AA submitted story by married EU man Stefan, he is bisexual and has written a very erotic story about his new love. The Trans woman shown in the photo is Amber and is for illustration purposes. You can also see her live.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Stefan, 52 years old, married to Ellen and bisexual. I have already dated a number of men and love to receive a nice pecker in my hole, but also to bang one. My wife Ellen knows all about that. I recently told her that I was bi and that I wanted to get fucked. She was shocked by that at first, but she took it in stride. We regularly watch MMF bisex movies to get us excited about sex and she gets horny from them. There was also a movie of a woman who satisfied herself with a dildo and put it in her ass.

Then she suggested doing something like that with me. We then bought a strapless dildo and lube, and now she has already done me in my ass several times. However, I find that nothing beats a real cock in your ass and went looking for it again. I then got in touch via the internet with Amber, 28 years old, transgender, and single. After chatting with each other for a long time, we finally met. We had, as in our chat, an instant click and eventually we met about 5 times in a hotel. From the beginning, the sparks were flying and we had wonderful sex with each other. She does me and I doing her. Sometimes tender, sometimes hard, because it was her wish to be used as a slut once in a while. She sometimes let slip that she fantasized about being taken by a group of men.

I decided to make sure that her wish would come true. Eventually, this resulted in a great fuck near a parking lot along the highway. There she was banged, just as she wanted, by five men. She went for it completely and even encouraged the men to really go down on her and fuck her hard. After the men left, Amber and I were left alone. She was shining. I could tell she had enjoyed herself to the fullest. I was terribly proud of her. She was still lying there naked on her back on the picnic table. She was lying sideways so I could look into her ass. Her anus was still slightly open and seed was slowly seeping down her bottom and legs. She told me she felt great. I grabbed the towel, which I had brought with me and started wiping her belly and breasts of the men’s seed. Finally, I brushed her cock and ass a little clean. I helped her up and pulled her against me. I said to her, “Honey how much I love you. I put my arms around her and kissed her on the mouth.

Our tongues swirled around each other. I had become really horny from the whole thing and was now standing with a hard-on against her belly. Amber had realized that too and was moving her hand towards my crotch. I stopped her though and said, “Not here honey. We’re going home and there I’m going to make love to you extensively. Gently and tenderly. I gave her her skirt and she put it back on. We walked to the car. On the way home, Amber lay dreamy next to me on the passenger seat with a blissful look. She looked like she was in another world like she was completely lost in thought about what had just happened. When I got home, I took her to the bathroom. She smiled and looked dreamily ahead. As if she was still in the parking lot. I helped her undress and turned on the shower faucet. I checked that the water was at the right temperature and she stepped under the running water. I couldn’t help but look at her.

Her beautiful slim body, her awakening tits, her beautiful full ass, not to mention her well-developed penis. I undressed and stepped into the shower with her and gave her a sensual kiss. With my penis, I touched her belly. Like that we stood cuddling for a while. I got an increasingly stiff penis and it pushed into her belly while cuddling. She was obviously still horny because she took a firm hold of my ass. I followed her lead and started massaging her ass. I still remain amazed at how tight that ass was. Beautiful full buttocks, not too skinny and perfectly shaped. I took a sponge and put shower gel on it. I started lathering her up. First her back, then to her shoulders and then to the front over her titties. Those turned out to be very sensitive because she started squirming under the lathering. I went further down and reached her penis.

It was already standing erect again. I soaped it extra and made pulling movements with the sponge in my hand. She said, “Oooh dear. You’re making me horny again. “My cock pricked against her buttocks and she pushed them back. “Not yet darling,” I said, “Finish this first. “I got down on my knees to give her buttocks good grooming. I soaped them up vigorously and parted her buttocks. I saw her hole, which was already completely closed again. However, some of the men’s seed was still flowing out. I stuck out my tongue and licked her hole. I tasted the seed and licked further. I stuck my tongue in her hole to clean it properly. She spread her legs and impatiently pushed her buttocks back. I continued to caress her cunt ravaged by all those cocks. I licked her butt, her tiny hole, and went in and out with my tongue.

