TS babe Kim prefers to use the keyboard.

That’s a pity, now and then she says something with a beautiful sounding female voice. Kim was born male, but now as you can see a transgender. Aside from a female voice, she also has a beautiful female body and your eye could see that already. 😘

Her bio is rather sketchy, but in her words she looks sweet, but can quickly turn you into hot and wild. Meanwhile, Kim was in private chat but came back after a minute. Probably a viewer who wanted to check if her “info” is well written down.

Well, she also loves the USA so maybe you can take her with you. And why she likes to use the keyboard to talk. Kim is very good at English and after fifteen minutes that is the way to make contact with the viewers. On her personal page some more pictures. By the way, Kim has darker hair in real life than in the picture.