The story of a Dutchman in Thailand. He also sends a picture. She is beautiful. 🥰

It was a few years back that I did it for the first time with a kathoey. Such a beautiful Thai or Filipino ladyboy. I’m a Dutchman working in Bangkok. I had just broken up with my Thai girlfriend at the time and almost every day I was looking for a new girlfriend to distract my attention. In one of the many bars and dance halls, I usually managed to score. One girl after another I took home where I fucked her and then dropped her off never to call again. One night I was a little too tipsy and this time it was me who got hit on. She was brunette and had a pretty face, at least as far as I could still see it sharply.

She was tall, beautiful, and had a nice ass and ditto breasts. And also a sultry husky voice, which I love so much. And even though I had no idea whether I would be able to do anything, I asked her to come home with me. If I didn’t, I would regret it, I knew that with my drunken head. Once home I took another drink and she took one too. Even before I finished my drink she crawled on my lap. She rode over my cock and kissed me while saying the horniest things in her hoarse, horny voice. She said she wanted to fuck me and that I had such a nice ass. I wanted to fuck her too, but first I wanted to be sucked by her. I couldn’t articulate it clearly anymore, but she understood me and helped me out of my clothes. I sat on the couch leaning back and watching her take my member in her mouth. It was hard to get it up, but she did her best and knew exactly how to work my cock so that it slowly but surely got hard. What also helped was that in the meantime I was feeling inside her sweater at her large breasts. They were very firm with nice hard nipples and wonderful to squeeze.

She was sighing from it, that’s how much she liked it herself. “Okay now you baby” she said as she came up. I wanted to taste her wet pussy too, so I waited patiently. She first took off her sweater and revealed her big breasts. I spontaneously felt like putting my dick in between them. Then she slowly pulled her panties down, and what I saw I will never forget. She revealed no pussy but suddenly a thick pecker. I was so shocked that I was suddenly very sober again. “W-w-what the hell?” I exclaimed, laughing. “You’re a guy with breasts!” She was visibly annoyed, and I immediately regretted my outburst a little. “I’m not a guy with breasts,” she said clearly piqued. “I’m a kathoey, and would you claim that you didn’t have a clue yet?” I shook no and looked down, at my cock which had already shrunk considerably. She sat back down next to me on the couch. “That’s pretty pussy” she said. “I thought everyone in that pub knew about it by now. “Yeah you know I never go there” was my response. “I thought you were a woman.” She nodded her head and said “But I am, and that’s how I feel, a woman… but a woman with a little extra you know?”.

I looked at her again, and indeed, so good-looking and sexy, I tried to see who she really was. I saw an incredibly beautiful girl sitting on the couch with me, actually the most beautiful woman I had ever seen naked, but time after time my attention was taken over by the cock between her legs. She herself had gone weak in the meantime. I let my eye wander across her body. She was completely smooth and her cock and balls were also shaved smoothly. Suddenly I was reminded of her horny babble from before. “What did you mean, you wanted to fuck me?” I asked her. “Oh honey that’s whatever you would have wanted. I’m up for anything. If you had wanted to be taken by me we would have done that. But I like to be taken in the ass myself.” She crept a little closer again. “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to anymore you know” she said softly. “But you’re still sitting here naked next to me, so…”.

She left the rest in the open. I remained silent and thought. Like so many people, I did have a fascination with kathoeys. So feminine and sensual and also a little forbidden of course. After all, as a man you were gay if you liked someone with a dick, right? But still, I had occasionally watched porn with a kathoey in it. I thought of a video of a threesome with a man, a woman and a kathoey. Everyone had enjoyed each other freely. Free and horny. If I had ever wanted to try it myself, this was my chance. And looking at her, secretly I had to admit that she still made me horny. I just had to stop being so childish I decided. I reached my hand out to her elbow and stroked her slender upper arm. I bent down and kissed her neck. Her skin felt softer to my lips than the softest satin. Sensually I kissed her neck and enjoyably she stretched her head up. I heard her chuckle enjoyably. “Hmmm yes” delicious she said again in her husky voice. I grabbed her by her breast and gently kneaded it while continuing to kiss her. Up through her chin to her warm lips.

My cock had already started to grow again. She noticed it out of the corners of her eyes and began to stroke it gently. After a while, she clasped him just as gently and started jerking me off again. That felt delicious, she knew exactly what a man liked. Of course she knew, she had a cock of her own to play with. Did I dare? I let my hand slide off her chest and over her soft belly and venus mound until I reached her crotch. Just as she had done with me I stroked her first. She immediately moaned lustily and kissed back even more fervently. I let my hand probe her cock inquisitively, and then also began to jerk her off as sensually as I could. Suddenly I got the irrepressible desire to suck her. Without further thought, I bent down and took her cock into my mouth. She moaned with surprised pleasure, and so for the first time I put a cock in my mouth. It felt nice, that hard rod in my throat and I moved up and down with my mouth to give her as much pleasure as I could, even though this was the first time for me.

