From a fan. I’m so excited to be planning my first trip to Pattaya, Thailand later this year! My adventure will be even more special because it will be my first time in a place with such a vibrant ladyboy culture. I’m from the US and have been interested in ladyboys for about 10 years, so this trip will be the fulfillment of a long-held dream for me.

I’m looking forward to all the amazing experiences Pattaya has in store for me. I’ve heard amazing things about the parties, the nightlife and the beach clubs. I plan to spend some time on the beach during the day and then hit the nightclubs and bars at night. I’m sure I’ll make some great memories while I’m there.

I’m also looking forward to talking to the local ladyboys and learning about their culture. From what I hear, many of them have fascinating stories to tell and I’m excited to get to know them. With only a few months left until my trip, I’m counting down the days! I can’t wait for my first visit to Pattaya and all the wonderful memories it will bring.