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It wasn’t my first time, so I knew sexy shemale was available and had been to them twice before, which was fun, but rushed experiences and secrets from my boyfriend. This time I had promised myself that I would enjoy it and be ready to take my first cock.

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We had decided to have a few drinks at the hotel.

We had decided to have a few drinks at the hotel and look for sex later when things quieted down. Both agreed to go separately, so we could take our time. This suited me because I wanted to meet a sexy girl with a dick that had a blue light at the top of the windows to indicate her sex.

I went first to have some dirty fun, so I took a Viagra before the trans meeting to avoid nervous performances and headed to the tranny area. It was only a short walk from the hotel, but I was soon admiring a variety of sexy shemales. It was so hard to choose, but I finally saw a stunning tan-skinned lady with small tits and an amazing body. She beckoned me while rubbing her sexy underwear to reveal the outline of her cock as I got closer.

Our trans meeting, would you like to fuck us both?

When I arrived at the entrance, a second TV appeared. She was white and wore a black dress that revealed sexy feminine legs and a beautiful cleavage. The First Lady greeted me and asked, “Would you like to fuck us both?” I replied, “Of course, but it depends on how much it costs as I want to do some dirty darling without being rushed.”

She opened the door wider and invited me to caress herself as I walked by. I said to myself, “You can let us both do whatever you want for 1 hour for 200 hours.” I replied with a grin and said, “I want to fuck and suck and get fucked and sucked, as well as anything dirtier, I feel like a horny slut.” . She grabbed my cock through my pants and pulled me into the back room, where the white shemale was waiting on the bed.

I paid the money and was immediately asked to take off all my clothes, which I did to reveal my rock hard cock. The lady on the bed took off her dress and thong to show me her soft cock and beckoned me closer. I lent over, exposing my virgin hole, we kissed and touched as I began sucking her natural looking tits.

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trans meeting

I continued to suck on Lucy’s cock, which tasted better than I had imagined, as two fingers pushed deep into my hot ass. I moved up with the force and began kissing Lucy’s neck, running my fingers through her hair. She was beautiful, but slid out from under me to stand up and push her curved cock back to my mouth, fucking it faster and squeezing my hard nipples with her fingers.

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I felt a cold, lubricated and protected cock.

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