This submitted story contains solid erotic shemale text. Only read further if you love that!😁 Frank, thanks for submitting. Photo from trans Rosa, ( not a cleaning lady). Start a live show with her. Big smile and boobies!

For years, Moon has been coming to clean my apartment in Amsterdam on Tuesday afternoons. It leaves me some more free time, and for Moon it is a welcome addition to her income. She has a key, so I don’t have to stay home. When I get home one Tuesday evening, there is a bill on the table, asking if I can call her when I have time. For a moment I fear something is up, but fortunately that is not the case. In fact, Moon is going on vacation for the first time in years, with her sister for two weeks to Portugal, their native country. I have a Brazilian neighbor who can fill in for me both weeks, Moon says. That’s fine, I say, but I don’t know her so don’t give her the key, I’ll work from home those days.

A few weeks later, the doorbell rings and I unlock the front door through the intercom. Hello, I’m Rosa, says the beautiful woman as she walks into the room. Silly of me, of course, but I hadn’t considered the possibility that Moon’s neighbor would be about 30 years younger than her. Rosa sees my surprise and shoots in laughter. Were you expecting an older lady? She asks. Yes, silly of me, I reply. Shall I start with the bathroom? Asks Rosa. She gets started, and I continue working on the project I’m working on. I noticed that Rosa comes over to me rather masculine yet very feminine.

Time for a cup of coffee? I ask as she gets to work on the kitchen. Black, please, says Rosa. I make two cups of coffee and close my laptop. Moon told me you’re often on business trips. Do you ever experience anything fun? It is very disappointing, I explain. Lots of waiting at airports, jet lag, long days. Gee, I always imagined with hot nights in luxury hotels! Says Rosa with a mischievous smile on her lips. Well, that happens very occasionally, I say, and she looks at me questioningly.

The cleaning lady looks so hot!

I start to tell her how I literally bumped into Charlotte in Riyadh. And then what? Rosa asks when I tell how the taxi driver dropped us off at the hotel. Then she suggested we come to my room, I say. Go on, Rosa says softly. I tell about the lingerie under her burka, about how she gave me a blowjob and how I tied Charlotte to the door handle. The more detailed I tell, the more Rosa hangs on my every word. And not only on my lips in my opinion … her hands disappeared under the table and I see the muscles working in her upper arms, and then I knew. Rosa was a beautiful shemale. Not that I was much into that at the time, but it tantalized in my imagination.

When I tell how I tied Charlotte’s arms to the bed and then took her one by one in all her holes, I leave no detail out. Under the table, I take off my shoe and then push my foot between Rosa’s legs. She wants to pull her hands away, but when I shake my head, she continues to massage herself. With my toe I can clearly feel her big clit. Do you find it horny?” I ask. Oh God, yes!” gasps Rosa. Would you like to be tied up too? Yes!” she moans loudly. Would you also like to be fucked in all your holes? Yaaa! Screams Rosa, throwing her head back and cumming wildly.

You made all this up, didn’t you? She asks when I give her a drink. Not a word of it, I say and look at her. Remember I asked you a few questions just now? Rosa looks into my eyes and nods. I think you said yes every time, is that right? Rosa nods again. Do you want to come back to something? She looks at me and thinks. No, she then says resolutely. Happy, I was hoping for that, I say and walk to my bedroom, Rosa comes after me.

In the left closet you’ll find everything we need, I say. Take out whatever you want. Rosa lets first her gaze and then her fingers go over the contents. She chooses carefully and at ease. Satisfied, she looks at the result on my bed: ropes, a blindfold, a large vibrator, an anal chain and lube. Do you have porn on your TV? Rosa asks. Sure, I say, but then what’s the blindfold for? I want to hear it, she says. I consider the possibility of setting up a recording of my second home, Rosa won’t be able to see me later anyway, but she can hear me, so I don’t want to take that risk.

brazilian cleaning lady is nice and sassy

I go to on demand. What do you want to see, hear I mean? Group sex with shemale, Rosa says, then a lot happens at once. As soon as the movie has started Rosa pulls me onto the bed and slowly starts undressing me. When my nipples get hard under her fingers she pinches them. Nice? Rosa asks while she goes into my pants with her hand. Mmm! I moan and close my eyes. She undoes my pants and pulls them off. With my hands behind my head, I wait for what is to come.

I hear Rosa spit and then feel a wet hand around my cock. She rubs along the edge of my glans and I feel her head come between my legs. Rosa takes a ball in her mouth and lets her tongue roll along it. She sucks on it gently as her thumb passes over my glans, and then lets it slide out of her mouth again. She spits again, and I feel my glans getting even wetter. Again I feel her mouth go to my sack. Now she takes my other ball in her mouth. This time, she sucks harder and squeezes my glans. Yes, I moan.

Yes, you like that, don’t you?” says Rosa as she stands up slightly. I don’t have to say anything, but smile and keep my eyes closed. Again I feel Rosa’s tongue at my balls, but now she slowly moves up, along my pole until she reaches my glans. First she licks, then she sucks, and then Rosa sinks her head down. I feel her mouth slide around my glans, but when it gets tighter, her throat protests. She backs off for a moment and then lowers again for another try. Now she waits a moment to get used to it and then she gently pushes on.

The cleaning lady also cleaned my head.

Yaa!” I cry as my glans enters her throat. Quietly her head now moves up and down on my cock and I notice her hands searching for something. I hear the click of the cap, feel something cold on my belly and a moment later Rosa’s wet fingers between my buttocks. Aaah!” I moan as she finds my anus. Soon she spins 2 fingers around in my ass and I pull my knees up. Her throat is now used to my cock and Rosa is sucking me harder and harder.

