Ladyboy SweetEyes is sweet, she has a big smile and smiles sweetly. You are clearly welcome in her stylish but also full room. She lets her bosom come prominently into the picture, dressed in a black bra that is well filled. Your male (and female eye) attracts like a magnet towards her. Luckily, she also talks with a light voice from time to time and she doesn’t seem to have to make much effort to adjust the voice.

SweetEyes has been active on for a while now, her 555 fans give her a big plus for her live chat. Her video stream continues nicely and every now and then a slight glitch after half an hour. On the tab “schedule” you will find her broadcast schedule.

Meeting her isn’t that difficult, the ladyboy with a sweet smile is online for a large part of the day, on Wednesday a bit less, then she rests.