Every year during the vacation season I return to Tuscany to a small country village not far from a small hamlet, which in turn, is not far from a well-known tourist resort of the place. Among these immense expanses of red earth, there is a small hamlet formed by a few houses including mine, which is equipped with the necessary comforts to survive each summer in the torrid climate of this fantastic land. Photo of blonde trans Alexa.

The little house in Tuscany.

The little house is about three quarters of an hour from the coast, and for the past few years some plots of land purchased by locals have been converted into small country houses that are rented out during the summer to tourists. In total there are about ten houses within a radius of 3 kilometers and including my own, this is because it is not yet an area well supplied with services and therefore if one does not have means at one’s disposal in these parts it is difficult to reach the most popular destinations for mass tourism.

The houses that have been built in the immediate vicinity of mine host, as I said, at this time mainly tourists who do not mind enjoying contact with nature and living away from the chaos. During the month of July, I noticed that the small cottage under construction, located in the immediate vicinity of mine, had finally been completed after years of work; the owner had really done a beautiful job equipping it with several rooms and a spacious garden.

A few days later in the late afternoon, while I was intent on relaxing on my veranda, I saw the new tenants arrive. A young couple got out of the car and began unloading their suitcases inside the building. I watched them from a distance as they became familiar with the house and their surroundings: both tall, he is a brunette with short hair, and she is a blond with long hair. At first glance they both looked my age, so in their mid-thirties, I thought that I actually wouldn’t mind having company, then finding two even nice neighbors would be the best.

In the following days, however, there was no occasion for us to meet or introduce ourselves, however one evening while I was in my garden breathing some fresh air after a whole day spent at the beach, a small dog sneaked onto my property, after a few minutes of running I saw its owner arrive. The dog approached me almost without fear and started barking, I approached him amused and after giving him a few caresses, he allowed himself to be approached and conquered with ease. The half-exhausted boy from running approached the gate, asking me for forgiveness for the disturbance and explaining that his four-legged friend was used to such unsolicited explorations.

Obviously I sympathized with the little puppy and approached to make him the dog; it was on that occasion that I got to know them. The boy explained to me that they had rented together with his companion the country cottage, next to mine, for two weeks. He was very friendly and above all nice, so after a few chats I proposed that we have dinner together and a barbecue in my garden. Federico, that was his name, accepted wholeheartedly and assured me that he would join me together with Lea, his partner, at 8 pm.

While waiting, I prepared the meat for the barbecue I had in mind and secured a few bottles of beer in the fridge for the evening. The two arrived on time, Frederick introduced me to Lea, who thanked me very much for the invitation and apologizing for not having had time to buy anything, she handed me a few bottles of beer. The two of them took a seat in the garden, and while I went to put the drinks in the refrigerator, I thought about how pretty she was: blond hair falling completely over her shoulder, lively brown eyes, a lean physique, and a really nice thigh gap.

On my return I brought some beers and we made some conversation to get to know each other better, they were both very nice, she attracted me quite a bit and her particular features intrigued me. Frederick was a great talker, in fact he wasted no time in launching into praises about the local scenic beauty they had gotten to see in those days, Lea was less talkative and listened to him smugly as she composedly with crossed legs shaking her right foot covered by her white tennis shoe. I listened, too, but often my gaze fell on her and her dress, a black tank top with sleeveless suspenders that fell perfectly over her shapely, velvety thighs, uncovering her knees profusely and showing off a refined cleavage.

But there was something else that escaped me, or rather that I did not understand, in that enchantment of a woman there was something in her face that raised questions for me. Meanwhile, the beers continued to flow and after a while we began to roast the meat, it was a very pleasant dinner and there was no shortage of laughter. Frederick and Lea, once the dinner was over, offered to help me clean up and so while I rearranged the kitchen, Lea took care of getting rid of the table, while Frederick offered to clean up the barbecue in the garden. As I rinsed the dishes, I couldn’t help but think of Lea and that detail that eluded me and at the same time made her terribly exciting in my eyes.

