I tell the story as happens, some names have been changed. And they were pretty sweet xxx. The photo is from me, I am still a model in September 2021. I want to thank all the fans for the attention and of course the owner of this blog. And my body is even more beautiful now as in the story.

Sensation dripped over me, following my hand over my new body in the mirror. With my tongue, I licked my lips. One day I might have silicone breasts put in, but for now this appearance made me super horny. I still had to earn good money with webcams, it started as a hobby but it went so well with a big fan group following me. My long black hair was over my back and my pecker was safely tucked between my thighs. It wasn’t much anymore. Maybe that’s why, at eighteen, I was more of a girl than a boy. A blonde girl with growing breasts. When it was rigid, I might just reach eight to ten centimeters. That is, when I was hard, because most of the time that didn’t happen.

But I often came violently when I put a dildo in my hole.

But I often came violently when I put a dildo in my hole and slid it over my sensitive spot for a long time. I could produce so much pre-cum and sperm that it still amazed me. And often my boyfriends too. I would squirt while they were pounding in my delicious hole. It had been a while since I had been fucked properly. Usually, I had had very sweet men and that was nice, but I wanted something else. A brute. Someone who saw me as an object. Someone who fucked me brutally for his pleasure, not mine. The thought alone made me horny as hell. I felt a wet spot in my panties. My God, was I already leaking?

This evening I had a date with a man I had met online. He indicated that he was dominant, although I was not convinced yet. I was a bit afraid that this would be a standard date. You know, someone who is very dominant and decides which position we will do when the time comes. That’s nice, not dominant. Someone who decides whether it will happen sounds a lot better. Are you going out again tonight? My mother asked me when I came downstairs.

Yes. I said back gruffly. Take care darling’ ‘Yes Mum’. I gave a kiss on her cheek and walked to the hallway. ‘What time will you be home? She called after me questioningly. ‘Don’t know! With a loud bang I let the door slam. I lived with my mother and fortunately, she gave me all the freedom. She first had a son and now a blonde daughter. I hurried through the city to the café where I had arranged to meet. On the way, I saw them watching, all those horny men. Boys and house-fathers who got nothing at home. Maybe I looked too horny tonight.

Just as I was about to enter the café, I heard a man’s voice behind me. So, Anike, you look good. I looked aside and had to swallow. What a nice guy. I guessed he was almost ninety-one and so broad. Not very slim but he had a strong charisma and looked like a veteran wearing a camouflage jacket. A commando or something like that with a big beard and a shaved head. Hi…are you Thomas?” “I am. He shot his cigarette butt, which he was smoking, out into the street. ‘My car is down the road, come with me.’ At a brisk speed, we walked to his car and he held the door open for me.

I got in and watched him go round. What a horny guy he was. It tickled me downstairs. It was a short drive and we didn’t talk much. I felt like a little girl with him. His eyes pierced my legs, which I tried to keep together under the dress. Suddenly, he put his hand on my thigh during driving, and I let them part a little. Now those legs are a thing of beauty. He squeezed them gently.

He had a simple house that he shared with a friend, who was playing sports. He gave me a glass of wine and had a beer himself. I sat at the bar of an open kitchen on a bar stool. ‘Be right back Anike.’ He walked out of the room and left me alone at the bar. I felt increasingly horny around him. I fleetingly felt one of my now stiff nipples. So come here a minute.’ I heard his voice behind me and turned around on the stool.

There he was, suddenly alone in his boxers. I spontaneously turned glowing red and awkwardly and shyly got off the stool. He was well-muscled and his shoulders and chest were quite pumped up. With one move, he pulled his cock out of his boxers and I was shocked by the size. You only see dicks like that in porn movies. What was this? 25 centimeters? And how thick it was, unbelievable.

He gestured me to the ground and almost pushed the thing into my mouth. I could hardly breathe and felt him literally pull my head over his cock. My god how horny this was. I had nothing to say and was completely overpowered. ‘Come on, give it your best shot.’ He patted my cheek. I started to suck faster. ‘Oh yes, nice Anike keep it up.’ That cock barely fitted in my mouth. Never experienced that before. ‘Come.’ He pulled my head off his fucking rod and gasping and panting I tried to catch my breath. He pulled me up and started tonguing me while I felt his hands going over my ass. He felt my tits and finally, he rubbed my little cock, ‘What a nice girl you are Anike.

