence of our mating. My seed-starved cunt encircled John’s cock like a glove. By tightening my pelvic floor muscle, my pussy clasped his cock even tighter. I couldn’t hold it in pleasure anymore and again an orgasm surged through my body. The moment my orgasm reached its peak, John moaned, “I’m going to squirt your pussy full of my hot seed.” I felt his cock get even thicker and harder and how he then squirted his stream of hot seed into me. For minutes, we stayed exhausted in each other’s arms. Me with my legs still wrapped around John’s waist. He with his hard cock still deep inside me. Slowly he began to slacken inside me. Slowly his cum began to seep out of my pussy through my buttocks onto the sheet. John caught some cum with his fingers. Smiling horny, he pushed his fingers into my mouth. Curious, I licked them off. His seed tasted delicious. “You’re my girl,” John said just before he fell asleep. Crying with happiness, I fell asleep that night while the cum was still dripping from my pussy. Finally, I had become a real woman.