The woman’s composure and gracefulness intrigued me, although there was something more pronounced in her somatic features that nevertheless gave her an unusual and exaggeratedly sexy aura. I continued reflecting and looking for a detail that could confirm that doubt about her intersexuality. Her voice awakened me from my thoughts and research, Lea, formulated a request to be allowed to use the bathroom and I as a real dumbfounded at that questioning,

I don’t know for what reason, gave her an interested giggle that she perhaps somehow caught since she strangely reciprocated. I pointed her in the direction and when she heard her footsteps move away an irrepressible erection proposed itself to me. I looked out of the window that overlooked the garden, Federico was still intent on cleaning the barbecue from the residue, I could resist no longer, I needed to see with my own eyes and above all understand the reason for sensations that until yesterday had never touched me and above all aroused me in that way.

As soon as the bathroom door closed, quickly and on tiptoe, I reached the door, leaned over and peered through the lock, Lea, was standing in front of the toilet bowl with the seat up careful to shake his cock. I picked my head up again and quickly regained the kitchen, where I resumed the chores I had interrupted, Lea joined me after a few moments and resumed helping me, she took a dry cloth, busied herself with going over the wet dishes. To converse she asked me a few questions about the house, with each answer I tried to control the tone of my voice, I was horny as hell, and the erection from before had not gone away, indeed now in her I also sensed a slightly masculine tone of voice that absurdly continued to facilitate my arousal.

I had never experienced anything like this before, I felt fascinated by this new excitement, yet managed to maintain a smooth conversation, despite the fact that my penis really didn’t want to know anything about getting back in the ranks. Fortunately, I had my hands in the water and kept wetting my wrists so that the pressure in my blood vessels would be lowered. Before long, Frederick also joined in with the last courses. As we finished rearranging the house, we all smoked one last cigarette before calling it a night; the next day the two of them had plans to visit some places nearby and did not have many more vacation days to do so.

They thanked me for the pleasant evening and returned to their residence. The end of the evening was uneasy, and in order to have to put an end to the emotional pull that the image of Lea aroused in me, I masturbated twice in a row. The image of her engaged in standing urination angered me as never before; in retrospect, I fantasized about how much I would have liked to push the doorknob to enter the bathroom and overbearingly satisfy that improper urge to take his cock in my mouth and lick it to the last drop until I gave her the pleasure, necessary to emancipate her from her semen, before directing my selfish and self-interested personal pleasure onto the rest of her body.

As I masturbated in bed my sick mind flew with fantasy projecting situations hitherto improper and never explored for me. My creativity stimulated succulent dishcloths that materialized scenarios of energetic sodomy and also left room for the improvisation of the moment. While the right hand escaped the erect penis, and soaring toward the ceiling, the middle hand of the left found space between my buttocks wedging itself precipitously into my warm anus, penetration gave me stimulating and energetic visions that obviously saw Lea as the protagonist. In short it was a fairly restless night and the following days were no better, the thought of possessing her distracting me.

However, in the following days I had no opportunity to see my two neighbors again. At the end of the week the heat gave no respite and being outside in the garden was practically impossible, the solutions were two: go up to the mountains and stay there for the rest of the day or settle in the house with the air conditioner on.

I opted for the second and actually lay on the bed for most of the late morning, in the afternoon nothing in the world would make me give up putting my nose out of the house, but the ringing of the intercom roused me from that state of liking. I put on my shorts and reached the gate, looked out to see my caller, and to my surprise I glimpsed Lea, she smiled at me.
L: Will you let me in?

She opened the gate quickly without saying a word and we reached the inside of the house. I closed the door, the coolness inside the house made her sigh pleasantly. She told me that they were leaving the next day and that she had stopped by to say hello. I asked about Frederick, he told me that he was at the beach and would be back in the evening, he felt like taking a last, long bath before returning to the city, he added that she had preferred to stay in the house instead to rest and make preparations for departure. As she narrated, confidently, she peered intently into my eyes with a composedly bewitching light. She was wearing a delicate dress with wide sleeveless straps with a floral pattern on which purple and beige predominated.

The elasticity of the garment enhanced her décolleté supported by a drawstring that held together the two ends of the fabric charged with guarding within them her enunciated form, the white enameled toenails of her feet framed harmoniously shaped feet resting on comfortable, low sandals with laces also in a white color. A towering beauty stood a few steps away from me and her horny scent burst with sensuality from all sides nailing all my movement maneuvers at the head of the pavement tile on which I was standing firm since I had closed the door behind me, her carnal matter preventing me from ambling on any other space near me.

