I introduce you to a new cutie. From the US, Arizona. Cutie Sassy writes this on her profile. Oh wait, you do not believe that she was born as a man. Yet that is how it is. She is 23 years old and sexy and smart. Something like that does not go unnoticed. Sassy has more than 750 admirers. In her room we hear music, in the meantime I’ve been watching her for half an hour. She uses a lot of the same posture, which is why the bottom picture doesn’t differ much.

[KGVID width=”800″ height=”450″]http://www.ladyboyswanted.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/super-babe-tgirlsassy.mp4[/KGVID]

We will soon be buying Ripple and Cardano. First of all, look at what she is doing. Euh, someone doubts whether she was a boy. Sassy doesn’t hesitate, her black skirt goes up. The doubter is now keeping his mouth shut. What do you think? Could she be a model? And not in the category of man or woman. To the moon with Ripple and Sassy..

cutie Sassy