The webcam trans in the picture from my fantasy story. How beautiful she is. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to ask for her hand and more. My name is Oscar, I am from Denmark and I like to write erotic stories. My fantasy recently has been trans or ladyboys. Especially the Spanish and Asian ones like this beautiful lady. Too bad I don’t meet them in my area.

I had been a grass boy for a few days and had actually behaved. ☺ Therefore, I felt entitled to a trip into town. I’m too old to go clubbing and pubs don’t really mean anything to me – not on my own anyway. So I went out and found myself a place where I could get something good to eat in pleasant surroundings. And something to drink. After a few hours of chatting, it was time to find my way home and I trudged down to the main train station to find a train home.

There weren’t too many people on the platform and luckily not on the train either. There were two in “my” carriage, aged me and a girl of about 25-30. She was half snoozing. In one of her brief moments of consciousness, she asked where I was getting off and if I could wake her up, as she was going one station further than me.

Of course I didn’t mind and she pulled the plug. Shortly before my station I went and shook her gently and told her I would be off in a moment. She was obviously not fully awake, so I shook her again. She flew up out of the chair and looked around distractedly, muttering incoherently. I was a little worried, but she didn’t seem drunk or ill. So I just figured she had been sleeping really deeply and needed some time to wake up.

The train stopped and I got off and so did she.

The train stopped and I got off and so did she. When I started walking, she followed. Out in the square behind the station I stopped and let her catch up with me. – Weren’t you getting off at the next station first, I asked. – Yes, but I want to go with you, can I? I thought about it for a bit and what the hell, never mind, so I let her follow me back to my old house.

The furnace was off, so it was a little chilly in the house. I put the water on for a cup of tea while she sat in the kitchen watching me. She started talking about herself and her life on her own. She lived alone and had done since she moved away from home and it sounded like a pretty lonely life she led. Once in a while, she told me, she’d go into town to have a bit of fun, but the guys who hit on her weren’t usually her type. So she took a chance on me because she thought I looked friendly.

I thought I was too, but I had to point out to her that I was married and that my wife was on holiday in Spain. She thought it wasn’t something I needed to worry about because she wasn’t planning to run away with me, she just needed to share some body intimacy with a nice guy and we didn’t need to have sex if that was a problem.

Once that was in place, we talked a bit about loose ends and towards midnight, I suggested we crawl into bed. There was no sex either. I was tired and she must have been more tired because she was sound asleep when I got into bed after brushing my teeth. She was also asleep when I had to get up later that night to run a little errand.

I heard her come into the bathroom.

She was still asleep when I got up the next morning. While I was taking a much-needed shower, I heard her come into the bathroom. I opened the curtain a little, said good morning, got a little smile and at my prompting, she handed me a bath towel. She was sitting on the toilet when I got out of the shower, with the towel wrapped around her waist, watching my efforts to alternately get one and later the other foot up on the edge of the sink so I could dry myself properly. I wiped further up the back of my leg and the towel opened and fell off. – Don’t worry about it, she said – I’ve seen a man before.

I let that go and finished drying myself. It was actually easier that way too. When I was about to put on my shorts, she asked me to wait a bit. She spent the time watching me. I felt like a piece of meat in a butcher’s shop. When she had finished inspecting my bodily facilities, I put on my shorts and a robe and said I would get towels and some clean clothes for her to wear. She didn’t reply but just looked at me. As I fetched the promised I thought what a weirdo she was.

When I came back down I could hear the shower running so I figured the door was probably locked from the inside. It wasn’t so I went in and as she had done I sat on the toilet and waited. The shower was closed and shortly afterwards she stuck her head out of the curtain and asked me for a towel, which I handed her. It took a while before she came out. I think her problem was that I hadn’t given her a bath sheet that could cover both her upper and lower body.

My ultimate fantasy would become a reality.

There was no dirty ulterior motive, just the fact that we don’t have a bath sheet in the house. – Should I go out, I asked after hearing some almost panicked noises from inside. It was quiet for a bit….. – No, replied a small voice, I’m coming out, but promise me you won’t get angry! It sounded mysterious, but I promised I wouldn’t get angry. She came out with the towel held up in front of her. I stood ready with the little towel to dry her hair. – What should I be angry about, I asked her. – This, she replied, lowering the towel.

