Blonde trans woman looking for a new lover and you thought it was easy? She meets the wrong man first.

I am quite modern in my opinion. I am 23 years old. I am not married and at the time of this fantastic erotic story, I was still not in a steady relationship. Just a brief description of myself: I have very nice natural dark hair in various well-known places and am a pretty trans woman. On my head, my hair is quite long, under my armpits and around my pleasure spot it has been shaved off, while above my clit there is still a big tuft of hair, which I find very sexy. My length is (1m75) which I find perfectly matches my figure (55 kg on the hook). When dressed, my buttocks are an eye-catcher while walking and shopping. Yet I seem to scare off most Don Juan’s, because I actually have natural tits with a cup A, provided with large and almost always stiff erect nipples, again forming the center of also two large sensitive light-brown nipples courts.

These are always quite visible through my bras and my blouses because of the hormones, but I am also very proud of that. I like rather tight lingerie because it makes me feel comfortable. In the evening at home, I am almost always naked, and when out and about I often walk around looking very light. You will understand, that I adore short mini dresses with lots of cleavages and don’t like long and high closed clothes. So I don’t need piercings through my nipples, but I am thinking of getting a navel piercing or something through my clit.

I definitely don’t like tattoos. I think that something that accentuates, does not make me more beautiful and I think, after all, that I still have a pretty good appearance. If I have a lover, he must be able to love my body. He must be able to fully accept my wonderful body. He must be willing to act as a sucker, and then he will let me enjoy it to the fullest. This usually leads not only to a spontaneous ejaculation of the gentleman but also to an enthusiastic orgasm. A few weeks ago, during a short break on Fuerteventura, I spent a day surfing the turbulent waves, which I master quite well, because it gives you just as much of a kick as a long, strong orgasm.

For quite some time I was single again and actually in my fantasy I had been longing for a solid sex orgy with some horny single guys with solid cocks. Standing on my board, I was wearing only an orange-colored thong as usual, which went well with my already somewhat tanned skin. On the beach were a few other vacationing people; it was a mostly older crowd. Some men and women lay there almost, sometimes completely, naked in the sun, which is not unusual on the island. Especially, some older men could not keep their eyes off my topless boobies. They had become even stiffer and darker because of the water and the sun, so my proudly erect nipples were the center of attention. Lying next to their sunbathing girlfriends and wives, they showed that my ever-visible cash jewels could make their penises erect even more spontaneously than the ordinary sight of the female “beauty” next to them.

You could see it because some erections went up live and also some boxers bulged considerably when I walked by with my board. Some even gently cheekily asked if I felt like going out later in the day, but I knew that and didn’t respond. After surfing, I shrouded myself in my orange wafer-thin top bikini piece, barely enough to cover the load. Upon entering my small apartment at the back of the village, the surprise came. Before I knew it or not, I was grabbed by both my bundles of wood in the sleeping area and thrown onto my own bed. After my first fright, I noticed that my wrists and ankles were quickly cuffed.

And before the man of about 50 years adorned with gray-blond hair wanted to shove a gag in my mouth, I quickly whispered, that I would be quiet and not scream, and then he could do anything he wanted with me. At that, he removed the cuffs from my ankles, but not from my wrists. I took a good look at the man. He looked good, but now visibly older than 50. Actually, he was the type I thought would suit me. He had a bare torso with a couple of strong muscles across his chest and shoulders, with a funny little belly starting to show. His short swim trunks definitely couldn’t disguise the fact that there was heavy content inside. Boy, what a bulge the rather large piece of textile showed, which actually could barely cover the load and also remained barely intact.

He started stroking and kissing my belly and whispered that he had been following me for days and thought I was a beautiful woman who it was a shame had not been touched by a man all this time. He first began to describe all my body parts and then my total body with poetry. Everywhere he found fantasy names for. Your breasts with such muscles are like the English crown jewels he sighed. I am firmly jealous of them, pity, that I am a man of 59 and men are not embellished with breasts either. Hey you shaved your armpits just like me! The strings of my bikini gave way at that moment due to his hard caresses, which I actually enjoyed, and he removed the bikini further. So that my breasts once again shone in all their glory in front of his face.

After much kissing and nibbling on my nipples, which again quickly became rock hard, I began to feel the beginnings of sympathy for my assailant, which soon turned into a jubilant start of a hormonal signal. Go slowly, but mostly slowly, I murmured to my surprise, and he didn’t waste any time in doing so. Quickly, he freed his wedding tool from his shorts and proudly showed his device. What an enormous device it was! At least 30 centimeters in length was revealed. Look, said the man. That’s exactly my problem, and up to now it has prevented me from building a solid relationship with a woman.

