Hello, I am 44 years old Dutchman living in Berlin and was single before this story with Kelsy Loor started. It has been a while since I wrote. In an earlier story, I told how by pure chance I ended up with a prostitute, a hot Latina shemale with whom I had an insanely horny experience. I had gotten the hang of it. Shortly thereafter, I specifically visited another trans; but I’ll skip this story because it was hardly spectacular. The TS woman was nice and I got to suck her; then she did me and jerked me off at the same time, but as soon as I ejaculate, she lost interest and the affair was over. Her genitals had felt very good in me, but I was not really satisfied. I was looking for a real trans adventure. And the next time I was lucky. And how! A sweetheart for a long relationship! Her name is Kelsy Loor.

This is the short story of me and Kelsy. She’s still a webcam model. My buddy Hans also wrote a fantasy story. It was a Saturday morning and I found her online camera. She looked good in the picture, but I had no idea what was really waiting for me. After having hot online sex with her in private, she would tell me she wanted to do more webcam hours for a better life. Sometime later, I ran into her on webcam sites again and recognized her name: Kelsy. You can google her, she does a lot of webcams shows now. She is Filipina, I thought that time. But the more I visited her online, the more in love I became. I stayed in touch with her for a long time and after sponsoring her quite a bit I got her number. After a long flight and a lot of love from Berlin, she invited me to a small flat she shared with another beautiful Trans. After a moment, the hall door opened – I almost fell over. In front of me stood a giant. At least six feet tall and wearing black pumps.

My vacation and meeting with Kelsy Loore

That couldn’t be her. I walked past her and entered a narrow hall where behind the doors the flats were probably full of webcam models. She was on the first floor; I rang the bell. I was nervous and horny at the same time. But there was my sweet girl. Beautifully made up and with long dark hair, she had a lovely perfume on. A fine, round body with promising tits-and most important: a sweet face. Butterflies in my stomach. “Finally you’re here!” she said and turned off her laptop. No webcam this next 14 days. After a few days of getting acquainted and getting to know each other better, I just didn’t have it anymore. I was bursting with the desire to have sex with her. Kelsy looked at me shyly and with a challenging look during the many walks through the city as if to say “what are you waiting for”. She wore black shorts and a black top, every day she looked so good.

After five days, we entered her room one evening. Dressed only in her underwear, she lay down on the bed. This was the moment, all or nothing. I climbed on top of her, and she started kissing me intimately. And I mean intimately. She was serious. She wanted to make love. With passion. Her tongue sank into my mouth and mine into hers. It was so horny. Finally, a trans who was serious, who wanted kissing and love, I was in love with this beautiful woman and dreaming of the inevitable language jokes and beach walks! We kissed for a good five minutes before I went exploring. She took off her bra and I kneaded and licked her sweet breasts. I hugged her hips and kissed down along her belly, sticking my tongue into her navel. Finally, I pulled off her panties. There was her special thing!

It wasn’t big, but it was delicious and soon became hard in my mouth as I devoured it. I placed my hands on her tight buttocks and, while sucking on her genitals, massaged her buttocks. Like a kitten pushing with her foot. I sucked on it like crazy and felt her begin to fill my mouth and get harder. Underneath it, all hung her balls…. Kelsy enjoyed it and let me do it. Until I was just too horny. “Can we have sex?”, I asked. “Sure thing,” she smiled, “You me, me you or both?” “Both.” “You me first?” Oh yes, Kelsy turned around and she held out her sweet ass to me. This I began to vigorously lick out first. Her ass was so horny. She reached out to me for a condom and lube, and then I was able to push my hard genitals into her. Oh my God, her asshole was so small and tight. I did her long and hard until I squirted into the condom.

Her back and my back got wet with sweat, the super beautiful trans pulled the seed out of my balls. Then things got really horny: Now I was on all fours and stretching my ass out to her. My hands were on the bottom edge of the bed. This was not ideal, as I soon realized. Kelsy slid her hard genitals into my ass and began to take me hard and fast and deep. It was the horniest feeling in the world. Kelsy was so deep inside me, filling me up. She grabbed me by the hips and rammed her genitals into me, but in the process, she pushed me forward, and I had to be very careful not to be pushed off the bed. Kelsy had grabbed my hips and was nailing me; I was screaming so loudly that the whole house could hear me. She was slamming my butt cheeks against her belly, my genitals in my tight hole, and I was struggling with the edge of the bed and my balance.

Please don’t ever stop, I thought pleadingly. Finally, she came inside me. It was over. Too bad. Her condom was full of cum and dirty from my bowels. Kelsy chatted with me for a good ten minutes more, excitedly showing me her new bag, bought for her by a client who had invited her to Paris. Yeah, that didn’t work out. She was so friendly. She is an insanely hot woman and an insanely likable person for a long relationship. By the way, she now lives with me in Berlin.