That picture, the slim femboy that’s me. The story is translated into English by a friend. Currently, I am a webcam model, so I make my money by making erotic contacts. I am doing well and have new viewers every day for my femboy webcam show.

It started early in school that I was called out for being gay or a girl because until the ninth grade I had shoulder-length hair and a very feminine build, small hands and feet, thin, light voice, at an older age still little to no body hair and generally small build. So you could describe it as a femboy. Of course, over the years I often fell in love with one girl or another, but none of them wanted me. Why would they? Girls like men and not boys, who are sometimes more girly than they are. When I started tenth grade, a new boy joined our class. His name was Aaron.

He loved this femboy

Aaron was tall, broad, and well-trained. It was early in the winter of that year when it happened: 2 boys from the 8th grade, I was even slimmer and smaller than they started pushing me on the way home and taking my cap. I wanted to defend myself, but more than words would not have been possible, because I was much weaker than them. But I couldn’t do that either, instead of telling them to stop, I couldn’t get a word out and tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted to run away, but they held me down, said nasty words to me, and kicked me. But then suddenly Aaron came running, pulled them off me, took me in his arms, and comforted me. I flinched for a moment, but then returned the embrace. He had such a strong back and such a wide back, I liked him immediately, I blushed. Aaron brought me home a short time later and since it was already evening, I went to bed. But I couldn’t think about sleep, I only thought about Aaron, about his strong shoulders, his pleasant voice, his brown skin.

And suddenly I also thought about his penis. I wondered if he had a big one. I’m sure he does. Such guys always have a big one, I thought to myself. As I thought about it, I suddenly noticed that my little one was hard as a rock. And yes, I’m not just saying that. My penis is really very small. It’s 10 cm when it’s hard, and when I’m wearing panties you can hardly see it at all. Well, there I was in bed thinking about Aaron’s big thing and masturbating. I had NEVER come as good as I did that day. Well, from that day on Aaron and I were the best of friends, no one insulted me anymore and I liked Aaron more every day. One day I was in the shower, my parents were on vacation for a weekend at the time, when I heard the front door open. From outside, I heard Aaron calling to me, asking where I was. Startled, I replied that I was in the shower and that he should just go to the living room while I got ready. So Aaron went to the living room and I pulled on a towel like a man possessed and moved to Aaron in the living room where I sat down next to him on the couch. He looked at me, examining my thin, pale, feminine femboy body. I wondered what he was thinking as I looked down at his pants.

I saw a firm bulge, immediately I got goosebumps, a shiver ran down my spine and my little one was hard as stone. Quickly, I stood up and turned away from him, so he couldn’t see my horniness. I whispered, “I’m going to get dressed” and was about to leave when Aaron grabbed my towel from behind and yanked it off me. So I was standing stark naked in front of him with an erection that luckily he couldn’t see yet. I blushed as Aaron looked at my buttocks and whistled softly. He took me by the waist and pulled me towards him with ease, forcing me to sit on his lap. Now I felt the bulge that I had only seen before. He pressed on my left buttock and I felt a horniness I had never experienced before. Aaron took me by the neck and moved my head back so he could whisper in my ear “Do you think I don’t notice how much you like me? You are such a sexy femboy” I didn’t give a hoot, I let him do whatever he wanted from now on, he had complete control over my female body. Instinctively I finally reached for his bulge and felt his thick penis through the sweatpants, water ran into my mouth, and so I pulled Aaron’s pants off. His member jumped out at me, I immediately took it in my hand and massaged it. Three of my hands could have jerked it at once, it was that big.

After a few minutes, Aaron grabbed my hair and pushed my head over his genitals, obediently I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and so I slid over his warm glans, over the shaft as far as I could. With all my concentration I sucked on his genitals, I didn’t want to do anything wrong, but then I tightened his glans with my teeth. Aaron cried out and slapped me. But that only made me even hornier. I sucked until Aaron started moaning, and he squirted down my throat. And ooh, there was a lot coming. I tried to get it all into my mouth, but at one point there was no more room, so the swallowing reflex hit, and I just swallowed it all, a funny taste that burned very slightly on my tongue. Yes, burning is definitely the wrong word, but I can’t describe it. But I liked the taste, it only made my cock harder. I looked up and saw Aaron’s beaming face. Aaron said that I had done a good job and that I should get up now. I did, of course, immediately, and now Aaron could look at me calmly from the front. Slowly his gaze wandered from my mouth, still dripping with cum, over my small chest, across my thin, muscular belly to my little one.

Then he began to pull it slowly back and forth

With thumb and forefinger, he slowly pulled back the foreskin and briefly examined the small purple glans. Then he began to pull it slowly back and forth, faster and faster. With his other hand, he moved between my buttocks and massaged my hole. At first, he massaged it a little from the outside until he pushed his finger in and then slowly inserted it into me. This went easier than expected and it was a great feeling. Gently, he asked me if he could put two in. I, who was just getting my first-hand job, immediately said yes. So Aaron pushed both fingers deep into my rear. And how good that felt, and so a short time later I orgasmed. Aaron grabbed me and carried me into the bedroom, where he threw me belly first on the bed. He took a seat behind me and ordered me to lift my ass, which I obediently did, and then stood in front of him. It was a great feeling to present myself as a woman at his top and show him what belonged to him.

Aaron took off his T-shirt and was now completely naked. Without a word, he spits in my ass, fingered me briefly, and then guided his once again aroused glans to my anus. I reached between my legs and alternately massaged his cock and mine until he began to penetrate me. I squirted into my hand and wet my asshole around his glans again, pressing my asshole against his cock, which just wouldn’t penetrate. But then finally. With a stab of pain, I groaned out and pulled my ass away from Aaron. But he just grabbed me by the waist and impaled me. Another pain, another short scream like a girl’s, but Aaron kept pressing, and then the pain was gone and another feeling spread. Or rather, several of them. A slight pressure on my bladder, a warm relieving feeling inside me and a tingling in my nipples.

Until I became aware that I was making love, like a girl. And I was enjoying it. I moaned and groaned as Aaron took me and pinned my ass at the same time. After a few minutes, I experienced something I had never experienced before. I came. The white cream was running in streams from my little cock and without me touching it once. My sphincter contracted, Aaron cried out and ejaculated a few seconds after me deep in my rectum. He pulled it out, my hole immediately opened wide and let his manhood squirt out.

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Femboy Lesley
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