A man decides to become a sexy woman. He buys feminine stuff and shaves his legs. For pleasure, he buys various Toys.

My wife would not accept a transvestite in her bed, so I had to organize myself to live my femininity to the fullest. Cycling in my region, I began to shave my legs regularly. Spending my vacations on exotic sunny beaches to practice sailing and tennis, I was able to convince my wife to let me wax my body for aesthetic reasons. Then, I rented a garage near my house, in which I installed two cupboards with sliding glass doors to keep a real Ali Baba treasure that I have been collecting for years.

Become a sexy woman

The first cabinet contains all my lingerie bought on English websites that I wear on my webcam page: basques, corsets, waistbands, garter belts, slit panties, vintage open girdles, stockings, garters… I also place my wigs, silicone breasts, makeup bag. The second one is reserved for my furs, dresses, skirts, blouses, pumps, and my many toys: chastity cages, dildos, plugs, speculum…) To increase my excitement, I lie down on my couch dressed in glamorous lingerie and take torrid poses in front of the mirrors before using my toys. Against the wall is an ironing board that I use after taking my often sap-smeared underwear to the local laundromat.

Leaving my home for the week, I go to the garage to take with me the lingerie I want and a selection of toys, without forgetting my Femidom (female condom) in case of a possible meeting. At the end of the day, I walk back to my hotel room in a hurry, thinking about the pleasure that awaits me. Having taken off my clothes, I apply a depilatory cream on my body and I distribute with excitement on my bed the lingerie that I will wear. Then, I go to rinse myself under the shower. I come out of it satisfied by seeing my chest, my cock and the parting of my buttocks perfectly hairless. In front of the mirror of the bathroom, I make up my eyes without forgetting to paint my lips of a carmine red. I then spread a foundation on my cheeks to color my face and refine the grain of my skin. Finally, I put on my head a half-short blonde wig, more comfortable and less hot to wear at night. After a light blow-dry, I look without indulgence at the androgynous and attractive girl I have become. My heart beats wildly as I slip into my basque. Like the women, I clasp it on the front by making it turn sensually around my waist before raising the straps on my shoulders.

I then fill the D cups of my bustier with generous silicone prostheses of 500 gr each. The next step to becoming a woman. Then, I pull up a lovely slit panty on my hips that leaves my rosette exposed. I then sit down on my bed to put on my stockings. Bending one leg, I hold the nylon veil in both hands with my thumbs inside. I slide it back and forth over my skin, pulling it up high on my thighs to show off my long legs. I attach it to the eight suspenders of my lingerie, making sure the seams of my stockings stay straight. Feeling the tension of the nylon on my skin, I can feel the desire rising in the hollow of my loins. I finish by putting on the satin nightie that made me fall in love and slipping my feet into my pumps. I take a few steps in my room to get used to my stilettos which amplify my wiggle and the swing of my buttocks while walking. Like a girl, I try to take small steps by squeezing my buttocks and crossing my legs to have a more fluid walk. In front of the mirror, I watch myself walking with my arms at my sides, without swinging my shoulders, my pelvis forward while rolling my hips in a provocative way. My desire rising crescendo, my erect cock goes out in an indecent way of my slit panties.

Desire takes me to slip my hand under my nightie

The desire takes me then to slip my hand under my nightie by caressing sensually my breasts and by masturbating me with the other… I do not tire of admiring in front of the mirror the phallic woman that I became. Taken of a pressing need, I am going to sit down like a girl on the toilet bowl. I roll up my nightie on my waist and I lower my panties to my knees in the space left free between my suspenders and my stockings to relieve my bladder. I always tie my suspenders over my panties because it’s much more elegant and erotic than doing the opposite. Then, I lie down on my bed, which is in front of a wall mirror.
I spend a long moment tightening my dildo of 8 cm of diameter between my thighs by opening little by little my hole by skillful pressures. With impatience, I finish by pushing it gently in me by realizing that each centimeter that penetrates me, fills me with a new pleasure… A few moments later, the repeated rubbing of my satin nightie on my glans and the pressures on my prostate make appear some drops of sap on the surface of my glans. Lying on my bed, I vary my pleasures by using my plugs, speculum, rosebud without exceeding the point of no return. With the help of my pussy pump, I enlarge the thin anal hem that has formed during my many years of sodomy.

As I pump the air out of it, I gradually swell it up, giving it the appearance of real vaginal lips. I moan softly as I push my dildo back into this fabulous sleeve feeling my meat open like a ripe fruit. Then I bend my knees, spreading my buttocks with both hands to stimulate my G-spot from all angles. When the bursa of my huge dildo comes to rest against my buttocks, I become aware that I have impaled myself to the hilt. My erection is now at its peak and my cock is so stiff it hurts. I then slowly slide my nail along my brake.

