I was just about to enter my pre-chosen destination. It was 11pm and just before I paid the entrance fee, I stopped to look at myself in the mirrored walls. Reflected in front of me was a sexy, albeit a little girly, looking woman in her thirties.

The only discrepancy was that I was actually a 37-year-old man, happily married to his good-looking wife, and here at the exact instruction of the woman I loved and was married to. She had come home a day early, from a trip to her sister’s, in the country. What she found when she walked in was her husband wearing her underwear and full makeup.

She insisted that if I wanted to remain married to her, I would agree to undress for her whenever and wherever she instructed me to. I was amazed and truly lost for words. I didn’t want to lose her, but I knew she could be a revengeful bitch when she wanted to be. I meekly accepted this arrangement and that is why I am here, walking into a transvestite club on Earls Court Road, completely transformed into my female persona, Kristi.

In my hand, I hold a sheet of paper and have instructions that I am to show it to anyone I speak to when I am inside the club. The notice reads as follows: ‘I have been instructed to show this to everyone I speak to. Please read it carefully. Please note that the woman you are talking to is actually my husband.

He’s known as Kristi when he’s dressed like this.

He’s known as Kristi when he’s dressed like this. I have asked him to carry out a mission for me. It is in four parts, the first of which he/she completed by entering the club. She cannot reveal her mission parts until they are completed, but if asked once she has completed them, she must answer all questions fully and truthfully.

Aside from her identity, Kristi must answer honestly to any question she is asked and has been asked to be reasonably responsive to people’s requests for her. She must not be harmed or marked in any way. Have fun! I paid and went down to the bar and dance floor.

The barman was not in a hurry so I went to order a drink, as he approached I realized I needed to speak to him. I almost lost my bottle, but he was already asking me! As humiliated as I felt, I handed him the piece of paper and watched as he read the whole thing. His smile grew as he read through the wording and he handed it back, asking what I wanted to drink. I ordered wine and handed him the money.

He disappeared to the far end of the bar, and I watched him talk animatedly with a small group of very convincing crossdressers. He pointed straight at me and 2 of the ‘girls’ walked straight up to me and struck up a conversation straight away. I handed them the paper and got nervous about what might happen. One of them confirmed that it was true with me and asked me if it was a wind up.

I assured them of its validity and that I was a willing participant in this whole affair. One of the two took my instruction sheet away and took it over to the rest of the group, where she passed it around to them all. I watched them each read through it and occasionally glance over to look at me merrily. The one who had stayed with me leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on my lips, and her tongue licked mine briefly. She held me by the forearm and gently stroked my silk gloves as she said: “I think it’s time you met the rest of us Kristi, because I have a feeling we’re all going to get to know you pretty well tonight.” She smiled knowingly as she looked me straight in the eye.

I was wearing some seriously classic clothes that really gave me the look of a first class whore. Long shiny red silk gloves, a thin red suede choker around my neck and a black and orange snakeskin, three-quarter length PVC coat were the items that framed my upper body. Underneath, I wore a sheer red blouse with a thigh-length patent black leather skirt that hid a blood-red suede basque, which had been notably fitted with a patent-speech corset, and which snapped with a thick flap made like a harness that held my manhood in place, tucked away between my legs. My wife had depilated my body completely, leaving me as smooth as a baby’s bottom from head to toe, and had insisted on buying me a pair of silicon falsies, which were now stuck to my hairless chest, giving the impression that I had real breasts, which were held tightly in place by the basque and its three-quarter cups.

She had also made sure that the waist-reducing corset was as tight as possible before I left the house, pulling my waist in from a plump 36″ to a much more appealing and feminine 26″. Over the bottom flap I wore a pair of lace tanga shirts, and covering my legs were a pair of red silk hold-up stockings with a Cuban heel and lace patterned top. My footwear consisted of a pair of leather boots that came just above my knees and had a rather thin 4″ heel, which made it difficult, but not impossible, for me to keep my balance and walk with a rather feminine gait.

My eyebrows had been plucked and shaped.

