The story of a man who seeks rest with a company of 5 women and slowly changes to the 6th woman. Photo is from AsianDiamond.

After a business failure, I was now sitting on the train. We had decided together to close the office for a while so that everyone could recover from the stress of the last few weeks. At first, I sat frustrated in my apartment and thought about a vacation destination. I didn’t really feel like flying far away. But where to go now in autumn?

So then I came across a small ad: Quiet pension in a farm in the countryside offers recreation with full board and, if desired, light activities. I was only in my early forties and didn’t want to take a senior vacation, but still this ad appealed to me. And now in late fall, there will hardly be many guests there. So I called. A friendly woman’s voice confirmed that at the moment only two older ladies were spending their vacation on the farm, so the team would have plenty of time to take care of me.

The chance to relax for two weeks and to be provided with food and drink and to take care of my soul suddenly seemed very desirable to me. I agreed. But then Tessa talked me into coming without a car, as the friendly voice called me. I would be picked up from the nearest train station. I should be able to relax completely, without having to drive permanently through the area. Only that would be total relaxation. If it had to be, then times absolutely, they would lend me a car. I needed a time around this decision to make without car, I felt like caught.

So now I was sitting here in the train, after changing trains twice I had already cursed my decision, and drove the last section in a two-train diesel to the destination station. In order not to have to drag my whole luggage, two suitcases, I had sent this one day before departure a so-called point-to-point dispatch. The suitcases were to be delivered to the pension. Unfortunately, the weather worsened the closer I got to my destination. Once there, I looked around for my receptionist. There she was, Tessa herself. At this point, I had no idea that in the coming time my life would change dramatically.

I came stumbling down and hit the ground lengthwise. When it was clear that nothing had happened to me, I heard the sympathetic voice say that I had never experienced someone being so happy about his arrival that he fell on his knees in front of me. At first, I wanted to react angrily, but then we both laughed quite heartily about my mishap. I could change after arrival in the pension.

The ride in Tessa’s car took half an hour. The rain had stopped, and I could guess how beautiful this landscape would look in late autumn sun. Arrived at the pension, it was actually a small farm, came to my greeting two other women and introduced themselves, Anna and Adele. I estimated the three so between mid-thirties to mid-forties, no beauties but women with feminine charm. I gave my name, Richard, and suddenly I felt right at home. Furthermore, two other women belonged to the farm, Rachel and Svenja.

But these two had recently flown to relatives in South Africa for about four weeks. So: a pure women’s home. After this friendly welcome and a glass of Prosecco, I decided to move into my room, take a shower and then finally change. Then I heard the sentence from Anna: don’t you have any luggage with you?

I almost fainted, hadn’t the suitcases arrived yet?

No, the delivery service is not coming today either. Not until tomorrow. I looked down at myself and asked myself half aloud what am I going to do now, what am I going to wear? The four of us stood around a bit perplexed. Then I heard Tessa say: “Since we are only a women’s household, we can only provide you with women’s clothes for the transitional period, we certainly have something for your size. It went through my abdomen as if struck by lightning. In a fraction of a second, a film from my youth ran.

I was about 13-14 years old and sometimes felt attracted to my older sister’s laundry back in my adolescent days. One day she caught me standing in her underwear, panties, shirt and pantyhose in her room. She slapped me left, right a few slaps down and ruled me: you horny sow, I tell mother and father. I begged her please, please, not to say anything. She took a step back and grinned at me, doesn’t look so bad on you. You will give me half of your pocket money as a punishment in the next few weeks. I was glad that she left me anything at all, just not a word to our parents. In the next weeks, my sister enjoyed her power over me.

She sometimes forced me to put on her underwear and panties on the weekend and then spend the day with my parents, or she dragged me to a disco. I was then always completely off my rocker. I always had the feeling that everyone would see what underwear I was wearing. Thank God, she lost the fun of the matter after a few weeks. I lived again as a normal boy, although, I must admit, it usually brought me a lot of excitement and fun. Since that time, for me personally, I had no contact with female clothing at all.