I enjoyed her echoing, sensual voice rising in the room and to appease my embarrassment I boasted an uncertain nonchalance, but if moving was impossible because of the emotional block that such an angel or devil had unleashed, same disposition was difficult to impart to the sight: my eyes traveled and scanned every part of her body from head to toe so fast that I could not stop.

With great effort I tried to tame that nervous contraction by lingering my gaze on the close-up of her face, and at a closer distance I glimpsed some physical peculiarities or imperfections (call them what you will). Lea’s cheekbones slightly lacked projection, that is, the protruding relief typical of women, perhaps the treatment to thin that aspect was still incomplete however this did not detract from her pleasant and harmonious appearance.

Trying to show disinterested emotionality, I moved away and invited her to sit at the table for coffee, she accepted, and took a seat at the head of the table. From behind, as I prepared coffee I rehearsed a conversation based on stories of her feelings about the places she had visited during her vacation. Lea greeted my request with a silent smile, she sensed it even though I had my back to her, told me that there had been four good things on this vacation: the days at the beach, the walks in the mountains among nature, the food …

I had just set the coffee pot down on the lit stove when she resumed with the list and finally added dinner at your place.
I showed myself honored by what was expressed and replied that I, too, had enjoyed that evening in their company. Lea continued to observe me with her puffy doe eyes that know exactly what to do to get what she wants. I smiled at her with some embarrassment; she knew perfectly well what her predatory skills were, and as she looked into my eyes it was as if she knew where and when to strike to achieve her goal.

I tried to follow her gaze, but I was increasingly aware that I was entering a hole or dead end where one is aware of no way out, but she was ferrying me into it affably. Suddenly words to the effect:
L: I know you know!
I: What?
L: You saw me in the bathroom.
I: I don’t know what you are talking about….
L: Why do we have to pretend? I know you spied on me while I was peeing.
I: No….
L: I don’t care about your justifications, I enjoyed it. I’d just like to know what you think …

She rests her elbows on the table and takes my face in her hands, looks at me with curiosity, I don’t know what she expects me to say, but her sweet smile shocks me and convinces me to speak, to externalize for the first time this attraction to something that until the day before I thought impossible. I try to explain to her my feelings it is an emotion I have never had the chance to experience but at the same time it excites me so much, she moves her head obliquely on one hand, as if to say continue I am listening to you, she looks at me with interest. I become bolder by admitting that she is very beautiful and that after seeing her in the bathroom my excitement about her has grown even more.

She smiles flattered, showing her white teeth, then passes her closed fisted hand under her chin and continues to look at me composedly. Before long the silence around us becomes heavy, I sweat and now I just want to kiss her, but the coffee pot with its whistle interrupts us. I turn off the gas and pour the coffee into the mugs I had set out on the table, once full she rises from her chair and comes up determinedly and caresses my cheek in satisfaction, then kisses me gently. It’s time, I implode. My erection becomes uncontrollable, I feel it and within seconds a promontory rises from my bermuda shorts, she takes it, touches it, palms it and then squeezes it firmly as her tongue mingles with my saliva. I don’t stand by and indulge my new vices, I shove my right hand under her skirt looking for what I know I will find for sure, I center it immediately, there it is hard, vigorous and throbbing. Lea has decided to visit me and reveal her essentials without any veil under her skirt.

L: You got right to it, huh?
I pick her up and slam her down on the table, in the confusion the cups slide off the top breaking up saturating the air with coffee. She doesn’t mind, let alone me, so I lift her skirt uncovering her erect cock throbbing at me, that’s not enough I want her naked, I pull off her suspenders forcefully, maybe one of them rips, I throw the garment away somewhere on the floor and find her naked clothed only in her sandals on my table. Her vigorous, hard, well-reconstructed breasts show hard, turgid nipples. Arousal at its peak, I undress and easily drop my shorts to the floor followed soon after by my panties. Once we are both naked, I look at her confused for a moment, as if to say now what should I do?

But she spreads her hands and grabs my face and caresses it and gently directs me onto it until her body is crushed with mine. Once close, she licks my face and covers me with kisses, while her hand goes for my hard cock, which she subjects to an arbitrary and sweet as it is slow handjob.

