I’ve got to say, I love all the trans girls on this site. The picture is of Sierra Cox. I also have an experience to share. The story did get bigger, but you won’t mind. As a man in his mid-40s, I’d already experienced quite a bit in the field of sex. But after another broken relationship with a woman, I was pretty much done with it. But sex drives are hard to stop, so I regularly found myself behind a screen looking for horny porn. I hadn’t often looked at shemale porn, and I’d never tried it with a man. I didn’t think it would be for me. But here I saw women with a hard one, and that turned me on. I developed a solid fascination for it.

First, I jerked off. Then I tried to pleasure myself anally with a finger or a candle. I ordered some better plugs and toys. So I slowly made my hole more accessible. I enjoyed it. But playing alone with yourself is boring, of course. So where do you find the one you are looking for? I read stories of people who bumped into a shemale in a bar or club, so I went out again and feasted my eyes, but I didn’t get further than two one-night stands with a woman with a delicious pussy. But my fascination did not disappear with that.

I looked for escorts online, but I was always convinced I didn’t want to pay for sex. However, the pictures and stories of one of the girls I found stuck in my mind, and I even dreamed about this beautiful Alexandra. One day, I decided to take the plunge and send the number mentioned an app with my story. A few hours later, I got a reply.

Alexandra told me that one of her specialties is to deflower first-timers and gently introduce them to her world. I have wild fantasies, but I was also a bit scared, especially for that big cock I saw in her pictures. She asked me to send a picture of myself because, even though she lets herself get paid, she doesn’t want clients she dislikes. So I took the best possible picture of myself and quickly sent it. After a while, I just got the r.

After a while, I got a response that basically said, “I want to have sex with you!” I quickly emailed back and asked when. She sent me some available days, and she only does this work a few days a week and only during the day. I picked the first Monday, which was my day off! Two weeks later, the day I had been so looking forward to had come! I drove to the address she had given and parked when I got there. I walked to the apartment complex and the door to the hallway was already open. On the second floor, she was already waiting for me in the doorway. She was a half-breed lady, 180 cm tall with a great cleavage and a nice firm ass. She was smiling at me, saying, “Come on…”

In her apartment, she invited me to come and sit on the couch. She briefly told me how she wanted the business arranged, and then she came and sat next to me. She gave me a little rub on the leg and kissed me on the mouth. She kept her mouth close to mine and I kissed her back. Then she opened her mouth and started licking my tongue. I responded by moaning. After a while, she asked me what my fantasy was. I told her I was curious about taking a penis in my mouth. She asked, “What’s stopping you?”

We continued to kiss, and I ran my hands over her body. I moved my head closer and closer to her crotch. She was wearing a skirt, so I slowly crawled with my head under it. To my surprise, I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and that her penis had already become half hard. I carefully took the cock in my hand and slid my lips over her glans. I felt the head getting harder, so I tried to take it deeper into my mouth.

But she said stop! She pulled off her skirt and said, “I want to be able to see it!” Just get on your knees! I listened, and she came to stand in front of me with the now firm cock in front of my face. I took it in my mouth again and then she took control, grabbed my head, and set the rhythm. She fucked me in my mouth harder and harder, pushing her cock deeper and deeper towards my throat. Sometimes, I had to throb, then she stopped for a moment to push again. What a wonderful feeling! Her cock was getting harder and wetter from my throat slime, but she kept going. After a few minutes, she came squirting into my throat.

I felt her warm seed sliding in, and I tried to swallow. What a wonderful feeling! Alexandra looked at me and said, “You did that just fine, but from now on I’ll decide what we’re going to do. If I go too fast or do something you don’t want, just say ‘Finito,’ and I’ll stop. Agreed?” With her seed still in my mouth, I said, “Yes, please!” She took me to the bathroom and took off all my clothes. She took off her top and bra, and I could finally admire her delicious C-cup breasts, which looked remarkably real.

