Ever since I was young, I felt like a girl. I was always attracted to boys and men, always dressing like a girl since I was 16. At school, I was bullied so often and even called a twink or femboy that I had changed schools and came to a school where bullying is dealt very strictly. Since I entered that school, I was no longer bullied. When I was 16 and my biological parents found out that I felt like a girl, and even wanted to change how I felt inside, their love for me was gone overnight. My parents wanted me out of their lives because they were strict Catholics. And my transition from Julian to Julia was unacceptable to them.

Since my parents disappeared from my life, I was adopted by our neighbor, who was a transgender herself. My parents absolutely did not want me to win at a shemale in their words. But the neighbor Susanne had fought for me allowing me to win with her and she became my new mother. So since I was 16 and living with Susanne, I also called her mom. Before I came out to my parents, I already had a real connection with her because I could be myself with her. She was also interested in what I was doing in life in terms of school and sex. I gave boys blowjobs I gave myself blowjobs, I kissed, but never got laid.

At my school there were more and partly cisgenders. I was 17 and had girlfriends and friends who had no problem with me so I got along well with them. I was also the only one who had my driver’s license at 17 in the school. But much to my frustration, I was not allowed to drive on my own until I was 18. That could also be a reason they wanted me to be friends. The girls and I often talked about boys and who our crush was. Mine was Justin Bieber. I often dreamed about him walking into my bedroom and taking me hard. I often lusted after older men, too. If they had a nice body, I would gladly want their fuck rod between my lips. Later I also noticed that I was sexually attracted to women lady boys shemale almost anything. I often talked about this with a friend on the phone. One evening I was called by Susanne. When I walked into her room, she stood there naked and my eyes were called there he cock. All of her body was still wet. From her round breasts with cute pink nipples, to her cock where the water was still dripping off.

As I sat watching, I bit my lip and took a deep breath. As she smiled, she said, I just wanted to make sure but I really think now that you are pansexual dear. I didn’t know what that was. But she told me I fall for all genders, which was true. I almost always dressed in femboy cosplay clothes and had dyed my hair to blue. And maybe that was why she was starting to get hard. But before it got overtly hard, she said we were moving. I would stay at my school and the move would not start until summer vacation, which would be a week later.

She also said that this would be my last birthday here. I would turn 18 two days later and couldn’t wait. I quickly went to my room. I couldn’t get the image of Suzanne’s cock out of my head. I wondered then, would Suzanne want to fuck me after the operation? And would Suzanne be the first to eat out my new pussy? When it was finally my birthday, I quickly jumped out of my bed. I was officially 18 and was immediately greeted with many congratulations. By Suzanne and all my friends. As Suzanne hugged me, she said she had a surprise for me when I got back from school. All day at school, I could not concentrate well.

Because summer vacation was already in 3 days and there was a present waiting for my at home. After school, I went home quickly. But I would get the present only at the end of the party. The guests that consisted of friends of mine and Suzanne and school friends. On my 18th birthday, I met Suzanne’s friend Manon. She was super nice and we quickly bonded. After singing and cutting the cake, the time had finally come. I had to close my eyes and was escorted outside. When we were outside, I heard the guests cheering. When I opened my eyes, I was staring at a bright new Mini Cooper. I jumped up and down like crazy and jumped on top of Suzanne. As I kissed all over her face, I cried out several times, thank you mom. Since I was 18 I was finally allowed to drive on my own. But had to wait until we had moved. No problem because I now had a brand-new car. The last 3 days of school took forever. The last day of school went strangely fast. We said goodbye. I don’t know why because besides school we would just still see each other. When I got home, Suzanne decided to take a spin in my new car. Hand in hand, we ran to the car and were on the road.

On the way Suzanne told me we were going to live one door down from her ex. he had been married to a transgender and now to a man so there wasn’t much tension. When I asked how she got to the house, she said it happened through a friend. The day of the move finally arrived. The movers were all super handsome. All sweaty and in a shirt didn’t do me any good because I was getting excited. So I tried to avoid them as much as possible. I would think the move would take at least 2 days. But in one day it went easily. In the evening in our new house, both me and Suzanne were exhausted.

Suzanne suggested I meet the neighbor soon. In the evening we were all tired, so it became morning. In the morning after showering we had to unpack the boxes and set everything up. That took a whole day. Especially since we had to wait for the fitters to put the beds and cabinets together. So after dinner, I quickly went to visit him. His name was Donald. Donald’s husband Calvin was not home. When Donald opened the door, my mouth dropped open. I understand what Suzanne saw in Donald. He was a super hot man. Broad body with muscles, a tight stomach, blond hair and green eyes. I was speechless, but Donald quickly said, you must be Julia?

After Donald let me in I asked him if he minded how I was dressed. I myself had blue eyes and then I also had on a short dark blue skirt black top and black gloves. But Donald didn’t mind and said he had accompanied many young people who were like me. Donald used to be a counselor for young people who had problems because they were different. During our conversation, Donald had many questions. But the whole conversation, I didn’t dare to look at him. I found Donald super attractive and I got the suspicion that he knew that. When Donald gave me a drink, I immediately took a big gulp.

Then Donald asked if I had a boyfriend. I felt more comfortable then and was able to look at him. As Donald looked at me with a smile, I fell into a trance. I kept looking into his eyes without realizing it and said no. Then he rubbed my cheek and asked how a cutie like me had not been claimed by any boy as his princess. In a soft voice, still with big eyes focused on his beautiful green eyes I replied, I don’t know. Then the phone rang, which startled me. Out of reflex I quickly turned backwards causing me to drop drinks on Donald’s pants. Quickly we both stood up, and as I apologized, I tried to dry his pants with my hand. But I had spilled all over his crotch.

So as I rubbed his crotch, he was hard, which I didn’t realize because of the panic. Then Donald gently grabbed my arms and said with a smile, it’s not very calm but. As he held my arms, we looked at each other. As we looked into each other’s eyes my heart began to beat. Donald came close slowly. I then took a step forward myself. And while still holding my arms and now pressed against his chest he pressed his nose against mine. Without any resistance, Donald gave me a kiss on my lips. I thought you were only interested in men, I said. I was dressed like a girl and sounded like a girl. Only difference all my body was that I had a cock. But Donald took my hand and placed it on his bulge. Now I noticed he was hard, and from the feel of it he was not small. Does this feel like I all like men, he said in a soft voice. When he felt under me dress with his hand and felt a hard one through my pantyhose too, he said, the boys don’t know what they are missing with you beautiful one. When I looked at him still in love, he didn’t hold back anymore.

He placed both hands on my buttocks and pressed me against him. As my hands were pressed against his chest I felt his hard against mine. And after holding my buttocks firmly, he began to kiss me. As I surrendered myself to Donald, I felt his hands under my pantyhose and he slid his hand between my butt crack. When he pushed a finger against my starlet and entered it a little, he stopped kissing. While he had his hand on my cheek he asked, are you a virgin baby?

Erotically, I answered with, yes daddy. But quickly I changed my answer to yes, Donald. Donald smiled at me, and said, I am your daddy for now. When he started kissing my neck I had my arms around him. He said, if you want, daddy will make you feel good. I had never been fucked in my hole before, only my mouth, so I was nervous. But Donald said he had deflowered people before and they always left him with a smile. Do you want to feel daddies cock, princess, he asked? I replied with, yes, daddy.