Hi, I am Belinda, I am adopted and live in the Netherlands. I changed the name of my giflfriend to the name of the webcam model in the picture. We do have the same origin. I am a trans girl undergoing first sexual experience.

It was Sunday today so my weekly soccer game, and I was looking forward to it. We had had a tough season with the girls but today we had the chance to promote and that gave me a lot of positive excitement. I quickly put on my panties and my sports bra. I needed those because I have very large tits and when you run across a field without support the balls fly in all directions. Probably nice for the audience, but not for me. Then a tight pair of jeans and a T-shirt and easy shoes. I hopped down the stairs and my mom was already waiting in the kitchen with a bouncer she had made for me. She felt that a good meal before the wide-open battle was absolutely necessary. Nonsense, but tasty. My father was still in bed. He’s not very healthy anymore and needs a lot of sleep, that’s why we didn’t make any noise.

I rode my bike to the sports fields.

I rode my bike to the sports fields and first walked to the canteen and all my friends were already there. We drank a bottle of coke and tried to encourage each other and went to the locker room when the coke was finished. There we changed our clothes and we walked onto the field one by one. Aliyah and I came last and I always had a special click with Aliyah, and she also with me. She gave me a quick kiss on the mouth and said: let’s give them hell girl, and we also ran onto the field. It was a pretty tough game and we certainly didn’t get it for free. At the break we were even trailing 3-1. After a speech in the locker room by the angry coach, we ran back out on the field and scored a point fairly quickly. It was as if nothing could go wrong anymore.

Now I got the ball at my feet and ran forward with it and since I didn’t see anyone to play to I decided to try it myself. I shot, and it sat and we were even. The girls were flying around my neck, but we had to move on. Less than 5 minutes later I happened to be in front and I got the ball on my foot again. I didn’t think twice and shot straight away and again I hit the ball! We were now going crazy and when Aliyah scored one just before the end it was the end of the game! In the locker room we were crazy. We knew we were promoted and that had to be celebrated. The coach came in and after his talk he said that after changing clothes we would all go to the Italian restaurant to celebrate. After a lot of cheering, when he was gone we started to undress and we walked to the big shower room.

Everyone stood there naked and only I kept my panties on.

Everyone stood there naked and only I kept my panties on. They were used to it because they thought I was a little embarrassed. When we were dressed again we had to go to the canteen where the coach would be waiting with a van. We all got in and Aliyah and I sat in the very back. We were there in no time and there was already a table set up for us. Maybe cliché but we all ordered a pizza. I 1 together with Aliyah, because a whole pizza alone would be too much.

During dinner I suddenly had to pee and got up to go to the bathroom. I barely walked in or Aliyah came walking in as well. She came up to me and said: you were very good again today Belinda. She came up against me and took hold of my breasts. She gave me a kiss on my mouth and said: maybe we can do something fun tonight girl. I got a tan and said: that seems like a lot of fun Aliyah, but I really need to pee first. She smiled and said: of course girl, do your best.

When I came out of the booth she was already gone and I washed my hands and walked back to the table. After dinner Aliyah and I said we would go back ourselves because we still had to pick up our bikes. It was a beautiful evening and we walked back to the grounds hand in hand. I had had many fantasies about me and Aliyah without clothes but I knew it wouldn’t come to that anyway.

She would only be shocked if she knew what I had in my pants. We got to the bike shed and it was already dark. There were no lights on at all in the loft either. I walked to my bike and Aliyah stopped me. She pulled me to her and said softly: you were really very good Belinda. She stroked my breasts again and now pulled me closer to her. She whispered: I got all warm inside when I saw you play girl.

Now I was a little shocked because she pressed her lips on mine.

Now I was a little shocked because she pressed her lips on mine. But I also liked it very much and opened my mouth. Immediately she put her tongue in my mouth and I answered her tongue and I felt how she rubbed my buttocks. She whispered: you are very beautiful Belinda, did you know that? I colored a little and whispered: I think you are very beautiful too Aliyah, and you kiss very nice. It was summer, warm, dark and we were all alone there. She took off her shirt and then mine too and threw them on the floor.

She pressed me together again and our bare tits were now against each other. Again she tongued and I now felt her hand on the button of my pants. This scared me very much, because I couldn’t hide this. But before I knew it, my pants dropped and she stuck her hand in my panties. She grabbed my cock firmly and I was terrified. But she whispered, I knew it dear, you are a shemale, and she tongued me deeply again.

She bent down and took my balls in her hand and let my cock, which of course was already stiff, slide into her mouth. Then she stood up again and took off her pants and panties. She now also took off my pants and panties further and lay down on the floor between the bikes. She begged, I want to fuck you Belinda, I want to feel your cock deep inside me, I love you. I bent down and lay on top of her. I whispered, I’ve been really looking forward to this Aliyah, but I was afraid you wouldn’t accept me.