My eyebrows had been plucked and shaped, and my wife had done my makeup very convincingly, spending a lot of time on my eyes, making them very bold and eye-catching. My lips were also full and glossy, in a bright red outline with a dark lip liner. To top it all off, my wife had insisted that I wear a bright red short wig, styled in a modern cut, that was swept up over my ears and part of my cheeks.

Although they couldn’t be seen while I was dressed, my mistress had also given me a pedicure, including painting my nails scarlet and had attached fake nails to my hands with superglue, ensuring I had no hope of removing them, they were also painted in the same vibrant scarlet lacquer. The corset made me stand very straight, pushing out my chest and bottom and accentuating my curves, while the rather thin heels of my boots meant I had to be very careful of my balance while walking, causing my hips to sway in a little. A very sexy and enticing way.

As we walked towards the rest of the group, we stopped to put my coat down and get a ticket in return, while my torso showed off the sexy beret and corset through the sheer material of my blouse. As we got closer, I realized that not everyone in the group were crossdressers, and that 2 of the lot were stunningly attractive young women. With myself there were 6 of us in total and every member of this small gathering had a big wide smile on his or her face, all that is except me.

I was beginning to dread the situation and kept getting excited at the prospect of the evening ahead. The group consisted of a married couple Melanie and Alphonse, better known as Alison in his TV state, and a threesome consisting of a very strict but beautiful woman in her thirties along with the two ‘girls’ who had made the first contact with me. Both of these were transsexuals, one pre-op TS the other a fully transformed post-op TS. All appeared to be very sexy and feminine women, with the exception of Stephanie, the pre-op TS, who looked exactly like a model but who had a semi-erect penis strapped into a leather harness, clearly visible in shape through the Lycra skirt she was wearing.

Davina, the post-op TS was the first to begin the introductions, explaining her TS status and nodding to Stefie, who in turn explained that she was a TS and that she and Davina were here as a trio with their mistress Mari. The imposing figure of Mari approached me immediately and looked me up and down, appraisingly as she did so. She stopped only inches from my face and stared me straight in the eyes, she said: “Nice to meet you, Kristi. You’ve reached an appropriate standard. Your mistress must be very pleased with you.

Will you accept to be my third submissive for this evening?

Will you accept to be my third submissive for this evening, in the absence of your true mistress and of course fully following her prior instructions?”. Astonished and surprised by this unexpected turn of events, I found myself agreeing to do so without really thinking through the implications of my actions. “Good girl.” Was all she replied. Before I could think, Alphonse introduced herself, as Alison of course. She explained that she was here with his wife Melanie, and that they said they were sisters when he was ‘dressed’ in public.

He also explained that it would be his/her birthday exactly three minutes past midnight, which is why the group was out celebrating together. “I hope my membership will be able to make it a more memorable experience still.” I exclaimed nervously. “Oh, it will believe me!” Melanie exclaimed as she leaned over to make the final introduction. They all laughed as they turned their eyes to me.

We talked for a while and had a few good cocktails as the group made me feel more comfortable and less resistant! Melanie got the idea that since we were her toys that night, we should entertain her and request that the three of us dance a bit. “I don’t think I can dance in these heels.” I said without thinking. Mari looked over at me and replied: “You’d better learn then and fast, because that wasn’t a suggestion!” I realized I had just gotten my first command, and as I tumbled onto the dance floor, the 2 girls egged me on. It took a few minutes for me to get my balance, but as the beat began to fill me, I became bolder and bolder.

I realised I was being squeezed by the girls, Davinia in front of me and Stefie behind, and intermittently allowed her, strapped into the cock, to bump up against my back. As the sandwich tightened, I felt Deed’s breasts brushing up against me, pushing me back against Stem’s ever-growing member. They started running their hands over me until Dee grabbed my face and kissed me deeply. As she did this, Stefan rolled my skirt up over my waist, allowing his cock to poke my ass through the strap of my beret.

What horrified me was that I was thrilled at how publicly I was doing all this, and I could feel my own cock growing ever larger, pushing backwards against the basque strap extending towards my own asshole. The set finished and we walked back towards the group, none of the girls allowing me to lower my skirt and adjust myself. Mari immediately noticed and ordered me out of my skirt. I was told to put it in my handbag and continue the rest of the party without it. I lay down under the makeup, but did as I was told.