She saw me looking and said, “You can sit on those later, but first we’re going to shower and prepare your hole for what’s to come.” She turned on the shower and pushed me under it, then came to stand with me. My cock had gone from very hard to semi-hard, and she looked at it and said, “It’ll be her turn later.” She grabbed a hose hanging next to the faucet and turned an extra shower knob. On the hose was a small metal thimble with holes where soft water flowed out. She brought it to my anus and pushed the little thing gently into my ass to wash it from the inside. What an exciting feeling! We washed some more until she resolutely turned off the faucet and she dried off. I gently dried her off and she told me.

Then she led me to her bedroom, where I could already see all kinds of kinky stuff ready to go. She started kissing me gently at first, more and more passionately, until she pushed me on the bed, on my belly with my hips on the edge of the bed. I heard a tube open and the sound of gel on her hands. She massaged my buttocks with one hand while the other was already at my anus. I felt her rubbing the lubricant over my anus and gently entering my ass with a finger.

With her other hand, she kept tracing a little more lube between my seam. The finger went out for a moment, but was replaced by two fingers. She slowly stretches my anus a bit and suddenly I feel something bigger against my asshole. She brings in something slippery and hard and asks, “How does that feel?” I can only moan with pleasure, and then the thing starts vibrating! What a sensation! Under my belly, I can feel my erection growing. Then the vibrating stops and she takes it out again.

She tells me to crawl on the bed and get on my knees. I hurry further on the bed when she says to turn a quarter turn to the left. I do, and then I see that she closes the closet on that side with a mirror door so that I can see myself on my knees. With the tube of lube in her hand, she gets down on her knees behind me and starts to lubricate her semi-hard cock with lots of lube. I start to sweat slightly from the idea of her wanting to bring that big rod inside me, but I quickly relax. She brings her now hard member to my anus and gently pushes against it. She asks, “Was this your second wish?”

Once again, I can only confirm my previous experience and immediately, she pushes her member in quite deeply. This feels much better than a toy like that, and she slowly pushes further and starts fucking me gently. My cock can’t get any harder, but unfortunately, she doesn’t touch it. Her hands hold my hips, and she lets her boner slide a little deeper still. Then she asks if I like it. I moan yes, and she suddenly thrusts her stiff cock into my ass. I scream in shock and ecstasy, but I love it! She says, “That’s not bad. You used your toys well at home.” She fucks me harder and harder, occasionally letting her cock slide all the way out of my come and then pushing it back in hard. My erection can’t get any harder, and I’m afraid I’m going to come if she keeps going like this and tries to say the same. Then she fucks me even harder and more rhythmically. I feel her hand going towards my balls and she grips them tightly!

Then I can’t hold it any longer and spray a load on her bed, while she still fucks firmly! I relax and she clearly likes it! She fucks my ass and when I try to squeeze my anus, she moans louder and louder! I’m going to fill you up I suddenly hear, and at the same time I feel her come and her seed creeps deep into my ass… After a few seconds, she pulls her semi-hard cock out of my ass and pushes me onto the bed, then lies down against me. We kiss for a while, and I tell her she’s exactly my fantasy. We rest for a bit, and then she asks, “Do you have any desires, horny man?” I say, “No, I don’t know if I can get hard again soon, but I would love to take you in your ass!”

She says I can do that, and she goes with her head to my crotch and takes my semi-hard cock in her mouth! I’ve been sucked before, but she gets my cock hard so fast I’m amazed. She sucks me wonderfully when she stops and says, “Your turn!” I lie down on her back and push a pillow under her bottom and spread her legs a little.

I crawl up to it and lick her ass and balls first, then lubricate her hole and my rod with lube and push my hard cock inside all at once. She moans and says, “Do it, harder!” I fuck her wonderfully and enjoy her ass while I can finally touch those delicious breasts too. She’s really good and seems to enjoy everything. Unfortunately, I can’t keep it up for long and I feel like I’m going to cum. I say the same, and then I feel a finger going into my anus. I can’t hold it any longer, so I squirt her delicious ass full of my second load. We enjoy ourselves for a while, and then it’s time to say goodbye. I say I will definitely come back because I enjoyed it, you are fantastic. And I certainly do, my fantasy came true, but it asks for more!