Vanessa is a beautiful trans girl from the Philippines with long dark hair and a body that was close to perfection. She was 22 years old and her beauty had caught my attention from the moment I saw her. We were both on vacation in the Philippines, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her when I met her in the hotel lobby.

Vanessa exuded sensuality and I knew I wanted her. The way she walked, with confidence and grace, made me crazy with desire. I noticed she was looking at me, too, and I felt the tension between us grow. As a bisexual man, she held a special attraction for me.

That night, I had promised myself that I would approach her. We sat in a bar and helped each other overcome the language barrier. Vanessa spoke a little English and I spoke a few words of Filipino. Soon we discovered we had a connection and started flirting more and more. As the rest of our group of friends retired to sleep, I asked Vanessa if she would like to go with me to my hotel room. She looked at me seductively and said yes.

Once in my hotel room, we started kissing, our hands sliding over each other’s bodies, and I could feel my arousal growing. Vanessa had beautiful soft lips, full breasts and her tongue danced sensually with mine. I wanted to possess her completely.

I took her to the bed and slowly began to undress her. Her body was perfect, her breasts were soft and round and her tight belly led to a big surprise. Vanessa had not yet had a full operation, and her penis was still there. But it didn’t feel like an obstacle to me. I was very excited to discover this transgirl and to suck on her delicious penis.

I started to caress Vanessa and she moaned softly in my ear. Suddenly I felt her hands around my hips and she pulled me on top of her. Her penis was at full warp speed and I felt tremendously aroused. She wanted me to fuck her from below, and I didn’t hesitate. Slowly I lowered myself and took her inside me. Her penis filled me and I felt myself almost bursting with pleasure. I started to ride her and our bodies moved in sync. I felt her hands on my hips and was so incredibly aroused.

I felt my orgasm approaching and I cried out in pleasure. I could tell that Vanessa was about to come as well. We came at almost the same time, our bodies surrendering to the waves of ecstasy. We lay side by side on the bed, exhausted and satisfied. Vanessa looked at me smiling and said, “That was great, I can’t wait to do it again. And I knew that I couldn’t get enough of this wonderful Cathoey, my first transgirl experience.

From then on, Vanessa and I were inseparable and enjoyed all our time together in the Philippines. We had many more adventures and every time we were together it was an erotic fantasy land. Vanessa’s beautiful body and her passion to explore each other’s desires made our romance unforgettable.