As I said above, these memories rushed past me like a movie. I must have made a rare stupid face during this time, because the women grinned and said immediately: don’t act like that, or do you want to spend the next 24 hours here in a wool blanket? And the perky Tessa still said quietly: allow us this fun, we don’t see something like this every day either. I did surrender, but inside an old desire was suddenly awakened. I was curious how it would go on now yes I wanted it now too.

Considering the clothing situation and that you have no washing utensils with you, it makes sense to put you in Rachel’s room on the 1st floor. It’s closer to your clothes, Rachel has a razor lying around there too, etc. Tessa will accompany you and help you. Once upstairs Tessa said to me: undress, go to the bathroom, in the meantime I will gather your clothes. Your dirty clothes, pants and jacket then take with you and have everything cleaned.Normally I have in the life with women at least superficially- the situations in the hand.

Now, so under these circumstances, I embarrassed me a bit. Tessa had also again a saucy saying on the lip: look at that, the future lady is coy. Wait, I thought, I’ll pay you back occasionally. Now I stripped stark naked and went into the bathroom. Tessa rumbled in the background. When I came out of the bathroom she had laid out for me: sweet panties with a lace application, the matching undershirt with spaghetti straps, a petticoat!, pantyhose, a light sweater and a knee-covering pleated skirt. Tessa sat down in an armchair, grinning with pleasure, and watched me get dressed.

My mood fluctuated between annoyance, insecurity, and mild sexual excitement

My mood fluctuated between annoyance, insecurity, and mild sexual excitement. Tessa then gave me another pair of house mules with a small block heel. So we went downstairs to the others. I was examined extensively, and I heard the wise saying. See Mrs. Weidner, goes nevertheless, is nevertheless better than a wool blanket. Now I was also made fun of.

Since apart from me only the two older ladies were pension guests, it was not worthwhile to cover the dining room. So the plan was for everyone to dine in the large farm kitchen. Oh, what a shock, I hadn’t thought of these two ladies. They also just came in and were surprised when they saw me. Tessa explained the situation to the ladies. Both smiled and asked me to stand up again. Again I was examined and found to be in good shape. I could walk around like this every day, they even thought it was good. I began to like this unusual situation and also began to enjoy it. But I did not show it so directly, I said.

At a late hour, after pleasant conversations all around and also some glasses of wine, Tessa brought me to my girl’s room and picked out a nightgown for me. It was pink! Tessa said: because I have a feeling that you like your feminine dress very much, am I right? I had to swallow, turned to her and said in a strained voice, yes, that’s right. Tessa left the room smiling. I went to bed very upset and quickly fell asleep in my pink nightgown. When I woke up the next morning, I needed some time to recapitulate what had happened since yesterday afternoon. I was lying in bed in a pink nightgown and felt really comfortable in it.

How do I go on now? I took a shower first and shaved my sparse whiskers, put on Rachel’s bathrobe, which smelled so nice and feminine, and went out into the hallway. Downstairs the three women were preparing breakfast. I called downstairs: are my suitcases here yet? No, it sounded back, you have to appear here again as a woman. You will find new linen in the dresser. Soft giggles rang out. I must admit, I would have been disappointed if the suitcases had arrived by now. So I could once again enjoy this new situation, which had triggered something in me. I went to the aforementioned dresser and pulled open each drawer one by one.

Wow, this Rachel had good taste. Great things were on display. I was tingling inside. Now I wanted to know how far I was willing to go. I didn’t want to wear cotton white underwear now! I wore together: white lace bra, a girdle, lace panties, silky shirt skirt, stockings, a slim smooth dark brown skirt, a cream slightly transparent blouse, pumps.

I was getting really horny. When I had everything on, my courage almost left me. No matter, now or never. I went downstairs like this. The three women, Tessa, Anna and Adele were speechless. Tessa was the first to react. She stepped behind me, and before I knew it, she had unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. In girdle with the stockings, lace panties and shirt skirt I was now good to admire. The bra could be seen well through the blouse.

I was insecure and excited at the same time

At that moment, the two guest ladies also came in. I was insecure and excited at the same time. Tessa put my skirt back on. With a grin she remarked, Mrs. Weidner, you have good taste. We had breakfast together, chatted about the day, what one could do, whereby narrow limits were already set for me. In my current outfit, I probably could not leave the property.

