A pure fantasy about a young man who changes his life to a woman. I stopped at the valet of the hotel. As I got out, I saw the young valet looking down my dress and then at my legs as I pulled them out to stand. I smiled to myself. I really wanted to do this.

I wanted to go to the bar in this hotel and pick up a nice guy. If I liked him enough, I would have sex with him as a woman. My new outfit was ready, and I had to try it out. I felt very sexy in my dress.

My legs were tanned and tight, so I wore no stockings, just a little lacy thong. My new pussy was getting wet with excitement. I had a new lace push-up bra and I loved the feel of how much my breasts were heaving as I walked into the lobby. They were heavy and this gold lame dress showed them off. I had my hair and makeup done at the salon and from the looks I got, it was worth it.

I entered the bar. I had been here before. I had picked up a good looking guy and we had gone to his room. He was pretty drunk and I let him fuck me in the ass. He thought it was my pussy and I didn’t tell him otherwise.

Now that I had had the surgery, I had a real pussy. The doctor had done a great job and I didn’t worry about it not working like a real one. I even had a cervix all the way up inside me. It bled sometimes, but he said that was normal. I went to the bar and took a seat.

I ordered a drink and looked around. Most of the men stole glances in my direction. I guess they were waiting to see if I met anyone. The women looked at me a little jealously.

I was obviously taking attention from them. As I looked around the bar, I saw a man. Our eyes met and I saw his recognition.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. It was the same guy I had been with before from here. Slowly, he walked over to me. He took my hand and lifted it to his lips and kissed it. He led me to a table in the corner.

As we sat there, he laughed and said he thought he would never see me again. I had made quite an impression on him and he said I had ruined him because no other woman could get close to me. I smiled at the compliment and we talked over drinks. After a while he got serious and said that he really missed me.

Sometimes I was all he could think about, and he had been here again and again trying to find me. When he said that, I got hot. I remembered his cock. It was big, maybe 9 inches, and very thick. The head on it was huge.

I wanted it badly, but I was worried that it would fit me. I was able to get a pretty big dildo inside me, but it took some work, and I think it was bigger. He was really a very sweet guy and he was sincere with me. He asked me if I ever thought about being with him again.

I honestly answered yes because I had.

I honestly answered yes because I had. He wasn’t drunk like last time, and I could tell he was nervous. I took his hand and squeezed it to calm him down a bit. He swallowed hard and asked me if I wanted to leave the bar and go to his room to be alone. I looked down and smiled demurely and accepted his offer.

When we got into the elevator, we were alone, and he pulled me to him and kissed me. It was very passionate and I could tell he was a little excited. When the doors opened, we parted and I smoothed out my dress. There was an older couple standing there and it was clear to them what we had done. Smiling, we walked down the hall to his room.

It was an executive suite and was very p. He made us some drinks and we sat together on a couch. He complimented my dress and how sexy it was. I smiled and stood up. I asked him to help me with my zipper.

I turned my back to him as he slowly unzipped me. I turned back around and let the dress fall to the floor. He looked it up and down and I saw a big bulge in his pants. He stood up and pulled me to him and kissed me again. He reached behind me and unclasped my bra.

Gently, he slid the straps off my shoulders and released my breasts from their confinement. Dropping my bra, he leaned down, embraced my breast and lifted the nipple to his mouth. It felt so good that I groaned out loud. After giving them both some attention, he let go of my big nipple and stepped back to look at me.

I turned around and slowly walked into the bedroom, dressed in nothing but my thong and heels. His watching eyes burned into my ass as I moved it back and forth. I climbed onto the bed and waved him over with one long finger. He stood in front of the bed and undressed. He had a well-toned body with some salt and pepper hair on his chest leading down to a narrow waist.

His briefs were the last to come off, and there it was. His big cock was taut. It was too heavy to hold upright. I think I let out an audible gasp and felt a nervous flutter in my lower belly.

Could I make this work? Would this suit me? He joined me on the bed and this time left the light on. He slowly pulled down my panties, exposing my new private parts. I had been working out a lot and my thighs and stomach were tense.

My legs were spread a little and he eyed me from top to bottom, from my big heaving breasts to my trimmed and now open pussy. All he could say was beautiful. He crawled up next to me and began kissing my body, slowly working his way down.

He paused at my breasts and squeezed and kneaded them while sucking on my nipples. He moved down and gave my belly little gentle kisses until he reached what he was really looking for. I shivered a little as I opened my legs to him and waited for his touch.

He was the first man to explore me down there. I prayed it would pass the test. His kisses came closer and closer to my core.

Finally he licked my wet folds and I moaned. He took his time and after pulling on my inner lips, he flicked his tongue over my clit. It was like a flash of lightning. I think my hips came out of the bed.

He got down to business and sucked my big clit into his mouth. I wonder what he would think if he knew that had once been the tip of my cock? It was very sensitive and I could feel an orgasm building. He let it go for just a moment to tell me how big my clit was and how much he loved it. All I can say is don’t stop.