She withdraws her fingers, but immediately I feel the first bulbs of the anal chain going in. After a few bulbs, she waits a moment and then she pushes the whole chain into my ass. I am going to stuff your throat! I gasp. Apparently this encourages Rosa because now she is sucking me even harder while she pulls and pushes 5 or 6 balls of the chain through my sphincter at high speed. Yes! Yaaa! Harder! Aaah! Scream and before my very eyes I explode into Rosa’s gullet. Her throat cramps for a moment as my glans slides back into her mouth. Teasingly, she pulls the anal chain out of my ass, bulb by bulb.

I don’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve sucked someone so deeply, Rosa gasps as she comes to lie beside me. You were amazing, I whisper and press my lips to hers. Rosa’s mouth opens and her tongue slides into my mouth. For minutes we lie kissing intensely, oblivious to the scenes unfolding on the screen on the wall.

Would you like a drink? I ask after a while. What do you have? Soda, beer, wine, something stronger, you name it. White wine? asks Rosa. Chardonnay?” I suggest. Nice! I grab a bottle from the fridge and with two glasses I walk back to the bedroom where Rosa has turned up the TV a little louder. We toast, taste the wine and kiss some more. When the moaning on TV gets louder we both turn our heads to the picture.

We see about 10 men and women around the pool of a luxury apartment. There is a woman, her hands tied to the fence, on the edge of the terrace overlooking the sea. The man taking her doggy style is doing it hard and wild. Is he fucking her pussy or her ass? Asks Rosa. I can’t tell, I say. My hands go to her nipples and I gently rub them. Ooh, yes! Fill up my ass! Shouts the woman. Ass! we say at the same time. When the man has cum loudly and pulls his dripping cock out of her ass the camera turns.

Now a stunningly beautiful woman comes into view, too bad about her absurdly large fake tits. She lies half over a guy in a beach chair who is working his huge cock into her pussy. Oh Jesus, Rosa whispers as another guy places his equally large cock against the woman’s starlet. The woman gasps and moans, but both men push through. Rosa turns on her stomach with her head toward the TV and spreads her arms and legs. When I have her tied up I take the blindfold and tie it in front of her eyes.

First I take the vibrator and gently turn it on. I let it slide down Rosa’s back, over her buttocks and then against her clit. She pushes her hips down to feel it even better, but then I pull it back a little and push it against her pussy. She is wet, very wet, and slowly I slide the vibrator inside. It’s big!” gasps Rosa. You knew that when you grabbed it, I say. Yes!” she moans as it goes deeper. When the vibrator is three-quarters inside Rosa’s cave, the woman on TV starts moaning loudly.

What’s happening, Rosa asks. They’re going crazy on her, I say and grab the lube. I squirt a big blob between her buttocks and rub Rosa’s starlet with 2 fingers. Are you going to take me in my ass too? Moans Rosa. You bet, I answer. Hard and deep i n that shemale ass, but not yet! Aaah!” she moans as I stick my finger in her ass. I’m going to stretch you first, I say. Yes! Shouts Rosa, and I carefully insert a second finger. With my other hand, I grab the anal chain. Quietly twisting, my fingers go deeper until I can go no further.

In one motion, I pull my fingers out of her asshole and push in all the spheres of the anal chain. The woman on TV shrieks, the men scream. I quickly pull and push the bulbs through Rosa’s sphincter. Screaming, the woman on TV cums. Aaaah! groans Rosa as I pull the whole chain out of her ass with a jerk. I look at her open anus and smear quite a bit of lube in it. I hold 3 fingers together and push the fingertips against Rosa’s ass. She holds her breath and my fingers go deeper.

On TV there are 3 women tied up on a pool table and about 6 guys standing around them. I twist and push until all 3 of my fingers are completely inside Rosa’s cramping anus and then pull them out. Give me your cock!” cries Rosa. Take me in my ass! I push my glans first against her ass and immediately after that into it. Aaarrggh! groans Rosa and I stop immediately. Why do you stop, she gasps, come on! Carefully I push my cock deeper into her ass. Yaa! cries Rosa when it’s all the way in. My hand goes to the vibrator. I turn it on all the way and push the last piece in as well.

Do it hard, Frank!” cries Rosa. I sit up a little and put my hands on her shoulders. This way I can get a good look at what’s happening on TV and fuck Rosa at the same time. The women on the pool table are being fucked from all sides. I fuck Rosa’s starlet quietly and with long strokes. She is already used to my cock, but I want to enjoy this as long as possible. What is happening on TV? She asks again. I describe the scene, thrusting my cock harder and harder into her asshole. Horny! Rosa moans. Very horny!” I pant.

The moans slowly turn into screams. Not only on TV, Rosa and I don’t hold back either. With hard strokes, I ram my cock as deep as I can into her ass. Frank! I’m going to cum! Cries Rosa. Fuck me, harder! I thrust, hard, deep. Ya, Aaaah! Rosa. I … I am going to … squirt! I scream and my whole body starts to jerk. Yaaa! Screams Rosa, and she cums as I pump my seed deep into her asshole. I remove the blindfold but only untie her when the credits of the movie appear on the screen.

I haven’t cleaned the kitchen and living room yet, Rosa says when we are showered and dressed. You’re coming back next week, right? I ask. Same time? I run my hands over her ass again, I feel her tongue between my lips yet again.