She’s good at it, she’s a goddess, I close my eyes … but I desire, nay demand, at this point to push the boundaries. I gently detach myself from her body and with less gentleness pounce on her turgid cock, I take it into my mouth fiercely, but I realize that I am not very experienced and come off ridiculously, plus I seem to hurt her with my teeth. In spite of everything she beckons to be gentle and raises her hand toward me, I catch her I sense she wants to get up, I help her and once off the table-top she takes me by the hand accompanying me to my room. She lays me on the bed and once on all fours on the mattress, she gently leans over and moistens my penis thoroughly.

His tongue travels along all the balls until it greases the chapel, which dribbles out in an instant. The saliva that drips copiously serves to slide, inside her mouth, the whole member that slowly disappears into her throat. Gradually then she releases it, only to take it back, licking it carefully reabsorbing all the saliva and with it much of my fluids as well.

Her head reclined on the pillow and my continuous sighs, enticing her to continue, she caresses my ‘abdomen as she continues in her watery work, sucking hard on my foreskin and the rest of my body. It is such a delightful blowjob that in a flash my head is covered with seminal fluid, but she sweeps any residue of it present on the glans with her expert tongue. I watch her, as she acts crouched over the cock, she notices and distances her face slightly, just enough to take pleasure in the view of my gaze, I imagine as a blissful pig, she squares me smugly and then inaugurates a vigorous up and down with her hand.

I feel the body of the penis slide, clenched in the palm of her hand. I extend mine too in search of a foothold of her body, the nape of her neck and the most immediate part, I want to grab her and force her against my body and most of all I want to brutally introduce my tongue into her mouth and smell her breath imbued with my most intimate flavor. Lea avoids the hold, it is still early, she leaves the cock she was sawing vigorously and comes close again with her mouth, gives me another velvety deep stroke, then resurfaces, catches her breath and spits the bolus of saliva on my head, while with her hand she distributes it all over my torso, including my balls.

She kneads the soggy cock, but she is not yet satisfied and from above she lets another cascade of saliva drip from her pink mouth, which once centered on the glans drips down to wet the thick pubic hair. Finally, I manage to grab the nape of her neck and forcefully pull her closer to me, she is not finished and tries to wriggle out, but she cannot and in a flash finds her lips crushed against mine. She gives in quickly, I kiss her fiercely and soon after force her with my lips wide open to receive my nose inside her mouth, I smell all the flavor for a while. I feel that she likes it too, in fact, her cock grows and grows and grows on my naked belly.

His erection opens the door wide for me to act, and feline I offer her my mouth in the opposite direction, she takes my erect penis and slides it down her throat, while I feed his cock. That piece of meat proves as appetizing to me as the taste, Lea’s previous tutorial has set the stage and I am now more familiar with sliding her cock inside my throat, the taste of her arousal is acrid strong, but I enjoy it so much that I don’t notice the consequence of my animal arousal that is practically suffocating the angel beneath me, she smacks me on the buttocks, I realize and lift my torso slightly in the air to clear Lea’s throat of my granite member, she coughs, catches her breath and then brings her mouth close again to the cock that gravitates in the air erect.

We continue to suck each other in a no-holds-barred sixty-nine, but I’m too curious, as I blow her I part her thighs and insert my middle finger into her shaved orifice, I try to do it gracefully, but she part her thighs and uncloses her asshole without flinching, I realize it’s a chasm, curious I let my middle finger slide in and it slides in easily, in fact I realize there’s room for my index finger as well. I push both fingers in and penetrate her firmly as her cock explodes in my mouth, the hunk of flesh that dwells in my jaws throbs and is quite unwieldy for my novice mouth, nevertheless I clench my cheeks and suck hard on the head, the movement makes her moan, fulfilling me. I re-emerge from her thighs and release her little fairy mouth, she catches her breath and afterwards gives me an unmade but yearning look.

Forcefully I pull up the nape of her neck and again enjoy that savory taste coming out of her mouth as I palpate her hard breasts, she seems to enjoy the improvisation and remains observing my actions with an almost shy air, this surrendering to her mercy makes her even more exciting and fascinating. Lying on the bed nude, discombobulated and ruffled and with that cleft lip she looks like a doll ready to satisfy my every foul urge, in fact she doesn’t utter a moan when I decisively position her on all fours. A peachy little ass towers before me, I free her feet from her sandals and approach her ass, let her feel my member on her ass cheeks while with my hands I palpate her heels hard.

