I always dress my as whorish as possible as a transvestite. But I always do this indoors. Take pictures and movies and put them online. Watch movies especially of transvestites showing themselves in public, that makes my very horny. For ages, I dreamed of walking around somewhere in public dressed like a cheap hooker and making a movie. I had come home and was very excited and longed to be my hooker and wanted to dress up. Got in the shower and made sure everything was smooth and depilated again. Walked to my closet and picked out my outfit. I grabbed my black patent suspenders and attached black stockings to them.

Put on my bra and put in my purchased silicone breasts, size 85DD. I like big boobs. I have a correction clip that connects high in the waist, in the front I made a hole so my cock can come out. Then take my lube and insert a dildo in my ass, pull the briefs high so the dildo can be felt well in my ass. Mmm, that always makes me horny, I have to be filled because then I feel whorish.

A short, also black tight patent skirt and as a top a gold shiny tight sit top with long sleeves, so that my breasts are clearly visible. Then a black corset, also of lacquer and tighten me well for a narrow waist. Sit in front of the mirror and make myself up. A thick layer of foundation, blue eye shadow with silver glitter. Apply my long fake eyelashes and use black mascara. Blood-red lipstick that I put liberally over my mouth, so it looks like I have even thicker lips. Hmmmm, a nice blowjob mouth you have honey, I say to myself. Put on my black short wig and brush it into shape. I look in the mirror and find myself looking horny and whorish, a tad much makeup, but I like that.

And with every move I make, I feel the dildo moving in my ass. Finally, I grab my black patent shoes with quite a high heel that I can still walk well on. I sit down at my PC and look for videos of transvestites who are nicely dressed. My preference, of course, is for lacquer clothing. As long as it shines, it excites me. I search on crossdressers and public.

I find videos of whorish transvestites showing themselves outside

Almost jealously, I find videos of transvestites showing themselves outside. A transvestite filming herself in a deserted parking lot, hmmmmm I would like that too I thought. I thought of course I could drive my car around, then I would be in public anyway. Would I do it, do I dare? Why not, it’s dark anyway, and grabbed my three-quarter patent coat that came just over my short skirt. I felt my trembling with excitement, but decided to take the plunge. Grabbed my car keys and walked to the garage and got in the car. There I drove around like a cheap slut in the outside world.

I drove down the highway and passed a parking lot and saw that it was very quiet there. I had to, I thought, and took the exit back and drove to the parking lot and pulled the car over. Looked around and saw only in the distance some trucks. I was standing next to a picnic table and thought if I sit there for a while. I had brought my camera, and it seemed very horny to film myself outside in my horny outfit. And then it finally happened, I had found the courage to get out. Placed the camera on the roof of the car towards the dining table and started filming. Walked toward the picnic table and posed for the camera. I walked back and forth, showing myself. It wound me up tremendously and I was blood nervous.

Cheekily, I took off my patent jacket and stood with my hands on the table and defiantly showed my ass to the camera. I was enjoying… Suddenly I heard a voice, “Hello” I was startled and turned toward the voice. Out of the bushes came a man who I think had taken a pee. I stiffened and saw that the man was coming in my direction. What are you doing here, he asked, are you filming? I didn’t know what to say and believe me I was shaking all over my body, horrible, I didn’t want this. He looked brutally from head to toe.

Do you like this walking around looking like this? As feminine as possible I said in a high voice; Sorry I said and wanted to go to the car to leave. I hope he wouldn’t see that I was a transvestite. He gently grabbed me by my arm and looked me straight in the eyes. You are not a woman; you look like a hooker. Are you waiting here for someone to make some money? For you to walk like that you must be a little horny, right? At least you have nice big breasts. Dressed in a short skirt and high heels. He came even closer and grabbed me by my breasts. I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t move, I was frozen. His other hand went under my patent skirt and soon he felt my penis. I thought so, you are a horny transvestite. He started pulling on my penis and I couldn’t do anything. There I was standing in a parking lot with a wildly strange man. Strangely, my penis began to get hard, and I felt an excitement.

Don’t you want to be spoiled a little? He grabbed my buttocks. What do I feel there, do you have some in your ass? His face went to my face and started kissing me. Soon I felt his tongue against my lips and penetrated me. There I was tongue kissing with a wild stranger pulling on my penis. I noticed that I was getting more and more aroused anyway and just let it all out. I want you, I want the whole package. He took out his wallet and gave me 50 euros. So now you are a real whore. He stood in front of me and pulled out his cock. It was already pretty stiff, and I noticed he had quite a big cock. So tsgirl, are you getting a little horny from my dick? Take that dildo out of your ass. I was actually quite excited and started getting hornier and hornier. My brakes released. I took the dildo out of my ass and put it on the picnic table. Pull nice on my penis, baby. I placed my hand on his cock and started jerking him off.

His penis got even bigger. His penis was almost twice the size of the dildo that had been in my asshole. He started moaning. Stop he said. Just go with your hands on the table and your ass back. Hat didn’t care anymore, I felt like a real whore. I turned around and he stood behind me. I felt his glans pressing against my ass. Gently he went deeper and deeper. That took some getting used to. God, how horny it made me, fucked like a whore. Faster and faster he started fucking me, I couldn’t hold it any longer. In a horny voice I cried out “fuck that whore, I’m a sewing slut that needs to be used. I fuck you whore in your horny ass, you are the slut of the night. He pulled his penis out of my ass and said “on your knee’s slut, I want to cum all over your face”. I bent down on my knees and soon I felt his cum squirting all over my face. I opened my mouth, and he squirted his seed down my throat.

Good girl, that was very nice, and put his penis back in his pants and walked away. There I was with a face full of cum. Quickly I grabbed my stuff and saw that the camera had recorded everything. I quickly drove home, my God, what an experience. Maybe I want more than this. When I got home, I cleaned myself up a little, but continued to be dressed as a whore. Put the dildo back in my ass and uploaded the video to my PC and started watching it. Wow, how horny this was to see, what a slut I had been. Played with my penis and came.