Then a car drove into the yard. Tessa went out. After a while, she called Anna and Adele out. What did that mean? I heard the three of them whispering, then they called me. I went out and saw my two suitcases, behind them the three women.
A short silence, then Tessa looked me directly and deeply in the watching eyes and asked: do you want the suitcases? I swallowed, a thousand thoughts ran through my head. I could not speak, I was so agitated. After a long time, I shook my head in the negative.

Tessa was the first to catch herself and came up to me, took my head in her hands and gave me a kiss on the mouth, gave me a name, saying that for us you will be called Clarissa for the next two weeks, and you will spend your best time with us and your new clothes. Anna and Adele also gave me a kiss and then disappeared with my suitcases. Tessa went back to the kitchen with me and said quietly, I could not have imagined such a situation, but now I don’t want to imagine any other, and snuggled up to me a little.
When Anna and Adele were back with us, the pension ladies had already left, I confessed to the three of you you have awakened something in me and I like it. Besides, I find you all very, very sympathetic.

So, Tessa said, enough chatting, we have to get back to work. You, Clarissa, wanted to support us a little. But it won’t work in your night out outfit. We’ll go to your room and find something suitable for work. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed my disappointed face. Smiling, she said, no, no, you don’t need to put on pants now, but Rachel has some heavy-duty work skirts, and besides, you can leave on that underwear that probably excites you. Damn, I must have been transparent as glass, the women noticing every state of mind.

After Tessa gave me a calf-length pleated skirt, she mentioned in passing, I bet you that tomorrow you will voluntarily give up your girdle. I didn’t understand why, but after three hours of yard work, cleaning horse stalls, feeding animals, etc. I knew what Tessa meant, I remembered an ad from earlier, my girdle is killing me. The darling was simply uncomfortable in the long run while working. Tomorrow, I’ll just put on a solid pair of pantyhose.

After the work was done, we spent another harmonious evening. Afterwards, we all headed towards our bedrooms. I put on my pink nightgown again and lay down. The events of the last two days and, due to my new clothes, frequent slight arousal demanded relaxation now. I did not cover myself yet, but slowly pushed up my nightgown and stroked myself a little. That was almost enough to bring me to the famous point.

That’s when I heard a soft noise at the door. I quickly pulled my nightgown down and the covers over me. I hardly believed it, but Anna entered my room. I was really surprised that one of the women would visit me at all, because I hadn’t started any pick-up attempts during our being together. I didn’t want to jeopardize my new living situation, even if it was only for two weeks. And if I did, I would have rather expected the very self-confident Tessa. But Anna was very, very fine with me.

Anna was wearing a bathrobe, stepped up to my bed, dropped her bathrobe on the floor. In the semi-darkness I could admire or guess her slender but very feminine body. Without saying a word, Anna pulled away the bedspread and teasingly slowly pushed up my nightgown. I almost lost my mind with excitement and horniness, forcing myself to think of technical calculations and construction formulas, otherwise I would have discharged before it even started. Anna sat down on top of me.

She was also already so horny that my best piece entered her without any problems. I pulled her down to me to kiss her. I love to kiss, it has for me almost the same importance as the act. Our wet lips slid against each other, our tongues extended the play on our lips, our tongues with each other. During the time Anna sat on me, but did not move. Our tender caresses brought me over the threshold, I literally exploded in Anna. She seemed to feel it, because I heard approving gasps.

Normally I need a certain relaxation phase after my climax. But today I was so excited and aroused that my best piece just stopped, much to my and thus Anna’s delight. We made love intensely. It excited me even more that Anna bit into my pillow so as not to moan too loudly. Exhausted, we cuddled close together naked and fell asleep like that. When I woke up the next morning, Anna was gone.

After my morning shower, I put on Rachel’s clothes as a matter of course. This time, however, I only put on pantyhose, neither girdle nor panty girdle but bra had to be. Common breakfast with situation discussion of the work necessary today. A mocking remark came from Tessa: “Anna, how do pillows taste? Anna turned bright red, but quickly caught herself and replied that you should bite into the right side of the pillow when you visit Clarissa, there is more fullness and you won’t be heard moaning so much.

