I’ve always had a secret dream to meet a Thai trans woman. It’s something I’ve been attracted to since I was a kid, but never got the chance to fully explore. Now that I’m older, I’m determined to make my dream come true. Call me Jim, I’m single and told my family I was off to Canada for a week. No, they won’t understand.

I had been watching ladyboys on webcam for a long time, chat with them, cam2cam and complete naked. That’s why I’ve booked a flight and will soon be flying to Thailand, where I plan to meet a trans woman and hopefully fulfill my desires. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a trans woman willing to meet me, but I’m determined to make my dreams come true.

I’m nervous and excited at the same time – this is something I’ve been dreaming about for years, and I’m looking forward to finding out what might come of it. I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way, but I think I’m ready to take this journey and make my dream come true.

I couldn’t believe it was happening. I had been thinking about it for months, and here it was; I was about to make the biggest change of my life. I was leaving the United States and traveling to Thailand to meet a trans woman. It was a dream that I never thought would come true.

In Texas, things had always been very traditional and conservative.

Growing up in Texas, things had always been very traditional and conservative. My family was devoutly religious, and trans people were something I was never exposed to. It wasn’t until much later that I realized how I felt; that I had a newfound appreciation for people who identified as such.

When I realized that I too wanted to be a trans woman, I felt a sense of liberation unlike anything I’d ever known. I quietly tucked this dream away and kept it to myself. Now I was finally going to make it happen. As I boarded the plane, I felt a combination of excitement and fear. I pushed my doubts aside and reminded myself that I was there to do something very important to me.

My trip to Thailand was the beginning of something I will never forget. Meeting a trans woman and fulfilling my secret dream was an immense gift of self-love. I’m so grateful that I was able to go on this journey and take the first step in honoring my true identity.

And it was fantastic, the webcam ladyboy I met. After two days, I had a pain in my muscles and a tender spot …. 😁 Keep going.