My pleasure is such that I have to stop quickly by pressing strongly the base of my sex not to ejaculate. After one hour of play, I do not think anymore that to empty my balls. I give myself the coup de grâce by slowly massaging my perineum with my fingers while contracting my sphincters on my dildo. I cum like a woman feeling a wave of heat rising from the bottom of my bowels, I open and close my thighs until the orgasm takes me away. The feeling of pleasure is intense as my semen flows in slow, whitish streams from my flaccid cock. I let myself be swept away by this surging wave of pleasure as I watch my sap drip down my garter belt and seep into the edges of my stockings.

Facing the ice, I cannot detach my glance from this monstrous phallus coming out of my belly. During the night, to spice up the session, I leave my curtains open and my room well-lit to put myself on display. In rural areas, I always book a room on the first floor overlooking the parking lot to be seen by the hotel guests. But, I prefer the city to have a room on the floor facing an apartment building separated by a narrow alley. It often happens that one or two voyeurs observe me from their windows. Sometimes, certain complicity is established which encourages me to make them share my intimacy. I start by trying on lingerie in front of the mirror. Then, when I see that the current passes well between us, I expose myself in suggestive poses while using my toys. Sometimes, some people watch me with binoculars. In this case, they can see on my face the pleasure I take when I cum in front of them.

In the morning, after a short night’s sleep, I hear the girl who brings me breakfast knocking on my door. My heart races as I see in the reflection of the window a pretty blonde walk into my room. I turn my back on her, looking out so as not to disturb her. Perched on my pumps, I feel a strong excitement to show off in my glamorous lingerie. I bend forward pretending to adjust my suspenders so that she sees my anal jewel planted in my buttocks. The young woman deposits her tray on the desk without leaving me of the glance. Her eyes rest for a long time on my stockings with seams and my croup arched by my pumps, while lingering on my split panties being used as case to my rosebud before leaving the room. When she closes the door, I lie down on my bed to grant me a session of electric stimulation with my E-stim.

To do this, I insert a current-conducting plug into my boy pussy and then place electrode patches on my glans and bursa. Then I simply connect the various copper wires to my remote control. By activating the keyboard, the current from my plug spreads in successive waves in my anus and spreads through my belly. My eyelet starts to contract permanently independently of my will. I look at my cock oscillating from bottom to top under the effect of the electric current which irradiates my glans and my bursa.
I refine my adjustments by locating the routines which make me vibrate. The current gradually reach my prostate and my perineum. The ring that surrounds my glans stimulates me, while my bursa rises in rhythm under the effect of the electric waves.

With the help of routines, I carefully regulate the rise of my orgasm. The current is now flowing through my lower abdomen while my sex is beating. The long-awaited moment finally arrives. Feeling the orgasm rising in the hollow of my loins, I hold my breath while spreading my thighs in expectation of my deliverance. Very quickly, a thick and continuous whitish flow escapes from my cock by flowing on my foreskin. I empty myself for a long time while moaning with pleasure. The electrical stimulation also gives me the possibility to have dry orgasms, that is to say without ejaculating. Despite my flaccid cock, I can have several orgasms like a woman.
Having time on my hands, I go to the bathroom to clean my semen-stained lingerie with a little detergent. I love living these moments of feminine intimacy. I spend a pleasant moment washing my stockings, my nightie and my split panties. I then use the hairdryer before placing them on hangers above the bathtub to finish drying.

I think about the look on my pretty blonde’s face when she comes to do my room tomorrow morning and discovers my bustier, nightie and seamed stockings. I also leave my wig, my silicone D-cup breasts, my vibrator and my chastity cage lying around on my dressing table. I reserve him the last surprise by placing in my bed my biggest baby. It is my favorite dildo, weighing over a kilo. I wrap it in the sheets so that she has to take it in her hands to make the bed. Before leaving my room for a day of work, I place my alarm clock on my night table in which is hidden by a wide-angle camera that films the slightest movements in the room. It is with impatience that I will discover tonight the reactions of my pretty maid.

On rare occasions, I share my bed with my transvestite friend when he can free himself. Our lingerie fittings and our girls’ sessions give us intense moments of pleasure because we have the sole purpose of letting go of each other in an atmosphere of trust. During the night, I love to make him live his fantasy by letting him rape me while I sleep. Pretending to be asleep, I lie on my side so that he can take me with a spoon. He likes this position, which allows him to fuck me for a long time without fatigue. When he takes me lazily, I pretend to be asleep, holding back my moans as he moves in and out of me. Moments later, feeling his cock twitch inside me, I know it’s time to finish him off. Pretending to wake up, I use my ass as a real sperm pump by contracting my sphincters to strongly squeeze his sex. Then, I dig my kidneys by pressing my buttocks against his lower belly until his sap fuses in powerful jets in my entrails.