He carefully placed his enormously swollen cock between my small tits and masturbated in an agonizingly slow embrace. The endless stream of pleasure juice did not move slowly but spurted into my face with great jets of power, upon which I opened my mouth and was able to swallow everything I took in at once. To an outsider, it seems quite gross, but I was used to this in smaller proportions. It seemed like this man’s gel-like semen tasted even more delicious than usual. So I encouraged him to continue his movements slowly and it was perhaps because of his years of production and his cherished desire, that the inexhaustible stream of semen would not stop.

I told him after this feast, that I would like to stroke his big cock and to my great pleasure the penis rod with big red-purple glans remained rigid. You shave your pubic hair as short as I do, I said. Now it looks like your cock is even bigger. And I like big tools. Proudly the horny man, called Dick, told me, while unfastening my wrists, that according to the latest measurement his giant was still 32 centimeters. Which elicited from me the remark, that he definitely had to be the man of my dreams in my fantasies and that he should now, but look at my beautiful fucking cave, which was now still hidden under a pair of panties and he would surely be able to find it under my short shaved pubic hair.

I like to keep this short as well, because I think that my slightly outward hanging female pleasure point, which is also quite large in my measurements, should be clearly visible. Maybe I’ll do a piercing in there to one day, I said when Dick removed my thong and pointed at my enormous clit. That poor thing had become soaking wet from my first stage of sexual hyperventilation due to my copious flowing juices. Dick immediately began to move the outer labia aside and grope the shiny inner ones, and then start licking off my genital mound.

Sin said he. A piercing just looks out of place here and you already tremble enough at my touch. This is already way too good to be true. Also your big wet and wide open slit with heavily protruding labia, directly flowing into the slight curve of your firm buttocks with a light brown little poo-poo is fantastically beautiful and grand and you should leave it that way. Butt-fucking I don’t need; you don’t have to be afraid of that. I don’t like that. It was as if I said it myself. I only use my dildo for self-gratification in my bum and with its 30 cm to the end that goes easily in the hole!

For some time we had become opposites, extensively testing each other’s tools for their sensitivity. What a wonder I had here between my lips. He had a glans, of which a pony could be jealous. Along the edges, the papillae lined up to show their compassion, which Dick accepted with a few shivers. I let my tongue go back and forth caressing his hole. At the same time, I felt more and more extreme feelings arising from his caresses of my ass. I could see something similar from Dick’s movements. Both of us then came in a traditional position, which belongs to an infatuated position until a final session.

At that moment Dick pushed his huge thing into my fantastic hole and amazingly the whole thing fit together perfectly. And again it came very slowly to an ecstasy, whereby for the first time I was completely overwhelmed by an excessive feeling of lust and passion and came bubbling and screaming. Nevertheless, Dick was not yet willing to be brought to the endpoint. With some of my amniotic fluid on his dick, my tits, anus and clitoris had to be licked again. At the same time, I tried to lick off his fantasy and get it in my mouth again as far as possible. In this way we stirred each other up again in ecstasy, which ended in a definitive renewed common in – each other – being, which ended in a deluge of seedlings in the deepest penetration of my not-so-small created, mingling with all the juices that could be spread in this incredible bed of sex love.

You can understand, that after this, Dick and I began an intense relationship, which now in its most heavenly pace still exists and which I continue to enjoy to the fullest every day. Finally, what I wanted to say. Such a reality is too good to be true. I made you experience it because I didn’t want to deny you the superlatives. So earlier comments about fantasy with big tits and tit fucking and cocks are not fantasy but is indeed possible. To be honest, I quite longed for someone, whom I could love with a big penis. I know quite a few transwomen of my caliber who also yearn for such things!

There are horny youngsters of 19, but also many people in their twenties and of my age. But there are also many divorced chubby women who are “discarded” because of such a body. It is a shame. There are many people in their forties and fifties, who would be happy to be loved by you again and more….. To be honest, I was already attracted to older men, because I think they have much more experience in the art of loving and eventually satisfying, and that’s what I really want. So hup men with small and big squirming stiff dicks, who like thick big tits, give the fat ones with the big tits a shot. So they are there in large numbers and they are really waiting for you.