The bulge under my legs was obvious and Melanie decided it was time to join in. Ali got up on her knees and started licking with all her might, juicing Mel straight up. I was very happy that the spotlight had fallen off me and onto the horny couple.

We watched as Ali took her ‘sister’ off with her tongue, Mel came violently and gushed her sticky juice all over Ali’s face. She looked down at him and smiled. “That deserves a return little sister, get up and take your panties off my love.” Ali did so immediately and freed her fierce throbbing 8″ hard which sprang forward and thrust out in front of his body.

“Lean back against the stool like I did when you ate me Honey.” Ali was ecstatic at the thought of his wife’s lips around his knob, but was surprised when Mel ordered Kristi to kneel in front of his cock. “Your turn Kristi, eat up and eat it all now, you hear?” right direction and made me fall to my knees. I had never given head to a man before, and this little stud was rock hard and twitching in my face. I started by licking the balls and worked my way up the thin long shaft, to the onion shaped circumcised head at the tip.

The shaft pulsed, making the head throb almost to bursting. I grabbed all my courage and wrapped my lips around it, sucking and licking as I descended the first 6″ of this swelling mass of flesh. I began pumping up and down the shaft until finally I managed to open my throat and take him/her fully.

I felt a torrent of sticky goo pump into my throat.

As I did this, I felt a torrent of sticky goo pump into my throat. I almost gagged but tried aimlessly to drink it all down, I would have too if he hadn’t pulled out and spun over my blouse. I stood up immediately. She finished cumming and told the group that I had just reached the second part of my mission. I had been instructed to get at least one cock spunked into my mouth and I was to drink as much spunk as possible this evening, Mari smiled grinning at me and nodded contentedly to herself.

The blouse joined my skirt, causing my bag to bulge awkwardly. It also left me only in my underwear and in public to boot. Mari immediately decided that once wasn’t enough and made me repeat my performance with both Stefan and, more embarrassingly, with the bartender, openly behind the bar so anyone who wanted a drink could see what was happening. So I was currently in my underpants, dressed as a woman with my cock hard as stone but held between my legs, and I had just drunk the sperm of three men I had just met! What I wondered might happen next? No sooner had the thought crossed my mind that I heard Mel exclaim loudly, “Alison wants to taste Pippa’s ‘clit’ girls! And as her birthday is fast approaching, I think she should get her wish.

Do you have any objections, ladies?” Mari gave it her full approval and ordered me to lose the panties. Once they were off, I felt her hand as it untied my beret and released my still throbbing manhood from its bitch prison. I opened my legs a little and let it stand proudly to its full 7″ capacity. Mari ordered Stefan and Dee to prepare me and they began kissing my face, lips and neck, intensifying my excitement and making my cock throb viciously.

My butt found the stool and I leaned back as I allowed my first husband to give me head. Ali was an expert; she drove me wild as she bent her head up and down my pole. As I started to scream, I felt someone shove my panties into my mouth, making me quiet so as not to be a nuisance to the club.

I came in buckets, but Ali somehow managed to drink it all in, then stood up and kissed me, letting a mouthful of my own cum run down my throat. Revealed again that the third instruction of my mission was complete. To be blown by at least one other partner, preferably a man.Stefan very quickly managed to get me hard again as Mari ordered me to fuck Dee and cum in her TS pussy.

It took me much longer to cum this time and it surprised me when it d id when I felt Stem’s cock penetrate my ass. This was it, the last part of my mission! I couldn’t hold back as I felt the pressure build me to a crushing climax, deep inside Deeds tightly clenched pussy. A moment later I felt hot and sticky inside as Stefan followed suit. We were all practically worn out when a cheer went up to celebrate Alia’s birthday.

We drank some more, and I explained to the group that my mission was accomplished, and after strict instructions I must now return to my wife and graphically describe my evening as she tried to coax another erection out of me. I quickly retrieved my PVC coat and placed it over my underwear, having first placed my ‘bits’ back in the basque. I was intoxicated by all that had happened to me, yet I felt satisfied with the fact that I had completed my mission in its entirety. My wife and mistress greeted me eagerly when I returned home, and led me quickly into the bedroom, but that’s another story…..