I feel like fucking you hard.

I feel like fucking you hard.’ He took me into the bedroom and pulled the dress over my head. With one pull he tore off my panties and put me on my back and started sucking me. He just pressed me against the bed. He spit on my hole and let his tongue go everywhere he wanted. He knew exactly what I liked. His big horny and hairy body turned me on. He was in complete control and held his cock in front of my mouth. Make it wet for that horny little hole of yours. I didn’t want to be told twice and gave a big gulp on his rod and smeared it.

He put me on my knees and sat behind me. A big blob of saliva landed on my ass and then I felt his glans against my sphincter. He held my hips tightly and slowly pushed through in one go. It hurt like hell and I screamed. Thomas slapped my ass hard and told me to keep going. He pulled back and forth a few times and then he was all the way inside me. Tears ran down my cheeks, but my friend became hard. Oh how incredibly horny and delicious this was. Take me! I shouted. And that was exactly what he did. For half an hour! I thought I was going crazy. He didn’t know when to stop.

That enormous monster was pumping in and out of my ass. I felt it getting raw, how could I walk after today? Thomas got harder, came moaning loudly, he shot a huge load into my asshole and kept pumping. Pumping until he slowly lay down half on top of me. His big cock was still inside me. I felt so horny, small and slutty. He grabbed my jaw and turned me to his face. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and started licking me thoroughly. I heard a front door. ‘Is that your roommate? I asked hoarsely and after panting. ‘Yes. It’s his turn now.'”What? I stammered. He slapped me in the face and grabbed my head with his big hand. We’re not going to talk, are we, Anike?’ ‘No, Thomas.’ ‘Good, because mates share everything and you don’t want me to disappoint him, do you?’ I shook my head.

The door opened and Thomas’ cock flicked out of me as he stood up. A black man as tall as Thomas patted him on the shoulder. ‘Is she nice? Asked his roommate. ‘Horny tight ass. Knock yourself out. Thomas walked out of the room without looking back and closed the door behind him. The man began to undress. His pants were the last to come down. My mouth almost fell open in surprise. He was even bigger than Thomas. He sat down on a chair opposite the bed, slowly pulling on his fucking rod. Come, suck. I crept up to him and took his cock in my mouth.

Thomas’s seed was still running out along my bottom. I think my ass was still stretched and open. ‘What’s your name, girl?” ‘Anike sir.’ I answered. Quickly I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked on his glans while I jerked him off. I heard him moan. ‘Come and sit on it.’ With difficulty I stood up and crawled over him. He pulled my face towards him and started tonguing me. Meanwhile, I felt his glans sliding into my ass. Followed by the rest of his mega-long fucking rod. I just about fell into a tizzy here. I was being completely bonked again. After a while, he even stood up with me in his arms and walked to the bed while fucking me.

Thomas came back in with beer and put it on the nightstand. The man took me off his cock and put me on my knees. Then he pushed his thick fucking rod deep into my boy’s pussy again. Thomas stood on the other side and pushed his cock down my throat. My god, I was pumped full from both sides. It was too much and I could hardly keep those big cocks inside me. Every time that cock went over my spot it looked like I was going to come.

Suddenly I started to jerk and without me touching my cock it started to flow. One long orgasm that pumped a new wave of cum out of me with every thrust. There seemed to be no end to it and the two beasts who caused it didn’t care much. They went on non-stop while I contracted and felt my cock deflate. This was the horniest thing I had ever experienced. I was slapped on my bottom and my hair was grabbed. I was completely used as a sex toy by these two horny men. I felt my cock getting harder again at the thought.

Thomas went 69 under me and started sucking deliciously while his mate was still pumping into me. He pulled my head over his cock again and kept thrusting. Hands squeezed my buttocks I felt that thick long cock slamming into my ass and it was getting harder. So did Thomas. Almost simultaneously they spurted thick gobs of seed in my mouth, ass and all over my body. I was sticking on all sides and my hair and face looked like they had been glazed.

Exhausted, we lay on the bed and drank something. Thomas stood up and picked me up. Come and I’ll give you a shower, sweetheart. Thomas was a real man and washed me clean. He soaped me up and even washed my hair. Then he dried me off and put me in bed. A clean bed because his housemate had just changed it. Rest a bit, little one. Thomas said before he and his mate left the room. We have only just started.

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