A meeting with her new friend. They have a lunch date and Kendall, pictured, is part of the lunch. She didn’t know that yet…

I hold my breath, tense and expectant, ready for lunch with my new friend. Have my mouth wide open. I notice my cramped, tense features. Let my hands and forearms rest against the cool wall, they search in vain for a foothold, My long, colored nails make a soft scratching sound. I place my legs a little further apart, raise my rump a little more. An unexpected shudder travels through my body as a cool hand slowly strokes the inside of my left thigh. Fingertips stroke the strap of my hold up.

Two fingers teasingly caress the bare skin just above it. Brutally, they slide further. I groan barely audibly as they curiously explore and slide into the back of my crotch. Gently, yes tenderly, almost sliding back and forth. The other hand moves forward through my hip. It slides easily over the soft fabric of my thin black turtleneck over my belly. A little higher. Left breast is absorbed into the palm of my hand. It tickles my neck. I breathe in blissfully deep. Close my eyes as the hand massages my breast sweetly, sensitively. Indulgently undergo this indulgence.

The hands move abruptly. They grasp my hips firmly and grab my tightly stretched skirt. Roughly, it is pushed up to halfway my buttocks. I immediately feel a hand in my crotch. Fingers slide, pushing with long strokes. I moan a little louder. I growl, screaming as in one instant my thong is rudely cruelly torn loose. The tenderness seems gone. A hand suddenly covers my face. Two fingers wriggle into my mouth. They thrust in from out. My tongue gets caught up in the squeeze. Involuntarily, it twists and turns with the fingers. The fingers a little further and further in. Suddenly gone. I gasp. Feel the soaking wet fingertips pressing against my trans vagina.

They massage, lubricate. Lunch for him.

They massage, lubricate. I like it. I’m getting hornier by the minute. Again, the fingers into my mouth. I get the point now. I eagerly lick there where possible as much as possible moisture on and along the fingers. I feel my lukewarm saliva being smeared on my pussy. I relax there as best I can. I know what is about to happen. Total arousal starts to coursing through my body. One more time, the fingers collect the necessary saliva. I have to gag briefly when they roughly touch my uvula far down my throat. The blobs of drool are smeared liberally.

I give a short scream as two fingers thrust themselves ruthlessly inside. I feel cramping pain, flaming spasm around my vulva. I know it’s going to be so different, so delicious. I feel his palm in my buttock. Firmly forcing the two fingers to move in, out. Chirpy sounds escape my throat. My pussy gives ever easier access, eagerly adapting itself. I search in vain for a foothold on the smooth wall. I close my eyes in pleasure. I let my pelvis rotate around the pampering fingers.

They pull back. No, I don’t want to, it’s so good. I look over my shoulder. I see that he is unfastening his pants. My eyes enlarge in horror, I hold my breath . . .what I felt earlier is the rock-hard truth. I see a stiff, long-haired penis spring up. This can’t be, this isn’t possible, the shock hits me: too thick, too big for me. I hear him spit on his hand. I look back. I see that he is smearing his immense cock with his own saliva. My heart is pounding anxiously in my throat.

There I feel him. Warm hard

There I feel him. Warm hard, it slips between my buttocks, down. I shudder. Hard heat forces itself against my vulva. Pushes itself up. Penetrates a little inside. I hold tense breaths, bite my bottom lip. Braces myself. Thankfully, it’s gentle. Millimeter by millimeter. I can’t keep down choked cries. He pulls back. Immediately puts his fat-thick glans back against my trans vagina. I’m grabbed firmly by my hips. Slowly slow. Centimeter by centimeter, this time. I gasp for air, cramping tear pain. Is this even possible?

Finally, of course, my boots. This morning I took a lot of time for myself, as usual. Can’t resist dozing off a bit when the alarm goes off. Well, duty calls in the end, we also have to work, bread on the table. I get rid of the green satin dress. I walk naked into the bathroom, take a thorough shower. Delicious smells as I lather my body. I take good time to rinse myself, you never know .

My skin deliciously warm as I dry myself off. After rubbing myself with body cream, I dive into my closet. I think about what’s coming up today, do I need to dress specially for that? I choose a lovely black bustier with a rose pattern. A simple suspender belt, a lacy cute thong with thin straps. Blissful smile, euphoric fine feeling as I carefully slide the nylons over my smooth, soft legs. Carefully, I clip the panties on.

By now I have figured out what to wear; slip into a thin black turtleneck – see in the mirror my breasts glistening delightfully in it – step into a red-colored, thin-wool mini-skirt. I zip up the zipper. The band pleats high, above my navel, over my sweater. I use two hands to turn the zipper to the back. The taut fabric around my buttocks and upper thigh feels formidable. Finally, my suede stiletto over the knee boots. On to the next highlight of the morning routine.

Every time, I enjoy making up as a transwoman. So nice to dab, brush with a beautifully feminine end result. I wink approvingly at myself. I style my half-long hair with the necessary mousse, slide on modest earrings, I search and find red lipstick in the same color as my skirt. I take a quick look in my bag to see if everything is there. Where did I leave my cell phone? I slip into my short, camel-colored jacket. I take one last look at myself in the man-sized mirror . Clack contentedly with my tongue. Sensual businesslike.

My body is glowing. I’m still super-excited

I walk back to my car. My body is glowing. I’m still super-excited. The endorphins are thundering through my bloodstream. I feel like everyone can tell from me what a horny adventure I’ve had. I have to chuckle, here I am walking without panties, the heels of my boots tapping hard on the street. Very slowly, some things flow out of my trans pussy. A still moist buttock. I feel it on the inside of my thigh. The tight short skirt forces thighs together a bit, I notice it’s a bit sticky. I unlock my car, get in, remains tricky with such a skirt, start, shift gears, drive away. Routinely, I steer through the traffic, my mind still on very different things.

