I was parked at the airport waiting for my wife and her ex-college roommate, Michelle. Linda’s girlfriend was coming from overseas, where she had lived for the past 5 years. Linda and I agreed to let her stay with us until she could find her own place. I had only met Michelle for a short time five years ago at our wedding, and I relished the idea of her being with us. Trans in the picture is Michelle

Michelle was a tall, thin, chocolate-colored woman with very nice, perky-looking breasts. I knew they were very close, but couldn’t spend time with Michelle at the wedding, so I was looking forward to getting to know her. Plus, it was a bonus to see two beautiful women every day.

My wife and her roommate holding hands

As I looked toward the terminal, I saw Linda and Michelle walking toward the car holding hands. Michelle was wearing a tight white dress that reached mid-thigh. The color contrast with her milk chocolate skin was stunning. I got out and she hugged and kissed me on the lips. The aroma of her perfume was almost intoxicating.

Her ruby lips seemed to melt into mine. To be honest, it made me hard very quickly. I was a little surprised to have her tongue invade my mouth. Just a quick shot, but definitely more than a friendly kiss. I could also feel her breasts against my chest, and it was clear she was braless.

After loading her luggage, I got back in the car and watched Michelle climb into the back seat. Those long legs parted easily and I caught a glimpse of her red panties in the rear view mirror. Her watching eyes caught mine and she smiled. I knew I had been caught looking, but Michelle didn’t seem to mind. We lived about 30 minutes away and Linda and Michelle were talking up a storm.

Every now and then I would look in the mirror. Our eyes would connect and she would give me this sexy smile and a look at her panties. With each glance that became more frequent, my engagement grew. It was almost two in the morning when we got home.

Michelle said she was very tired and Linda showed her the way to the guest room. I went to our room and undressed myself. My cock was throbbing and hard. Linda came back into the room, saw me and said, “Not tonight, Rob, Michelle and I are going to talk for a while.” I ignored her and began to unbutton her blouse. Linda was thin like Michelle, but had huge breasts.

Linda insisted no, grabbed her robe and went into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she came out with her robe on and said, “I’ll make it up to you, honey.” I lay in bed, tempted to jerk off. I hadn’t jerked off since I was in college. I remember well that day when my roommate and I jerked each other off in porn.

I watched as this guy pulled down the panties of this beautiful woman with big tits. I was shocked when a big hard cock popped out. Not only that, but I looked at my roommate, and he laughed and said you might like this.

I watched as the guy started sucking and stroking this big dong. I had always been a little curious and was turned on. I looked over at my roommate and saw that he had his jeans around his ankles.

He was stroking his cock and looking at me. John was about 6 with a nice mushroom sized head cut. I already had the beginnings of a hard fight, and seeing him stroke it made me completely hard. I stood up, opened my jeans and pulled them down along with my underwear. My cock was a little bigger than John’s, about 7 with a very large head. I sat down next to him, and his hand left his cock and went to mine. I closed my watching as he moved his hand up and down.

“Do me.” I looked at him and grabbed his cock. It was almost as hot as a poker. I was so tempted to take it in my mouth, but just as I was about to lower my head, he exploded.

His cum shot onto his stomach and my hand, and that put me over the edge. Stream after stream of hot cum shot out of my dick. It had been quite a while since I had cum so hard. Unfortunately, it was our last night at school, and we never saw each other again.

I decided not to jerk off, still hoping Linda would come back and fuck. I turned on the TV, but soon got bored. Then a thought occurred to me, i had been working on the windows shutters that were outside the guest room. The ladder was still there. Maybe I could sneak up and see them.

Maybe Michelle was in her nightshirt. I jumped out of bed, pulled on my jeans, and scurried outside. I climbed the ladder slowly, so I wouldn’t make any noise. It was to the side and I had to lean a little. Michelle had just come out of the bathroom and all she had on was a towel wrapped around her waist.

Her breasts were magnificent. They were perky with very dark aureoles and the nipples hard. I was surprised Linda wasn’t there, but then I heard her voice from the bathroom.