Fantasy about a man who changes to a woman

He had pushed two fingers high inside me as he chewed on my clit. I wonder if he could feel my cervix? The dam broke and I shuddered and came. I flooded his face with my juice, which he licked up greedily. He gave my legs little kisses as I recovered.

I pulled him back to me to hug him and thank him. I reached between us and found his throbbing member. He moaned as I stroked him.

I worked my way down and couldn’t quite get my hands around it. I licked the huge head that was leaking. I opened my mouth wide and pushed the head in a few inches. Somehow his cock seemed much bigger than I remembered. Maybe it was because he wasn’t drunk this time.

As I sucked on it, I got my courage up to try it.

As I sucked on it, I got my courage up to try it. Deciding it was now or never, I rolled onto my back and told him I was ready for him. As he climbed on top of me, he asked me if I was using protection so I wouldn’t get pregnant. I smiled at him and said there was nothing to worry about. With the light green, he guided his big head to my entrance.

This time my pussy, not my ass. There was a lot of natural lubrication between us. As he pushed forward, my labia parted and stretched to accommodate him. I asked him to go slowly since he was so big. Guys love to hear that and he responded how he loved my tight pussy.

I leaned my head back and gritted my teeth as he continued to push. Slowly, but as nature intended, my pussy opened wider and his glans slid inside. Now that that was done, he released his cock and adjusted our hips for better alignment. With his hips thrusting forward, more of his fat cock rose inside me.

I couldn’t believe it, I could take him. At least this far, because there was plenty more cock left to get in. I was sweating and cooing as I pushed him. With little back and forth movements, he worked more and more inside me.

We made wet sucking noises as the lining of my pussy wouldn’t let go as he pulled out before plunging back in. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pushed him deeper. I had to have it all.

He quickened the pace as my cunt walls stretched to accommodate his cock. Finally, after a strong thrust, I felt his pubic bone against mine and I knew he was all the way in, I had made it. He knew it too and started giving me everything he had.

He hit the ground with every stroke and crushed my cervix. It was like we were made for each other. My clit was so swollen, it felt like it was going to burst.

It was rubbed through the tight fit and throbbed as he came on the floor. I told him I was close and I wanted him to come with me. I felt his cock get even bigger and I knew he was ready. His butt muscles tightened and he shuddered as his cock went off inside me.

I came hard as my pussy clamped down. I flooded him again as well as the sheets. His cum was like hot lava and I knew I would always want more. He filled me to overflowing as there wasn’t much room in my packed cunt.

When we finally slowed down, it was like neither of us wanted it to end. Even when he started to withdraw his semi-hard cock, it was tight and hesitant to come out of me. When it came out, I felt so empty. I made my way to the bathroom to clean up a bit and he did the same. We climbed back into bed and held each other.

He told me that he had recently divorced his wife. They had been in a loveless marriage for years. His child was now in college and he made the decision to find a new life. He said he knew this might shock me, but he wanted me in his life. He knew we had just met, but he had to take a chance that I would be interested in him.

I smiled at this handsome man and stroked his face. I said, of course I’m interested in him. He kissed me and held me close. I could tell he was getting ready for round 2 because of the big growth between us.

I rolled him onto his back and took the lead. I climbed on top of him with my back to his face and started leading him into me. We had done it before in this position, but this time it was my pussy. A pussy that he now owned.

I had to use my weight to help with his entry. As he entered me, I slowly lowered myself down and down. He moaned as he watched his big cock disappear into my tight pussy. After a few thrusts, I had him all in. It was such a different feeling in this position.

I was impaled on his big pole. I put my clit on his balls. I was able to make a few short strokes, but it was hard.

He grabbed my hips, pulled me all the way down onto his cock and rolled off the bed, taking me with him, his cock still buried inside me. We stood next to the bed and I bent over to give him full access to ram me from behind. And that’s exactly what he did.

This was animal sex. I was sweating from the pounding I was getting, and he was sweating from the effort. His hips were slapping against my ass and making slapping noises.

We were both screaming and talking dirty. I wonder if we could be heard next door. He stopped for a long time and my legs shook. My pussy burned and clung to his cock with each thrust. He reached around and grabbed my breasts to apply pressure.

As he continued to plunge deep inside me, he started pulling on my big nipples. This sent me over the edge and I orgasmed. He came on me and flooded me with hot cum.

He had deposited another big load inside me and I loved the feeling. Fortunately, I couldn’t get pregnant because I had taken enough cum tonight to make any genetic woman vibrate. We collapsed forward on the bed. He was careful not to crush me.

His cock was still firmly lodged inside me. Finally, after a few minutes, he got up and withdrew from me. We showered together, got into bed and fell asleep. In the morning we made sweet, gentle love before we both had to leave.

I was a little embarrassed to leave in the same dress I had arrived in last night. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind what I had done. We exchanged numbers and he said there was no way he would have me in his life after he found me.

Could I love this man? I think I could. Over the next few months, we saw each other again. He was planning to move to my town. I think I had fallen for him.

Fortunately, the spotting and occasional bleeding had stopped. I was happy about that, but lately I hadn’t been feeling well, especially in the mornings. I had made an appointment with my girlfriend from to see if everything was still as it should be.