Hola, you fall in love with a ladyboy or kathoey. For you iloveyoukelly, and how sweet she laughs. I have her almost for me alone. Only 12 other hijackers, but they say little. Shall we meet iloveyoukelly?

Her nickname says it all. The 23 year old beauty of the Philippines is live on a Monday morning and is immediately good for a strong stimulus in the lower abdomen. A tight white shirt that is nicely filled with a round shape. She talks to another person, who has a female voice, in the background. Her mother? Or a studio lady?


The video stream is interrupted and her room is nicely decorated. I think it’s the latter. A little kiss for my TS girl then. A wide smile in front of the webcam, especially since the kiss came with a stimulus for her love toy. I’m curious what she’s saying?