We all almost burst out laughing, no trace of jealousy. This made me joyfully suspect that this was probably not the last visit of one of the women. I had absolutely nothing against being divided among them. The day passed, working, joking, laughing, it was really harmonious. Twice a week, my three wives talked on the phone with Rachel and Svenja, who were currently in South Africa. Because the time zone difference is only one hour, there were no time problems. Today such a telephone coordination was planned again. As I had learned in the meantime, Rachel is the secret boss here on the estate. I also became aware of how this woman’s shelter was made up in terms of relatives: three sisters and two cousins.

We were all seated in the living room around the phone, speaker and listening device on one. After general greetings and discussion of the day’s events, Tessa reported on my case. Silence on the other side. Then an upset: you’ve got to be kidding me? After some amusing back and forth Rachel had probably caught herself and said: I want to see that guy and that. Please go to my closet, there is a box at the bottom, inside is a white corsage. I want Clarissa to wear it. Take a digital portrait photo of Clarissa and a full body shot and email it to me.

No sooner said than done. The three women went with me to Rachel’s room and looked for the box in question, opened it and were amazed that we wouldn’t have believed Rachel to have such great lingerie. You can see, still waters run deep. And look what shining eyes Clarissa has. For was, that was the hottest corsage I had ever seen. I had to undress, which was no longer difficult for me as a woman among women, and put on the corsage and stockings. The three laughed their heads off about the fact that I could hardly put on the associated thong, because my erect member was miles away. A cold washcloth remedied the situation and so we were able to take the photos.

One day later Rachel called and wanted to talk to me. She had thought about something and whether I could extend my vacation by a week, because then she would be back home and we would have to discuss it in person. etc. The four of us looked at each other, what does she mean by that? Anyway, if you feel like it, check whether it is possible to extend your vacation.

I felt like it, I would extend my vacation by months, that’s how much I liked it here and my new role. I called my boss and asked for unpaid leave. My boss was honest and told me that the order situation was bad at the moment and that my request would help the financial situation of the company. I was not worried about the tight situation of the company, I was doing very well economically due to some reserves. I wished my boss and colleagues all the best and promised to get back to them in 2-3 weeks. I told Tessa, Anna and Adele that I would no longer be limited in time. The three of them jumped for joy and hugged me – they had gotten so used to me.

Time passed, I was fully integrated into the daily events, I lived as a woman as a matter of course, I no longer ran scared into the barn when the post bus came. When there was a lot of time in the evenings, the three sometimes acted as beauticians and put a little makeup on me, my nails were also painted red, which excited me quite a bit, much to the amusement of the grinning women. It didn’t last long with the yard work, but I still couldn’t get enough of the sight of my hands with the red painted fingernails clutching the broom to sweep.

Ten days later, Rachel and Svenja returned. I was appraised, of course. The initial skepticism whether such a thing was even possible quickly gave way to natural affection. Rachel: I think I’m a good judge of character, and from what I see, the way you speak and behave, I think it could work well together. Wow, passed the test, but inside I was wondering where to go from here?

First, of course, I had to vacate Rachel’s room and moved into a really cozy room on the same hallway it was right next to Anna’s room, which was not entirely uncomfortable for me. All the women now picked out a basic outfit for me from their linen and clothing. If I ever had a special wish I was allowed to help myself anytime and anywhere. For me it was like winning the lottery. I was totally happy.

In the next ten days I received at night not only from Anna, but also from Tessa and Svenja visit. The sex with Tessa and Svenja was also very nice, but I thought I had fallen in love with Anna a little. This sex with Anna had an incredible intensity and we both felt an intimate connection that was hard to hide. But none of the other four women were jealous or anything. Even after a few days they didn’t tease anymore, they only said: Anna would have no exclusive right! That was fine with me.
Then one Saturday evening, the fireplace was lit, and it was really cozy, Rachel had served an excellent red wine, the topic came up.

