I am Jessica and a hermaphrodite, half woman – half man. I have two sexual organs, and sometimes that can be very exciting for both male and female relationships. Below is my story, I have made it a little exciting…. Photo for illustration, that’s Shannen!

My boss’s hand ran up my slender body and unhooked my black bra through my white blouse… Six months have passed since I had found out my inner secret that I was half-and-half and six months ago, a hermaphrodite. I had amazing sex with my girlfriend, Yvonne. But Yvonne and I didn’t sleep together after that, which I was pretty upset about, but eventually, I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I found myself a job in an office, answering the phone for a local newspaper. My supervisor, Sally, was a complete goddess, even though she was about twenty years older than I was. One day, my supervisor called me into her office and asked me to sit in front of her desk, where I did, my hands fumbling nervously in my lap.

I couldn’t help but stare at her open creamy white blouse as her enormous breasts looked to be popping out. I gulped. She caught me looking at her chest and a smile twitched at her perfect red mouth. She had golden blonde hair in curls to her shoulders, wearing a black knee-length skirt that showed off her sexy, slim figure. Sally put her hands on the table and stood up, coming around, leaning so her face was close to mine. “Come with me, Jess,” she said in a Southern growl. She was from Southern California. I followed my boss out of her office and out to the hallway, where she pressed the button on the steel panel and waited for the elevator to come. It came, and we stepped onto it.

I’m half girl, I’m half man, a hermaphrodite

The doors closed. “Where are we going?” I asked curiously. “Aren’t you going to push the buttons?” “How long have you been working for me now?” She asked, starting to circle me, which made me even more nervous. My eyes kept looking at her breast, which looked delicious to touch, to grasp, to suck, to feel. “Hey, Jess, are you there?” “Yeah. Um. about five months,” I replied. “And that’s how long you’ve wanted me, right?” She asked. I pretended to be shocked by that question. “Don’t pretend to be shocked, I can tell, while you keep staring at my chest,” Sally said, folding her arms and making her breasts push up. I felt arousal grow in my groin and felt something come alive through my gray pants. Oh, no! God, no! When she hadn’t shifted position and her breasts were still popping out of her blouse, my cock grew and strained against the material of my pants. “Open the door, Sally, I have to go!” I cried. Pressing a random button that opened the doors. The doors opened, but she grabbed my arm and threw me against the elevator wall. Sally closed the doors and turned to me, her brown eyes wide in shock at what she saw. Her hands flew to her mouth. “Jess, you’re a… what are you?” “I’m half girl, I’m half man, I’ve been like this since I was born,” I explained quickly, a hermaphrodite.

She grinned evilly at me and pushed her breasts up with her hands, running her tongue over her upper lips slowly and sexily. “A hermaphrodite?” Great, she said. Sally started unbuttoning her blouse, so my cock grew even bigger, I heard a huge tear as my pants ripped from the size of my pecker. Her left hand slowly ran up my body and unhooked my black bra through my white blouse. She put her hand on my hard rod and started rubbing it up and down. Sally ripped my pants and looked up at my shocked face and grinned. I didn’t know what to think. It was my dream come true to be in an elevator with my sexy boss in a sexy situation. Suddenly the sexual animal in me came out as I grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her against the wall and then started rubbing up and down against her. I wanted her so badly. My hands ran merrily up her skirt, touching her soft thighs and realizing she had a thong on to make me even hornier. I tugged at her thong and she helped with that, and soon I was stroking her dripping wet pussy, which felt so soft and warm and wet under my two fingers that I put it up.

Sally gasped with pleasure and quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down and my panties, and then pulled out my huge cock and bales. She began to give me a hand job, caressing my shaft and buttocks with her hands. “Take me, Jess, take me. Fill me up with your huge member.” I took my fingers off her pussy and swapped them for my huge member, making us both gasp. Our lovemaking started slowly and then grew faster and faster. Sally wrapped her legs and arms around my neck and waist. She gasped, moaned and groaned loudly as I thrust harder and harder into her. The rhyming becomes more and more intense. Sweat dripped down from our bodies like waterfalls. Sally cried as her body jerked and convulsed for a few seconds as she came, and I sped up, my breathing getting heavier and heavier as I knew I was about to explode.

I pulled out of her quickly, but she shook her head. “Come inside me,” she said. I obeyed her and thrust myself deep inside her again, thrusting faster than ever before until my body went into spasms as I felt myself explode deep inside her. My semen came deep inside her. I was about to pull back, but she stopped me and I looked at her and saw a grin – a dark grin. “Again!” I cried. Sally nodded “if you think you can manage to walk again, I suppose you can,” she replied seductively. I immediately felt my cock grow rock hard again inside her. “Come on, big girl.” It was such a huge ride-on, so I thrust deep into her again. This was the best day at work ever!.

Good looking Hermaphrodite