I felt how she brought my cock to her pussy.

She stroked my back and put her hand on my bare buttocks and said, Honey, I had long realized that you were a hot chick with extras sweetheart, you should close the toilet door properly from now on. I colored again and she started laughing. I immediately gave her a French kiss and felt how she brought my cock to her pussy. She put it in a bit and whispered: fuck me nice and deep baby.

I fucked her for a long time very deep and she fingered herself and then she felt me start to jerk and cried out: oh yes baby, dear Belinda, squirt my pussy all over with your seed, and I couldn’t hold it up anymore and let my cum run. My first sexual experience with a girl. She enjoyed it and was now panting as well. We made love for a while and then got dressed again. It wasn’t very late so she came home with me.

Mom was waiting and was very curious how it all went and took a bottle of wine and poured 3 glasses. After a while I said: Aliyah can better sleep here mom, it’s so late. Mom said it was fine and Aliyah said: I have to call my parents, otherwise they will be worried. I had already agreed with mother that Aliyah would lie in my bed and I on an air mattress next to it. She was fine with it, as long as we didn’t make any noise for daddy.

My first sexual experience with a girl.

We drank another bottle of wine and then went to bed. We did put the air mattress down but of course we crawled naked together in my bed. We made love all night long and didn’t sleep at all. It was getting light and I heard mom go downstairs. Quickly we put on our panties and I gave her a short skirt and took one for myself too. Bra we hardly ever wore, we both had firm thick tits and that felt much nicer without a bra. We walked to the kitchen and mom was already setting the table, she also had eggs in a pan to cook.

We sat down and when we had a cup of coffee mom asked: were you able to sleep girls? I didn’t hear you at all. I smiled and said: we slept very well mom, the airbed is very comfortable and we were very tired. She looked at us for a while and said: I don’t know, but I think you are a little bit more than nice friends. Now Aliyah and I both got a red head and mom went back to smiling at the sink. She said: as long as you had fun kids, that’s important.

Daddy also came in for a moment and he immediately got his coffee and an egg. It took a while for him to realize that he had visitors, but we knew Daddy, so we couldn’t blame him. We got dressed again and of course she put on her clothes of yesterday and I put on a short skirt and top and a nice little pair of panties and pumps.

I was so happy.

Not soccer worthy at all. I helped her out the door and she promised to come back in the afternoon. I told mom and she said smiling, then I’ll make an extra meatball honey, I’m happy for you. I couldn’t keep it to myself, I was so happy. I said: mommy, come sit down, I need to talk to you. Mommy looked at me and Daddy had already gone back to bed. She thought for a moment and then grabbed a bottle of wine and we walked into the room and sat on the couch.

Mom poured the wine and said, I was right wasn’t I, it’s a little more than just friendship Belinda, right? I nodded and said, with a red head: yes mom, we love each other. She put her hand on my shoulder and said: girl, I wish you the world, you know that, but I am so afraid you will run into disappointment. What do you think will happen if she finds out what you are. I colored again for a while and gathered all my courage and after a while I said: mommy, she already knows and she also already held him and we love each other.

She looked at me in surprise and I saw a smile come on her face and she squeezed my shoulders now and said: honey, then I am really very happy for you, I just want to have you be happy and that Aliyah seems like a very nice girl.

Trans in blue

Daddy came back into the room and saw that we were on the wine. He said: damn, is it already that late? Mamma laughed and said: you must have lost track of time darling, did you sleep well? Daddy said: I don’t know woman, strange dream I think. I thought there was a girl here just now, but I must have been mistaken. Too bad, because it was a very pretty girl. Mom and I started laughing loudly and Mom said: you were not mistaken honey, that was Belinda’s girlfriend and she will be back soon.

Then you have to make an extra meatball, he said immediately and we shot back into laughter. He had a drink with us and we had to hear what was wrong at his work, even though he had not worked there for 5 years. He is sick and forgets a lot, but to him it is all still real and we let him be. Sometimes it is quite sad, but often very funny. For example, he was now grumbling about a colleague who should be fired, even though he had been dead for 3 years.

I wish you all the happiness in the world.

After his drink he subsided again and mom put him back to bed. The bell rang and Aliyah was at the door, now also wearing a short skirt and top and I pulled her in and gave her a kiss. I was a little afraid of her reaction, because we hadn’t seen each other for a few hours, but luckily she said, I missed you a lot baby, even if it was only a few hours. We walked into the room and sat next to each other on the couch mom also came into the room and picked up her glass and put it by her own chair. She picked up a glass for Aliyah and poured a glass for her as well. She looked at us for a moment and saw that we were struggling a little and said smiling, Aliyah, I don’t know you very well yet but I know about you and I am very happy about it. I wish you all the happiness in the world. It seemed like a mountain of stress slipped off Aliyah and I put my arm around her.