She had placed her soft warm hands in my neck and was stroking it as she moved along with my own rhythm. I licked her smooth balls as I jerked her cock off and already had a new desire that I couldn’t resist. After all, I could see her slippery little star hole poking out from under those balls and wanted so desperately to rim her… and even fuck her maybe? I started with licking. My tongue churned through her butt crack and she sighed with pleasure as I continued to jerk her off, of course. “Is this really your first time with a kathoey?” she asked after a while. I confirmed this by nodding and grunting affirmatively. “You do it so well” she said and then soon lay back in silence and panting. Now I let my finger slide into her tight asshole. I slid in smoothly. Yes I was sure now, I wanted to fuck that nice tight asshole so now. I had never fucked anyone anally before, not even a woman. Most women didn’t like it much and on one-night stands it was mostly oral and fucking their pussies.

Also nice of course, but like many men going anal with a sexy chick also appealed to me a lot. “I want to get in better” I whispered to her. So she got up and sat on the couch so that she was lying with her face on the railing and her ass stuck out jauntily. Her delicious buttocks with her beautiful tight little star between them were a delight to my eye. It made me so horny that I wanted to fuck her right away, but I managed to hold back a little. With my hands I spread her buttocks and licked her anus again. My mouth was watering already, and I let one blob of spit after the other run between her buttocks, which I then fingered with two fingers at a time inside her. My cock was tingling with desire by now.

The need to put it in a tight little hole was now irresistible, especially now that that hole was already gently panting open for me. I stood up and took my erect penis in my hand. I pushed my glans against her star hole and so I slowly slid in at her asshole. “Ungh” she moaned loudly as I moved deeper and deeper into her. I had already made her immensely wet and slippery inside and my cock was sliding back and forth very smoothly now. “Oh yes fuck me nice…nice and deep and hard” I heard her growl hoarsely into the railing. So I was really taking her now, like I was fucking a pussy without holding back but very hard and deep. My cock pushed her ass open nice and far with each thrust and I enjoyed both the feeling and the wonderful view. I kept my one hand on her slender waist and put the other on her sweaty back. In this way I moved her whole body back and forth on my cock. I fucked her assiduously and she moaned with such pure lust that I was sure this was exactly what she wanted right now. She audibly and palpably loved being fucked hard in her ass. And I, yes I of course loved it too. I didn’t even think about the thing between her thighs anymore, which regularly collided with my own legs when I thrust.

Without really thinking about it I bent over so that I was half lying on her back and I could reach between her legs. I just wanted her to enjoy it even more, so I pulled off her rock hard cock now too. Oh how she was raving about that now! With my cock buried deep in her asshole I very gently pulled the foreskin back and forth over her glans. “Oh yes soooooo” she growled loudly again. Now she held her breath for a while, until suddenly I heard her moan loudly and I felt jets of warm seed shoot over my hand. At the same time, her ass pulsing squeezed my cock almost fine. Thus she came rock hard and then collapsed almost immediately on the couch. “Oh God” she moaned. And again “Oh my God…” My cock had flopped out of her ass and was still longing for more. I looked at her sweaty body on my couch, the seed was everywhere, on her legs, my hands, the couch. Now I wanted to squirt too, nice and all over her delicious body. She read my thoughts and without hesitation took my cock fresh from her asshole right into her mouth. She slurped greedily and massaged my balls so intensely that I soon felt my own seed bubbling up as well. I pulled myself back from her mouth just in time to shoot my seed all over her breasts.

Beam after beam I popped over those firm breasts, after which she sucked the remains of my glans and we finally fell into each other’s arms. This was the most delicious sex I had ever had, I realized at that moment. Stupidly, I had found the amazing passion I didn’t even know I was looking for. But now that it was in my arms I didn’t want to lose it again right away. So I did what I had never done before with a one-night stand, I asked if she wanted to stay the night. She immediately said yes and after a shower together and a lovely cuddle in bed I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages. As I almost fell asleep I wondered what I would think about this little adventure when I woke up. But I didn’t have to worry about that. Instead of regret, I only felt more horniness, and so we had wonderful sex with each other again right away that morning. This time not wild and horny, but rather loving and almost romantic. We remained regular lovers for another year or two, until she met a woman with whom she got into a relationship. Since then, I occasionally meet up with a kathoey specifically to have that amazing experience again. But still, it never gets as exciting and revelatory as that first time. So I can recommend everyone to try it at least once. Because sex with a kathoey is simply blissful and fantastic!