She had the sweetest endearing face, a pair of small cute breasts, a flat stomach and a cock between her legs. I stood for a while, watching the sight – not quite sure whether to laugh or cry. In fact, she was the answer to one of my very greatest fantasies – a woman-man, a shemale, transsexual or whatever such a thing is called. My ultimate fantasy.

I looked into her eyes, she looked nervously again. Then I sent her a broad smile and handed her the little towel, saying, “It’s just OK. You look lovely and that one down there is only a plus. As she smiled broadly again, I took hold of her little flaccid cock as if shaking hands. It grew and grew to a nice size.

The towels fell to the ground.

The towels fell to the ground and we met in a nice long kiss as I gently masturbated her cock. My fantasy was real now. As it began to twitch in her abdomen, I got down on my knees and took the cock in my mouth and sucked away. I took it all the way to the root and then pulled my mouth back as my tongue pressed on its underside.

She began to gag me. I had a grip on her buttocks and she held my head and fucked to. With a wild moan she emptied her cock into my mouth. It was a good load. I couldn’t swallow it all, so some of it trickled down my chin. I pressed her abdomen right up to my face while sucking and licking the cock completely clean.

She pulled me up and gave me a kiss. – That was nice, she whispered into one of my ears, – I had been craving that for a very long time. Our abdomens were very close together.

She couldn’t help but feel that my cock had grown to full size. I freed myself and picked up the towel and started to wipe her back. To make it easier, she turned around and I rubbed her back thoroughly. I moved further down and especially the buttocks and the back of the thighs were carefully wiped.

I ended by moving the towel up between her legs.

I ended by moving the towel up between her legs and wiped the inside of her thighs, the scrotum (gently) and the crack between her buttocks (almost as gently). I noticed her standing looking at me in the mirror with her eyes half closed. It couldn’t stop here, I had to think of something. I thought so it creaked as I gently nuzzled her back and bottom – something she obviously enjoyed.

There was some cream in the bathroom cabinet. I got it out and started rubbing it on her back. With gentle strokes, I fixed her entire back. I knelt behind her and gave her bottom a careful rub. She had a hard time standing still, especially when I let a finger graze the crack and a few times a little further in and touch the anus.

My cock was simply going. Quickly I got up and rummaged in the cupboard until I found a can of Vaseline. She saw what I was doing and smiled at me in the mirror. I took plenty and lubricated her hole. Also a little up the hole. The tip of my stiff cock got a little too. Then I bent over her back while my cock lay nice and warm between her buttocks. – May I come inside, I asked as I kissed her between the shoulder blades. My hands nuzzled her breasts while pulling her body against mine. – Yes, she replied hoarsely, – come inside.

Do you need a better invitation?

Do you need a better invitation? With one hand I guided my cock towards her anus and lightly squeezed. It was a little hard to get past the muscle, but once the head was in, the rest slid easily. It was an absolutely formidable feeling, to feel her throbbing stiff cock slide up a well-lubricated but tight ass. I slowly pushed all the way in. How it tightened around my cock.

Slowly I began to fuck her from behind. This wouldn’t last long, I could tell. A deep moan escaped me. She smiled back at me in the mirror. – Do you like my ass, she asked. – Yes, I answered honestly, it’s absolutely fantastic, can I go up inside you? – Yes you can, I want it all so I can feel you squirting all the way up there. I slowly pumped on, hard not to just hammer the cock unconsciously into her. Suddenly I came. It’s probably the most intense and violent release I’ve ever experienced. I pushed myself as far up her asshole as I possibly could get, squeezing and squeezing as the semen pumped out of my cock deep inside her.

After a lot of heavy jerking I was able to slowly relax and get my breathing under control. – It was the best thing I’ve ever experienced, I moaned. As I made mine to pull out, she asked me to stay up there a little longer. She turned her head as far as she could and I met her hungry mouth.