We drank some more wine and actually we were supposed to go out for a while but it was so nice that we stayed put. We did fidget a lot with each other. Then mom said: girls, today there will be nothing more of those meatballs, we should order some food today. You will stay for dinner too won’t you Aliyah? She nodded yes. Then mamma asked, also sleep sometimes? With a red head she said: I did bring pajamas madam.

Mamma laughed and said: I think everything is good, I have also been young, although you would not say it but 1 thing. Crawl in bed together then and leave the nonsense of the air mattress. Now all three of us had to laugh and Daddy came back in. He saw Aliyah and said: you see, there she is, that is your girlfriend mommy, right? She laughed and said: the girlfriend of Belinda daddy and he plopped down in a chair. Then you have to make an extra meatball mommy, we have a guest.

Mamma said we would order food and daddy immediately said: then it can’t be Chinese because they put eavesdroppers in the food, and it is very small and we can’t see it. Mamma gave him his glass of wine and said: drink this baby. When he had finished his glass she immediately took him back to bed. It was a heavy role she had with him, but she did it with love. Despite his deterioration, she continued to love him insanely. She came back into the room and with a sigh refilled the glasses. He remains funny, she said.

Then she wanted to know if we already knew how we wanted to continue. I said, we talked about it and we decided to tell the girls at the club on Sunday after the game. Not what I am, of course, but that we have a relationship. That makes it much easier than having to sneak around all the time. Mom visibly enjoyed it, and as more and more wine was drunk, Mom had decided to just bake a few bitterballs.

We went to put on our pajamas and as we stood naked in my room we tongued each other very long and deep. We were both wearing very small panties and a short silk dress. We hopped back downstairs and smelled the food. We came into the room and there we saw Daddy sitting again with a ball in his hand. He saw us come in and said: look, there is Belinda again with a friend and they have a nice dress on. That is a pajama daddy I said laughing. He was startled and said: pajamas, is it that late already… mommy, I really have to go to bed now and he stood up.

Mommy gave us a wink and took him back to bed. That’s real love, Aliyah said and she gave me a French kiss. Mom came in and I had already poured wine. She asked: have you also already thought about how to proceed, because your relationship is obviously not the easiest in this society. Later, Mom, I said, everything step by step. I am getting ahead of myself again, said mom, forgive me, but I think it is so nice for you, I can see the love radiating from it. When the bottle was empty we went to bed and at least I didn’t have to put down the air mattress. We immediately pulled everything out and crawled close together under the covers.

Aliyah whispered in my ear… Belinda?

Aliyah whispered in my ear… Belinda? I looked at her and then she said with a red head: I would like to be fucked in my ass… Would you like that? I put my arm around her and whispered: anything for you baby. She lay down on her tummy and moistened her hole a little with slime. I lay down on her lovely soft back and pressed my cock against her ass. She whispered: i find it so exciting Belinda, don’t hurt me huh. I said: stt, and very slowly pushed my cock into her ass.

I heard her gasp and she moaned: this is so good baby. I was really deep inside now and started fucking her. She moaned: baby, this is so good, your cock is so good, fuck me deep in my ass and squirt it all the way. She was fingering herself wildly and I couldn’t hold it anymore and squirted her ass full of my seed. She fingered for a while longer and then came panting. We rolled off each other and she bent over me and licked my entire cock clean again. A little later we fell asleep like a log.

We came downstairs the next day dressed again because we both had to go to work. Mom sat in the kitchen and we just had a cup of coffee and then quickly left.

Throughout the week, Aliyah only visited me a few times and I visited her a few times. We had also put the good news to her parents, but they were a lot less happy about it.

Aliyah was a nice girl and the church thought that two women together was not possible. Her mother was mild and tried to calm things down but father was clear, his daughter would not go to hell. I felt very sorry for Aliyah because I knew she loved her parents and this hurt a lot. It was now Sunday again and we had our weekly game again. After playing we all jumped back into the shower and out of solidarity Aliyah had now left her panties on as well.

We were dressed again and sitting in the canteen.

When we were dressed again and sitting in the canteen drinking a coke Aliyah stood up and said: girls, listen up. Before you start gossiping… I recently have a very intimate relationship with Belinda and I think it is nice that you hear this from me and not through the ball boy. A few girls started laughing and Maya said: do you think we are retarded Aliyah? We have known for ages and were just wondering when you would find out.

