Ladyboy and a Mistress, good combination! Her name is Nicolle, she sits on her throne, looking at you from above. No, wait. A snow-white bed with a blue back. With her latex jacket crackling in front of the camera. Nicolle has a masculine face, unlike the previous blonde model.

She comes from a South American country and is clearly live from a studio. Unfortunately, talking is not her thing, at least during the half hour we were watching. Luckily, her jacket is well filled, so to speak.

Still we miss her voice. The sound and image are super and on her personal page you can find many pictures in a provocative position. She also often has blond long hair and likes to lie on her back.

And that Mistress story? I think you’d better look for a female Mistress. Live or in real life. Nicolle has a heavy chains in her hand for the picture, but she doesn’t give that show. Maybe it will be better another time.

Ladyboy and a Mistress, good combination!