My name is Arthur and working for a telecom company, I worked in the Philippines for a while. Of course, you come across those lovely ladyboys. This is my story. I have attached a picture of one of the girls. She is also a trans cam model. I am now back in my home country, but I still have a strong fantasy about this evening!

It was on a warm Friday night, I was sitting on my balcony drinking a nice cold beer. My phone rang, and I saw that it was Brigette, the trans daughter of my masseuse. ‘Hi Arthur, it’s Brigette. I guess you know what I’m calling for,’ I heard her say. ‘I have a date for the first girlfriend’s night with you as the sex toy,’ she then informed me. In the conversation that followed, it was made clear to me when, where and what time I needed to be there. It was on a Saturday evening, 7 pm, two weeks later. Brigette asked me to stop jerking myself off in the days leading up to it, to save as much semen as possible. I agreed to this, and over the next two weeks, I struggled to leave my cock alone. The result was that during that time I was enormously horny, and had a stiff cock almost constantly.

On the given Saturday evening I went to the address given, called, and waited anxiously for the door to be opened. An unknown Filipina ladyboy with a very short and tight-fitting dress let me in. Arriving in the living room, I saw Brigette and five other Filipina ladyboys sitting there. They were all very beautiful, which made me feel intimidated. I didn’t know how to behave and felt myself blushing. All seven ladyboys noticed this, and busy talking and giggling filled the room. Brigette stood up and calmly walked over to me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to the ladyboys. Then she unbuttoned my shirt, and removed it from my upper body. The ladyboys began to yell excitedly, stood up, and let their hands touch my upper body.

Soft ladyboys hands everywhere

I felt soft hands everywhere, over my chest and belly, and sometimes just as quickly over the sizable bulge in my pants. I closed my eyes, enjoying immensely what was happening to me. After a while, the ladies sat back down on the couch and looked at me with their eyes, which radiated pure horniness. I was ordered to take off my shoes and socks, and immediately did so. One of the ladyboys came up to me, undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and then pulled them off. Hilarity to the max, all the ladyboys screamed out. In my boxer shorts, my enormous erection was visible, a pretty big point was sticking out. I saw how they looked at it in exaltation, and then with their hands they felt what was inside my boxers. I felt my cock begin to get even harder and stiffer, and it was already at its peak, I thought then. The ladyboys started drawing lots for who could take off my underpants. The lucky winner grabbed my underpants by the edge and slowly pulled them down. My huge pole flopped out, almost touching her face. ‘Ohhh… . . what a whopper. . How big and beautiful,’ were some comments uttered by the ladyboys. They were clearly impressed, for they were not screaming now, but were very quiet.

It didn’t take long for their hands to slide over my cock and balls. I felt my penis like I had never felt it before. It felt like it was about to explode. Brigette had a tape measure in her hand, and began to measure my penis. ‘Wow, look girls, I measure 26 and 5cm,’ Brigette exclaimed excitedly. I was surprised myself, because many years before I had measured my cock several times, and came to a maximum of just over 23 cm. The ladyboys were so excited that they wanted to pull on my cock almost simultaneously. Taking turns, I saw and felt the ladyboys jerking away. Sometimes I told them to stop because then I threatened to come. And of course, that was not supposed to happen yet. The ladyboys started chatting in their own language, while they were still giving me a handjob.

The jerking off stopped, and Brigette came very close to my cock with her head. And before I knew it, she took my cock into her mouth, and slowly and uncomfortably began to suck me. But after a few minutes, she was sucking me overwhelmingly deliciously. The other ladyboys also followed her example, and again in turn my stiff pole disappeared into their Asian mouths for a delicious blowjob. I have never had such a fantastic sex experience as at that moment. And just like earlier in the evening, I had to indicate several times for a break. Each time I approached my climax, and had great difficulty not squirting. The evening progressed steadily, the ladyboys were busy playing with my cock. Pulling, sucking and touching/licking my balls was their main activity. I myself was in the mood to fuck the ladyboys hard, because I thought that was coming. I saw on the clock that it was already 23. 10 when Brigette started sucking me again.

She went at it vigorously, sucking me longer than usual. I felt my seed bubbling up for the umpteenth time, and asked Brigette to take a break. But Brigette did not, and continued to suck me undisturbed. ‘ . . stop now, I can’t hold it anymore. I’m about to squirt,” I quickly informed her. Brigette didn’t care, took my pole out of her mouth, and started pulling on it hard and fast. ‘Brigette . . stop . . oooohhh… . . aaaahhh,’ I cried and sounded. The time had come, I was squirting huge and huge loads of seed all over some ladyboys. There was screaming and yelling of pleasure from them.

Brigette told her friends while pulling, that she could make even more seed squirt out of my pole. And a short moment later, I was indeed squirting even more seed around. Brigette licked my glans clean, looking at me hornily. I realized that it hadn’t come to fucking again, and could tell by my dick, that it wasn’t in the cards anymore that evening/night either. Brigette saw my disappointment and smilingly said, ‘no fucking today’. Despite this disappointment, I had had a fantastic evening. I took a shower and drank some more wine with the ladyboys. At 01.00h I went home to sleep, to wake up a few hours later with the sea at the background.

Pretty ladyboy for a date