Ladyboy Nikita is 19 years old and beautifully made up.

She has made her transformation to woman. Bright camera and sound, although suddenly a loud voice sounds through the room. I don’t know if it’s instructions or her smartphone. It is the latter. She watches a programme on her phone, in the background there is fast rhythmic music.

Nikita has short blond hair and a green summer dress. If you are currently in the Northern Hemisphere or living and dealing with Corona, a bright sunny room is very welcome. But that noise from her smartphone may go away. Her face goes from smiling to sad.

No idea what she is looking at. The photo above this story comes from her page, where there are more photos. Among them a naked milk photo. NSFW. πŸ‘De video of Nikita is in HD and you can also play a game with her. Well come on Nikita. Put the phone away and put on your best smile for the attention grabbing viewers.