She gets ready, turns around seeks my mouth, finds it, we kiss passionately then gathers saliva on her hand and gently spreads it on her anus. I don’t want to wait, impetuously I stop her from finishing the work and firmly bring my cock closer to her anus, she doesn’t flinch and prepares herself for the impact by pressing her palms on the mattress. I push the head in gently, I feel it go through her warm hole, the cock encounters no difficulties or constrictions, I realize that I am almost totally inside in a very few moments, this galvanizes me and determinedly I push it as far as I can.

I watch from behind as he disappears all into that crater, and once at the bottom I grasp his soft hips, abandoning myself to most immoderate sodomy. Lea screams, but not from pain, as happens with women less accustomed to sodomy, for her that is pleasure. I fuck her hard and when I seem to be about to ravage her, I feel her anus contract and surrender to a clear sign of pleasure, this is enough for me not to slow down. Lea screams in disarray and occasionally thrusts her ass in my direction to feel the cock more disruptively charging my directional motion more and more, the smell of her hair and her masculine profile intoxicating me, I smack her on her lean, round buttocks with frequent cadence.

Intrigued by the conformation of his penis I wrap my arm around her along her right side in search of the nerchia that immediately slams into the palm of my hand, in the first agitated stages I am unable to grasp it, but then with some harmony I manage to continue in the work of sodomization and at the same time grasp his erect bauble. I stroke it between my hands and with righteousness find myself able to send my cock into his asshole, while with my right hand I trim a handjob to his manly prominence.

Despite the difficulty, I succeed in the task and pick up the pace, now feeling his cock throbbing in my hand and at the same time feeling the heat unfolding in his ass and enveloping my cock more and more. Lea’s cries become labored and perhaps the pleasure has given way to overwhelming pain, or maybe the opposite is happening, I don’t know, but at the same time I feel a consistent spurt of semen leave, giving way to one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life. Lea, too, begins to recede, and after some stimulation, her penis, too, lets loose a stream of semen that wets the back of the bed, which for some time now had been banging vigorously on the wall.

Her orgasm is liberating and intense; soon after, her cock sags in my hand as does mine in her pretty little ass. She feels it too and takes the opportunity to spread her legs apart and allow my deflated pole to come out, I gently pull it out, scrutinize it and it is neat and clean, no trace of fecal matter camps on it. As soon as her hole is free she lets herself fall prone and exhausted on the bed. From behind I admire her asshole from which runs a trickle of cum that joins svelte on her deflated testicles.

Despite her exhaustion,Lea meekly stretches her hand backward looking for my cock, finds it and grips it limply in her right hand. She turns around and masterfully gives me, thoroughly cleaning the entire head and body of the penis with her tongue, the last thrill. Finished he stops to look at me and gently caresses me. For a moment I sense her concealed masculinity, but it is a moment because it is a restrained and feminine manhood, yet the fact that I have subdued her makes me feel satisfied. She is aware of this and smilingly tells me:
L: You enjoyed submitting to me huh?
I smile and with a head sign confirm this, but it is not enough I have to say:
I: I think it was the best fuck of my whole life.
L: I know, they all say that the first time.

She kisses me softly and still naked crosses the room looks carefully out the window to make sure her partner’s car is not parked. She turns around contentedly and strides naked toward the bed, I watch her walk casually around the room despite only moments earlier having subjected her beautiful ass to vigorous sodomy rhythms; she continues to move gracefully and now the sweet features of her face and well modified by the surgeries look fresher and more intuitive to me; her tits that I had palpated sensing their hardness seemed so natural and soft and her floppy pendant between her legs an added value, on that androgynous body, and one to be protected with regard.

Once in front she bends over, on herself, handing me satisfied smiles, picks up her sandals at the foot of the bed. She puts her shoes back on in silence, I tell her it was very nice, and before going to the kitchen to retrieve her dress still lying on the floor, she sends me a sensual kiss from afar . Leaving the room I think of reaching for her and taking her still on the table, I execute, but I reach her it is late, I discover her dressed and ready to go home to her Frederick. Before leaving, she grabs the pen on the table and on a magazine page transcribes her cell phone number and social contact, then adds
L: If you happen to be in Milan in the near future, now you know how to contact me. She steps out and I watch her casually walk away toward the house across the street.