We kissed long and intensely.

We kissed long and intensely while making small satisfied noises. Finally, my somewhat limp cock slipped out of her. We turned so we were facing each other and the kissing continued while our hands were busy on her back and buttocks. She was really lovely and had the warmest body. The heat just radiated off her. We stood for a long time enjoying each other’s closeness. Cuddling and caressing and giving out little kisses and nips.

Finally we got loose and washed various body parts again. We dressed – rather scantily, she in a pair of my shorts and a T-shirt, I in shorts and my dressing gown. We were both hungry, so I had to put on a bit more to go to the bakery. It was pure raw fun as we ate breakfast together. We sat close in the kitchen and I loved when she emphasized something she said with a touch or a movement. For a man, she was pretty successful as a woman.

She carefully explained why she had chosen to be bisexual and what difficulties it had caused her. She needed the right partner, one who saw her as a human instead of a mutant who could only be used to get release for her desires. A gentle and loving lover and friend. Even if she had to share the real man with his spouse. As she said the last, she looked urgently at me. I became a little uneasy. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Love you transbabe

Actually, I hadn’t imagined anything at all, but her sitting here in my kitchen and suggesting that she be my mistress (lover is the right term, I guess!) How did I handle that situation? She wanted an answer, I felt, and I thought she was entitled to one. I said that I couldn’t give her the answer she wanted until I had decided for myself what I wanted. It had all happened so suddenly and unplanned that I hadn’t had time to consider the situation.

Then it hit me with a bang. – Did it ever occur to you that you and I might have just had unprotected sex? She had thought of that herself. She knew she was healthy and she had a very clear sense that I was not the type to do such a thing if I had some contagious disease. I fell back down. My reaction showed her that I was not contagious in any way. She got a kiss on the cheek and I started to take off the table. She helped, adorable as she was in my clothes.

As I stood slightly hunched over, wiping crumbs off the dining room table, I felt her standing behind me. She slipped her hands under my robe and caressed my back, sliding up further and nuzzling my nipples. At the same time, she pressed her abdomen against my bottom. With slightly trembling hands, I pulled my shorts down a little. She took over and pulled them off completely.

Then I felt her tongue sliding slowly up.

Then I felt her tongue sliding slowly up the inside of my thigh, up and up so that I was going mad with pure pleasure. Her tongue made a tickling motion that finally hit the crack. I moaned loudly. If there’s one place I’m sensitive, it’s right there. My legs were nearly oozing beneath me. She continued to lick my crack. I moved one leg up on a chair so she could get a better view.

With the desired result. Her tongue worked my hole. It was wonderful. I asked her to fuck me – now. The only lubricant was a bottle of olive oil. She poured some into my crack and then I felt her cock soaking into the oil as it was pulled up and down the crack. Finally she pressed it against my virgin hole. She increased the pressure and I reached back and pulled my balls apart to help her in. It certainly wasn’t easy, but she was persistent and all of a sudden it was there.

Her cock slid into me. She took the direct route right into my butt. I could feel her breasts pressing against my back. My one hand had a grip on her thighs and soon she started moving rhythmically in and out of my hole. I had never experienced being taken from behind. Of course I’ve tried with dildos. It’s not the same. It’s a nice sensation to feel a hot quivering meat rod running out and in especially when I could feel her pick up the pace. – I’m coming, she whispered – I’m coming. And she did.

The pecker was hammered into my bung again and again until it was empty. Out of breath she lay over my back, with her cock up inside me. I squeezed with the sphincter and could feel a few more drops of hot cum flowing out up inside me. After a while she pulled out of me. It felt like she was leaving a gaping void. I turned around and told her I was already looking forward to her filling me out again. She smiled broadly and gave me a big hug, promising me it wouldn’t be the last time. It wasn’t. Most times we meet at her place and have great sex. That’s the thing – only a man knows how another man likes it best – even if that man gives it really good as a woman.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through my short story. It’s the first one I wrote, as far as I remember, and like the others from my hand, it’s a few years old. Hope you liked it.