DemiTS in her warm cozy room. It was once again time for a new post. This time DemiTS, in the background a radio. The radio girl sings with a high voice about love., mixed with the barking of the dog of DemiTS. For a moment she looks aside but soon continues with touching her intimate parts and new boobs. She is beautiful today, her red-brown hair shines a little in the sun. Her round female shapes attract the attention of the eye. She lies on a luxurious looking bed, only the little pet doesn’t trust it. It is explicitly present while the mostly French-speaking guests ask questions. “Bonjour amour” she types. Visitor Arthur wants to lick her toes. Oh well, so everyone has his wish. By the way, her toes are not even visible. Furthermore, the TS girl is 22 years old and weighs 55 kg. You can easily lift her up for a firm hug! Live stream and photo!