It doesn’t work. How I relax, pull my own buttocks apart, it’s too big. I can take in a few inches, but then scream out. I tear out, cramping, shooting pain. I want to turn around, stop. His hand claws into my hair, pulling my head back. He mutters something unintelligible. I can’t manage to break free. I’m already pinned several inches to his immense cock. I am confused. What do I want? What can I do? Can I get out of this?

No, I don’t want to, I want to feel him all the way … I push off a little against the wall. I growl as he slides further in. The shooting pain, the cramping I take for granted now. I bend over a little more. Bit by bit I am conquered, speared deeper. I repress the discomfort, enjoy more and more the fully filled feeling. I notice that my involuntary growls turn to more blissful sounds. I tentatively try pelvic tilts. To my senses, my vaginal wall is completely snapping. Aah…….

Routine through the morning. I love my job, fine colleagues, I notice the admiring glances-maybe enticed-from my male colleagues. I feel their gazes on my back and on my behind as I walk by. Their scanning gaze along my legs up to my breasts, only then to my face. What more could I want as a woman? Stupid of me, forgot to bring lunch. I decide to have lunch a few blocks away, look at my watch, just for now.

It’s pretty crowded. I can still find a seat in the back. Order right away. Look around thoughtlessly. I notice that I am staring. Back in reality, I discover I have been unabashedly staring a man in the face all this time. I blush, lower my eyes in bewilderment. When I look up again, his gaze immediately catches mine. We continue to look at each other. He looks good, well-trained, well groomed, dark curly hair, stubble. He winks, I shyly smile back, cautiously. Quickly take a few bites of my lunch. I try to look away, check my mobile without really looking, but involuntarily I keep looking back at him. I sigh deeply, grab my bag and coat.

I feel a rock-hard cock, by the feel of it quite large

Quickly checkout. Walk to the toilet. I am barely inside when the door opens. Grinning broadly, my flirt enters. We stand opposite each other in silence. He is much bigger, broader than I had expected. Wide chest, muscular arms barely fit into his shirt. I hesitate: leave or stay? Taking too long, he grabs my hand, presses a hand kiss on it. I’m hypnotized by his gaze,

He sends my hand down, puts it against his crotch. I raise my eyebrows in surprise. I feel a rock-hard cock, by the feel of it quite large. He makes sure my hand rubs firmly over it. So then, what a juggernaut I feel there. I look at him, smiling.

In one movement, I am roughly turned over. I don’t resist. I notice the excited, horny tension building up in my body. Do feel like this guy. What a “hunk”. I am pushed against the wall. Hold in a tense, expectant breath. Have my mouth wide open. I notice cramped, tense facial features. Let my hands and forearms rest against the cool wall, they search in vain for a foothold, My long, colored nails create a soft scratching sound. I place my legs a little further apart, raise my rump a little more …

I let air escape from my lungs, gasping with delicious excitement. I have rarely been so deeply, thickly filled. I am grateful that he has penetrated so gently, taken me into account. I feel the tearing spasm in my vagina slowly ebb away. For several moments, nothing happens.

He then slowly withdraws

He then slowly withdraws, I feel his thick glans caress my vaginal wall. I sigh gloriously. He puts his hands on the sides of my hips. I brace myself, I know what’s coming. Aah…in one thrust he fills me completely again, I moan loudly, shit how good…. Aah …aah… I desperately seek support against the wall to avoid falling. I eagerly receive his deep, thick, compelling thrusts.

Tearing pain becomes pleasure. Cramping becomes horny lust. My cunt curls with pleasure, eagerly accepting the firm pleasure pole lovingly. I eagerly accept. I go along with the pace that is being increased. What a fantastic fucking beast. I am being fucked at an ever-increasing pace. I can barely stand. I’m being ripped off, shoots through my head.

His pole heats up at a tight pace. Drills my trans vagina. I hear the sopping sound. I feel his scrotum rocketing against me more and more smoothly. I moan with each deep thrust. Oh, how delicious, so delicious, I twist with my lower body, thrusting back as best I can. His right-hand moves to my chest. He grips full, kneading hard. I growl with excitement.

I feel a warm glow spread across my face, my body is completely on fire. I enjoy my sopping pussy being pretty much ruined, from pain to fine. My vaginal wall being completely caressed, massaged, not an inch left untouched. Deep down inside me, I feel his bulbous glans thrusting, stretching. No encouragement is needed for this guy. I am pinned against the wall. Longer strokes now. I hear his intense moans with each deep thrust. Slower, but as deep a penetration as possible. I moan enjoyably every time he’s maxed out far below me.

He wraps his arms around my waist. Clamp down, wall tight. An extra deep thrust, extra hard pelvic movement. Roaring, he comes card, somewhere at the bottom of my pelvis extra liquid heat. Four, five, six streams of semen I think I feel from his convulsive final thrusts.

Panting, he holds me, trapped in his iron arms. I hang half against him, half against the wall. I feel his sex shrink a little, a little more room in my pussy. He takes his cock out completely now. My still yearning, expecting, ripped off vulva remains open. Some initial moisture flubs out. Without saying a word, he takes his pants, steps back, is suddenly gone. I see badly for a moment, horny fog hangs over my eyes. I am still panting. I am shaking with excitement.

I raise my panties. I clip them securely again. I pull my skirt back into decent shape. I see in the mirror my feral look, red cheeks. I try to pull myself together. I brush my hair back in order with my fingers and pickup lipstick from my bag. Put lips in order. I sink through my knees to pick up my thong. Bawdy moisture seeps out of my pussy immediately. Throw the panties in the trash. I grab my coat and bag. I walk out, keenly aware of my ravaged sex.