Dear Clarissa, for five weeks you have been living here with five women as a woman. As you have noticed by now, we are all not male-oriented. But you as a man still somehow fit in with us. With all the dexterity, it remains to be honest that sometimes a real man’s dick is needed. But we don’t want to have a man in the house permanently – that will only cause complications. That’s why we don’t have any male helpers here on the farm, although sometimes we would have a stronger person for some work here. From my point of view, you actually embody both: you are strong and love to live as a woman.

Therefore, two questions:

1. how far would you go towards being a woman?

2. could you imagine living here with us permanently?

All five pairs of eyes of the women were directed at me

Dead silence. All five pairs of eyes of the women were directed at me. Now I had to show my colors. I lowered my head to hide my embarrassment a bit, because I wanted to be completely honest. I heard myself say: I want to live here with you, totally as a woman. I also admit, I long for a small bosom, so Cup B. But I would like to keep my masculinity. And as for living together, I would like to stay with you forever. I would also have some ideas how I could make myself useful and valuable here.

Silence for seconds, then a happy sigh of relief. The women all stood up to congratulate me on my decision, and they all kissed me very amicably on the cheek and mouth. Rachel said with a smile, now we are six women, with one having special abilities for all of us, and with a heretical aside, we all know what an intimate relationship you have with our nestling Anna is okay like that.

Then Rachel went to a cupboard and took out a big box, turned to me I knew you would decide this way and I also guessed your deep inner desires. I talked to a doctor friend of mine. These are hormone pills, actually not readily available in Germany. They can also develop side effects. If you can’t tolerate these pills, you have to stop taking them and we will look for a new solution. The goal is to help you get a bust and soften your masculine features. The five of us will educate and shape you into a woman.

I can’t say what the women did to me, but I was and felt different somehow after a few months. My movements were rounder, my laundry and clothing choices became more confident, I put on makeup discreetly at given times (after work). A hairdresser who came regularly to the house had put a beautiful feminine hairstyle for me it was just great.
But something was still missing.

After another two months Rachel opened up to me, you are and behave towards our gender now almost like a real woman. It is time to finally make you a woman, this afternoon it will be done are you ready? I said yes without reservation.

Tessa, Svenja and Adele accompanied me to the bathroom. I experienced a complete procedure. All remaining body hair was removed, my entire body was creamed fragrantly. Toenails and fingernails were painted red, and I was extensively made up, my hair again curled. After that I had to put on a touch of bra and suspender belt, 12-th stockings but no panties. As outerwear they had chosen a white satin dress. When I looked in the mirror I was entranced by my appearance. So the three of them led me downstairs to the living room.

There Rachel and Anna were sitting. Next to them sat a handsome younger man. When he saw me, he whistled slightly through his teeth, but this is also for me times a nice job, otherwise hire me mainly older women. I had heard correctly, my five sisters had hired a escort for me. I was restless and tingly but also looking forward to the expected event. The man approached me and slowly took off my dress. All five women stayed in the living room, because they wanted to witness my deflowering. I should now bend down on my stomach on the living room table padded with blankets, legs in front of the table. Then the playboy stripped stark naked. I could see that he was quite horny.

After a loving pre-treatment with lubricating gel and gentle finger stretching, I was ready. He slowly penetrated me, pausing when he noticed that it hurt me a little. After a while, I got used to his quite well-proportioned dick in my little cunt. An increasingly intense horny feeling seized me. I wanted more. I asked to experience it from the front, I wanted to look him in the eyes. I was allowed to turn around and take a feminine position, so he then penetrated me again. I was super horny and blissful. While he slowly fucked me, I pulled his upper body down to me. Please kiss my neck. He did. He also kissed my ears. I almost lost my mind. I offered him my mouth.

He penetrated my mouth with his tongue, kissing me intimately. Then he exploded in me, I meant to feel how his semen was injected into me, he literally pumped me full then it also came to me without anyone would have penetrated my best piece. Exhausted, he stayed on top of me for a moment and kissed me tenderly. Then my five women wrapped me in a blanket and led me to the couch where I should relax. They stroked me lovingly and said in unison: “You are now finally the sixth woman in this house.