We are very happy for you, and we got a 2nd bottle of coke. With my hand around her waist, we walked back to my house and told mommy that we told her at the club. Daddy was also still in the room and asked: did you guys win from Ajax now? The joke was on us, we live in bollocks and Ajax seemed a bit over the top. But mommy, very sweetly, said: yes daddy, they went back home with tears in their eyes. Daddy started laughing and said: I’ve always said it, those men from the city can’t play soccer, you have to come from the countryside for that.

Mommy put Daddy to bed and came back into the room. Aliyah had already poured a glass for her. She said to me: really… that mother of yours has it really hard. Mom sat down and just when I wanted to express my pity she suddenly said: listen girls. I don’t want to cause a rift between Aliyah’s parents and her but…

You love each other so much and now I thought, we have the little house in the back garden, neglected, yes but livable, or soon to be livable again. It would, of course, be very nice if you could live there together and give me a hand now and then. You know that daddy is getting worse and worse and I notice that it is also becoming more and more difficult for me. I would like it if you would think about it.

She walked to the kitchen and we looked at each other and we actually liked it. And of course we had our soccer friends who could probably help. Mom came back into the room and I immediately said, Mom, we’ve already thought about it and we think it’s a great idea.

With horse on the beach

I just saw how happy mom became and she plopped down in her chair. Aliyah immediately handed her a glass of wine and said: please ma’am. Mom laughed and said, for God’s sake just say mom, they all do that here. I immediately grabbed my phone and called the girls from the soccer club who all came in a moment later.

Mom kept walking in with wine and coke and to make matters worse, daddy came back down. He looked around and saw all those girls and said with satisfaction: I know, now I’m dead and this is heaven. Mamma immediately grabbed him by the arm and said: yes daddy, this is your heaven, but now we are going to look for your canopy bed because you have lost it. He said: you always know so well honey, and walked with her. The girls were informed about our plans for the house and of course they wanted to help. Not everyone could always of course, but there would always be someone so it could always go ahead.

After 2 weeks the house was completely livable and we were devastated. But today was 1 of the hardest days. Aliyah would say at home that she was going to live with me in the cottage and I would go with her, I feared the worst. Mom had offered to go with me but I didn’t think that was the best idea. It could just escalate and of course we did not want that. We stepped inside Aliyah’s house and got a cup of coffee from the friendly mother.

Just when we were about to say something, with our heads in our boots, the father raised his hand. He said: Aliyah, I would like to apologize. I am already an older man with older ideas and after many conversations with your mother I have understood that I have stood still in time. I wish you and your beautiful girlfriend all the success in the world and if I can help anywhere just call, I’ll be there for you immediately.

We were perplexed. We didn’t expect this at all and after a while even a glass of wine appeared on the table. Aliyah’s mother looked at her and said, I’m raising him baby. It was actually a very nice evening and they had agreed that tomorrow they would bring all the stuff of Aliyah to the house and immediately help a little with decorating. Enthusiastically we walked back to my house and told the news to mom, who was sitting in the room floored because daddy had just taught her the best defense in the country.

I petted her on her bottom and immediately poured some wine.

I petted her on her bottom and immediately poured some wine. Of course she was very happy but also said: I am so glad that you come and live here girls, because it is really too much for me now. She said: you really don’t have to interfere with daddy, I do that, he’s my husband, but the things around it … that really slowly kicks in. We reassured her and after a few glasses we walked to our house and went straight to the bedroom and fell asleep immediately.

Next morning Aliyah’s father and mother were at the door early with a van full of things. Fortunately some girls from the club came by and helped immediately and the van was soon empty. Her father looked around and said: you’ve made it beautiful girls, I really need to take off my old-fashioned glasses. Her mother gave me a kiss and whispered: I am very happy that you are so sweet to our Aliyah, it’s our little girl. When everyone had left again we plopped down on the couch and were really all exhausted.

Mom came in and she had brought a bottle of wine. She said: hello neighbors, I am so free and she immediately poured 3 glasses. I was having more and more trouble dealing with my emotion but still said: darlings… I never thought I would ever be able to have a relationship because I am different. But now I have Aliyah, someone I love very much and I truly see her as a gift. I saw a pretty bleak future ahead of me but now I see the sun shining again and I could never have achieved it without you and everyone else around me, I am eternally grateful.

We took another sip of wine and mom said: if you are so grateful I would love it if you would do the shopping later, my energy is at a low point. We all laughed and the appointment was quickly made. We are now 6 months further and we still live very happily in the house but dad is getting worse. Yesterday he thought I was mommy and today he saw mommy as a friend of mine.

It was hard but also quite often funny. I’m glad we can help mommy because we only see a fraction of the suffering she is going through and she is too tough to talk about it, also understandable. Our friends have arranged a barbecue at our place in the garden and we are looking forward to that. And we certainly hope that Daddy can join us then because the laughter he keeps bringing remains unforgettable.