Yes, I hear you ask, how could you not have known that. It’s very simple: I haven’t seen or spoken to my sister and brother-in-law for years. After they left for Canada, because of a family conflict, the contact was broken for a long time. Until a year ago at the funeral of our mother.

Then she also told me about their daughter, Helena. After six months of phone calls back and forth to get the relationship back on track, I was asked if Helena could come and stay with me for a while to get a taste of Danish culture. It was fine by me, and I expected a girl of 18 in some nice clothes that would suit her innocent age. By the way, I am already 36 years old and a single farmer. I am always far too busy for women and if I want to I will pay.

Anyway, I was there early that morning and after having done the cows I drove to Copenhagen as fast as I could. I had a piece of cardboard with her name on it and walked into the arrival hall. I only saw a girl sitting in a short Scottish skirt and a pink T-shirt. I quickly looked at the arrival board and saw that the plane had already landed. Are you Uncle Jens? Surprised, I looked at her, she was quite large, just below my head. She was slim, with firm breasts and had her hair braided into small purple, pink-colored pigtails.

She was also darkly made up and had a piercing through her lip and tongue. I was quite shocked because this was not really what I expected. I am, Jens yes, I replied still somewhat surprised. Hello, I am your cousin Helena. She immediately gave me two firm kisses on my cheeks. In the car, I couldn’t take my eyes off her because I was still amazed by her appearance. Apparently, she had noticed. Do you like what you see? I was shocked by her directness and her way of addressing, a lot of Danish children could learn something from that I thought. No, I replied, but you don’t look exactly as I had expected. Well, she said to me calmly, that’s the case with more people when they know who I really am. We said nothing more on the subject and then talked a bit. At home, I wished her to her room and I went back to work myself.

The next day I was up early again and walked quietly to the barn inside I heard the cows and smelled the smell that was so familiar. I walked along the row and came out to the back barn. This is where I had my tractor and also hay storage shed. I stepped inside, and immediately I heard a sound I had not heard before. I crept up to where the sound came from. Could I have an intruder? I was all set to give that rascal a good beating. The sound came from the hayloft and I crept up the loader to the top. The sound sounded like someone in pain.

Carefully I looked over a few bales to see what was going on, and then I saw it. It was Helena standing with her back to me playing with herself. I saw that she had removed her T-shirt and was wearing a light pink bra, from which she clearly had her breasts hanging out. Furthermore, she had on the skirt from the day before, which was now pulled up over her buttocks which were nicely rounded in shape. Her panties were on top of the shirt and she was clearly busy with herself. I felt my cock stiffen. What a horny sight this was. Since I was standing, so she couldn’t see me. I decided to help myself while I kept looking at her. Soon my cock was standing proudly in my hand and I felt my foreskin sliding through my palm.

Oh, how sweet it was and how I would love to pound my cock into that tender ass. Apparently, she was about to come because I now saw how she arched her back and ran her hand hard over her pussy. I now got a much better view of her luscious breasts, and I too felt the explosion approaching. At the same time, we both came and apparently I had screamed at the same time because within no time she was looking at me as if the world had collapsed. Uncle, she sounded surprised and ashamed. I didn’t know what to say either, but from my cock she could now clearly see that I too had just squirted. She was now standing a few feet away from me and I could see that she was going to cry. But I also saw something that partly startled me and miraculously also seemed to excite me.

I was looking right at her cock. A cock, flashed through my head, she has a cock. Okay, he may not have been as big as mine, but there really was one hanging there. I’m sorry, she started crying as she picked up her clothes from the hay and tried to get past me. As if by reflex, I had grasped her arm and now stammered: “Girl, it doesn’t matter. I saw her eyes light up. But now you know I’m a boy. I remained silent for a moment and looked at her again. She had really beautiful breasts with beautiful light nipples size C80 I estimated so and that ass. I only see a very beautiful girl, I answered her softly. I now let go of her and gently stroked her breast.

Are you serious? She said to me with a smile. I nodded and suddenly she closed her lips on mine and we kissed each other passionately. My cock was standing proudly up again, and that had never happened to me before. I now pulled her close to me and felt her warm tits against me. The ring of her lip already felt like a sensation, but the tongue piercing all the way and my cock I now felt against her belly. She was not unaffected either and I could feel her erection tickling under my balls. Quickly I now took off my shirt over my head and now I felt her tongue and mouth on my nipples. We kissed again and I descended to the hair and sucked the thick buds one by one even harder into my mouth.

Now she pushed me back and now sank through her knees. I felt her warm mouth surround my cock. Very slowly, I was now being sucked by her. I felt the steel pin whirring along my penis and grabbed her head to set the rhythm. She was now sucking me to a second-high, but I made her stop quickly, otherwise, I would have definitely squirted her full. What’s up? Was her surprising question? Am I not doing it nicely? Yes, I admitted to her but if you go on like this I’m going to come and I don’t want to spill my seed. What do you want then, I don’t have a pussy. I looked at her and pulled her back to me to kiss her. I want to lick your ass, I then threw up. Really, she replied clearly pleased, would you really want that.

From now on it is you and yes I want to lick your delicious ass. Carefully she now lay down on one of the hay bales over which I lay a rug. I explored her ass and kissed her soft buttocks and licked further and further into her slit. With her hands she pulled her bottom open for me and now I saw her soft pink star. With the tip of my tongue, I now began to slowly explore her hole. Deeper and deeper while I heard her moaning of pleasure. My hand now moved to her cock and for the first time in my life I was jerking someone else off. Oh yes, I heard her say as I began to jerk her off harder and let my tongue slide relentlessly through her star. Oh I’m going to come she yawned and with a lot of moaning and huffing, I felt my hand getting wet with her cum.

Oh wow, she sighed now, that was really the most delicious thing that ever happened to me. Would you do me another favor? I replied yes. Do you want to push my hotness into my ass with your fingers? Goddammit, she obviously hadn’t had enough of this yet. With my cum-filled hand I now lubricated her own anus, easily letting two fingers shoot into her ass. Oh, how delicious this is. I went crazy I turned her around and kissed her full on the mouth. I will show you what is even better, I threw her. No, she replied, I’ve never really been taken with such a cock. But I was relentless and now spread her legs to place my glans against her cum-stained ass.

Gently, but with pressure, I now slowly pushed in through her tight hole. I heard her sigh and moan and look pained, but she still gave clear counter pressure. Piece by piece I penetrated my niece’s warm ass. Oh yes, I only heard her say now. Slowly I started to fuck her in her star now and it seemed to go easier and easier too. Oh yes, come on, push that nice cock of yours, deep into my delicious ass. I pushed it up to my balls and with my free hand I jerked on her again. I felt my seed bubbling in my balls while I was looking at that horny body of hers. I’m going to come again … she screamed and at the same moment I filled her intestines. I spurted and I spurted and she also came like a train. I felt thick jets along my body and in my neck. I could see that she was enjoying it and from that moment on the gate was closed.

The picture is this pretty trans woman