She moaned in delight. “Ooooh sweetheart. How good you are to me. I needed this for a while. “I suggested we go to the bedroom and she agreed. I turned off the tap and we got out of the shower. We dried each other off extensively, and again I had a hard-on. I took her in my arms and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I gave her a firm tongue kiss. Our tongues swirled around each other and I went all over her face with my mouth. I kissed her everywhere, her chin, her nose, her cheeks, her forehead, her eyes, to her ears and neck. I descended further and began to lick her nipples. I circled them with my tongue and her nipples and bit into them gently and playfully. I caressed her areola and poked at her belly with my penis. I sank down and licked her navel. here I encountered her already hard penis and gave a lick over the head. Her cock immediately reacted by getting even tighter. I took the glans in my mouth and ran my tongue along her glans. I swirled it around in circles. I tried to take her cock all the way into my mouth. I was only partially successful.

He was just too long. I made it slippery and spit some saliva on my hand. I went to my anus with it and rubbed it vigorously. A little more spit and a finger in there to prepare it for her nice cock. Some more spit and another finger in. I felt I was ready. I sat straddling her belly and placed the glans against my anus. How good that felt. I gently widened my buttocks and lowered myself a little. I felt her cock slowly but surely enter me. I looked straight into her eyes. I saw that she was looking at me lovingly and she said, “Go on baby. Let me fuck you. “I sank even further until it was all the way in and I felt her balls against my buttocks. I let myself fall forward, and so we lay belly to belly against each other for a while. We kissed each other again. Our tongues found each other and swirled again. I said, “Honey. How much I love you.” I love you too honey,” she said panting. Then I began to ride her. I came up until only her glans was still in it and then I lowered myself again. Quietly at first.

Then faster and wilder. Until she cried, “I’m going to ejaculate, baby. I’m going to squirt all over you. “I wanted her to come inside me too and pushed myself up and down on her rock-hard cock. Suddenly in felt it grow even thicker and noticed that Amber was losing control of her body. I felt her warm seed squirting into my bowels. There seemed to be no end to it. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was with the woman of my dreams. Her cock is deep in my ass. I let myself fall forward again and kissed her all over again. Amber lay staring at the ceiling with a blissful expression. We stayed like that for a while until she took my head in her hands, forcing me to look at her. She said, “Dear Stefan. I asked if her ass could take it after all the hard cocks she had taken in the parking lot. She said, “One more or less doesn’t matter, and I know you’re careful with me.”

Especially since I couldn’t get enough of her ass either. I stood up a bit and so her cock slid out. It was completely glistening with her seed. Meanwhile, I felt her seed slide out of my hole along my thighs. I went to her now limp cock and started licking it. I tasted her seed and took it all the way into my mouth and sucked on it. I made sure to clean it thoroughly. Then she lay down on her stomach and I started licking her butt crack and anus wet first. I went over her hole and into it with my tongue. I fucked her with my tongue. Then I inserted a finger into her love hole. She starts moaning and says it’s a nice feeling. I begin to gently finger her asshole and after a while, she asks me to insert a second one. I was a little surprised that her hole felt so tight again after all those cocks. Apparently, a body recovers quickly. She moaned, “Fuck me now, sweetheart. “I wanted nothing more, and I spit on her hole again thoroughly. Then I squirted on my penis to make it well slick.

I take it between two fingers and guide it to her pussy. I put my penis well against her anus and begin to push gently. After a little pushing, my penis has penetrated. Amber spreads her legs and she puts her hands around my ass and pulls me against her so my penis goes deeper into her. I ask if it feels good. She says that she definitely wants to go further and that I need to fuck her. I start moving gently rhythmically and it gets easier and easier. Then I begin to fuck you gently and kiss you on the neck, then your mouth. After a while, she says, “I want to look at you when you fuck me. “I pull out and Amber lies down on her back. She spreads her legs and pulls her knees up a little. I lie down between them and insert my cock into her hole again. I see her eyes shining. I say, “How I love you” and slide back in. I lie on top of her and we kiss. Our tongues swirl around each other and meanwhile, I fuck her. She again grabs my ass with her hands and starts setting the pace. She starts thrusting harder and wilder. It goes on like this for quite a while until I almost cum. Amber notices this and grabs my head between her hands and says, “Look at me when you cum. “We look deep into each other’s eyes and after a few thrusts, I don’t hold it anymore and squirt deep inside her ass. We kiss again and I fall forward on top of you and we stay like this for a while. My cock is still in her ass. I never want to get out again.