Michelle was sitting at the dressing table putting on her lipstick. It was very sensual to see her apply the cherry red color to her luscious lips. I had to pull back when I thought she was looking at me.

I waited a few seconds and looked back, but it must have been my imagination because she wasn’t looking at the window in the mirror. Then I saw Linda coming out of the bathroom and she was totally naked. Usually it’s her big breasts that get my attention, but my watching widened at the sight of her shaved pussy.

She wasn’t shaved when we fucked last night. “It looks so smooth,” Michelle said. “Yeah, you did your usual great job,” Linda replied. I was taken aback.

Not only did Michelle shave Linda’s pussy, it sounded like they had done it before. Michelle walked over to the bed with her back to the window and looked at Linda. She opened the towel and it fell to the floor, revealing a sweet, firm bubble butt.

“Now we’re both shaved.” My hand went to my cock and rubbed it as I watched Michelle take Linda’s breasts in her hand. Her fingers circled the nipples. Linda’s nipples extend about an inch and a half when hard, and right now they were very hard. I could hear a moan coming from my wife’s lips.

Linda’s hands were also caressing Michelle’s breasts and I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it. I had no idea that my wife was bi or even bi-curious. But as they kissed and touched, she proved that she was definitely bisexual.

The color contrast of Lind’s pearly white skin against Michelle’s dark chocolate was mesmerizing. I watched as Linda moved her hand down and then moaned, “It’s just as big as I remember.” Confused, I watched as she slid to her knees and buried her face in Michelle’s crotch. Michelle’s legs moved back to the bed and she sat down. At that moment I got the shock of my life.

Michelle had a huge cock and no pussy. My wife was giving head to a man and not a woman, and she was loving every second, as it was her moans that I could clearly hear. Linda has fantastic oral skills and it was obvious she was very familiar with Michelle’s cock. It only took a few downward movements of her head and the cock was buried deep in her mouth. My concentration was so focused on Linda that she stared right at me and smiled as I looked up at Michelle.

Her hands moved to her breasts and she took one and brought it to her mouth. Her watching locked onto mine and she began to suck on them loudly. Her slurps mingled with Linda’s moans.

My cock throbbed and I started stroking it. It reminded me of the porn movie I had seen with my roommate in college, only he was living in person and my wife was sucking a transsexual. Michelle motioned for me to come in, so I opened the window up wide and crawled out of my pants with my cock. Linda didn’t notice me until I leaned over and took Michelle’s nipple into my mouth.

Linda looked at me with a glazed look and took my cock in her hand. I watched as Michelle’s saliva covered cock began to fuck my wife’s mouth. Michelle’s nipple seemed to grow longer in my mouth, and I felt a tickle on my ear as her lips touched my earlobe. “You want it too, don’t you?” Wanting it was the understatement of all time. “I think you should share, Linda.” Linda looked up and replied, “Only if he lets you fuck him.” Her statement almost cracked me up.

My own wife wanting to see me doing it with a Trans

My own wife wanting to see me fuck was shocking, but also exciting. Michelle’s hand patted my cheek. “I’ll take it nice and easy on your virgin ass.” I looked down at that monster cock and there was no way it would fit in my ass. Linda opened the top drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lube, squirted some on her hand and started rubbing my asshole.

My God, she really wants me to get fucked. Her fingers felt superb, and I gasped as she started fingering my hole. One finger was soon followed by two fingers. Then she lubed Michelle’s stiff cock, paying special attention to the big bulbous head. Michelle slid back onto the bed and lay flat.

Linda got up and crawled on the bed. Her legs spread Michelle’s face. I moved my legs to each side of Michelle’s waist on the bed. Linda leaned forward and kissed me. We broke off our passionate kiss and she whispered “enjoy it honey.” I could feel Michelle’s hands gripping my ass cheeks and spreading them apart.

The slippery head pressed against my greased asshole. At first, it was a pleasant sensation, then I felt like I was being torn apart. When Linda sensed I was panicking and wanted to stop, she pressed my face against her breasts and kept saying, “It’s going to be okay, baby. “