An erotic new story of a ladyboy in Thailand. It is about Jenna, who lives with her aunt and becomes a ladyboy step by step.

Ladyboy of Thai Story – Jenna’s parents were killed in a traffic accident when he was 14 years old. His only relative was Aunt Sacha, his mother’s sister, a 31-year-old single woman. She packed his things and took him to her home. She lived in a small bungalow with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a living room. A new environment, new school, new friends; all this and the death of his parents he had to deal with. Aunt Sacha lovingly took care of him, helped him settle in again. She put him in the guest room. The room was perfect, unlike what he had expected. There were pink ruffled curtains, on the bed was a pink blanket, in the corner was a dressing table. The wardrobe was full of girls’ clothes. He pulled open the drawers and found panties, bras, nylons and girls’ stockings, but no boys’ clothes.

He turned to his aunt, who smiled at him and said: “Your mother told me that she once caught you with her panties. I have now decided that you should try what it is like to live as a girl.” Sacha was very athletic and Jenna didn’t dare contradict her. He followed her into the bathroom, where she undressed him and bathed. She shaved his legs, armpits and pubic hair. “Now you’re ready to begin. “In her room she put a chastity belt on him, pinning his cock tightly between his ass cheeks. “From now on, you’ll do everything a girl does.” Sacha pulled out a needle and injected it into his arm. She gave him a second injection into his erect penis. He felt a burning sensation in his body and a noise in his head.

The second syringe filled his cock with burning and he came immediately. Sacha put on his girl’s clothes and led him back to the bathroom, where she made him up and painted his nails. After she had styled his short hair woman, she stepped back to examine her work. Jenna felt incredible looking at his feminine attributes. Sacha La him and let him sleep. He dreamed of boys, ruffled dresses, high heels and again of boys. When he woke up he had an orgasm, but the burning in his body made him fall asleep again immediately. When he woke up again and stayed awake, he staggered to the bathroom and sat down like a girl to pee. Since his penis was tied back, he peed between his ass cheeks and had to wipe himself like a girl. Then he got up and looked at himself in the mirror. What he saw surprised him. His appearance had changed; his hair looked longer, his nipples were bigger and more swollen.

Sacha came into the bathroom; she was naked

His floppy cock, which had slipped out of its chastity belt, looked smaller. Sacha came into the bathroom; she was naked. Her large breasts were firm and pierced, as were her labia. She again gave Jenna two injections in her arm and in his penis. They had the same effect as the first ones. But this time Sacha caught his cum with her hand and let him lick his cum. As a result, he immediately became aroused again and squirts again. It became a daily ritual: the injections, the quick orgasms during sleep. Jenna stopped thinking about women as his body took shape; even Sacha’s body left him cold. Finally, he was done. His chest had grown to 75D and was crowned by large brown nipples. Even though a bra, they stood out. His limp cock had become so small it could barely be seen. He could be hard one moment and limp again the next. His orgasms came quickly and often without an erection. “

It was 4 years later and Sacha said: Tonight is the big test for you. Tonight is prom night. I’m going as your chaperone, and I want you to take as many boys as you can.” Jenna was nervous and excited. She put on the things Sacha put on her: a tight blouse with no bra, a miniskirt, and high-heeled shoes. Sacha’s outfit was pretty conservative, but underneath she wore sharp lingerie. At the ball, there were a lot of guys. Jenna danced with 3 or 4 before she thought about Sacha’s mission. During a slow dance, she took her beautiful dance partner by the bum of his pants and whispered in his ear to follow her. Total transformation, She walked with Steve into an empty next room, locked the door behind her and unzipped her pants. She took out his medium-sized cock and stroked him.

She got on her knees in front of him, opened her blouse and rubbed his pre-juice on her nipples, which became even harder as a result. Then she swallowed the pint quickly and deeply. Steve had never experienced anything like this before and immediately started moaning. He squirted his juice deep into her mouth. She held some of it on her tongue to savor the taste. Her own little pecker had exploded in the meantime and had made her panties wet. “Oh Steve, I love the taste of your semen” She helped him get dressed again and left the room with him. Sacha stood in a corner of the ballroom and watched Jenna search for her next victim. She saw a handsome football player standing quietly in a corner. He didn’t seem interested in anything, but he looked cute. Jenna wanted him. She walked over to him and asked him to dance. He danced with her, but looked more at other boys than at her.

Then she took his face and kissed him full on his mouth. He was shocked. She took his hand and led him into the next room. There she pushed him to the floor and took off his pants. Tom behaved passively and let her do what she wanted. That’s when she realized: Tom wasn’t interested in girls, he was gay. She lifted her skirt and peeled down her panties. Her little cock popped out right in front of Tom’s face. Tom’s cock immediately became hard when he saw the object of his desire. Jenna’s willy swelled considerably. She took his cock into her mouth and turned to 69 position so Tom could do the same to her. Tom’s cock grew and grew in her mouth so that she could barely swallow him whole. But his pre-juice tasted so good “Fuck me Tom, fuck me now” she begged, stretching her ass in the air. Tom knelt behind her and guided his cock to her virgin hole. They were both amazed at how easily the hole opened and absorbed all the cock inside. He slowly started pumping into her and Jenna’s ass got wet as a real pussy. She started moaning loudly as he plunged deep inside her.

Since it was the first intercourse of his young life for Tom, he came very quickly, too quickly for Jenna. When he pulled out of her, she quickly sat down on his chest, he opened his mouth and got his sweet thing. Tom sucked well and Jenna came quickly. She pushed him back and shoved her tongue in her mouth to taste the taste of her own juice. They lay wrapped and kissing on the floor as Sacha entered, smiling. “Looks like my niece has found herself a cute boyfriend.” For the rest of the school year, Tom and Jenna were inseparable. They slept together daily under the attentive guidance of Aunt Sacha, Tom helped with the injections to get Jenna as their young goddess. With him, the injections in her penis got a little bigger. The orgasms that followed the injections ended up in Jenna’s eager mouth. Jenna’s life after this total transformation was as full as a young girl’s life could be, and it only got better.