A naughty story for the weekend. A pretty femboy goes to the sauna for physical relief…

Hi, I’m Mia, 20 years old. This is my naughty story. I push the entrance door of the sauna. The exterior does not invite coming to this place. It’s been more than a year since I’ve set foot in this place, but the desire is too strong. It’s been a few weeks already that the desire for a good ladyboy encounter is tickling me.

Everything is good to make me fantasize about this unknown dick: a dildo, a finger, a video, a story and especially about the glory hole. I fantasize about this hole where an unknown cock presents itself in front of my mouth eager to suck it thoroughly and then turn me around to make me take the hole thoroughly to make it cum in my ass dilated by pleasure. That falls well, there is a glory hole in the Atlantis sauna and I really want to try it. After having paid my entrance fee, my brain concentrates only on the pleasure that I will be able to take. I leave my clothes on and keep only an orange towel that covers my sex that I voluntarily show to the curious eyes of males looking for a cock.

The shower will allow me to get in the mood

This already excites me. The shower will allow me to get in the mood. I decide to go to the sauna. A few moments after being installed on a bench, a guy arrives and throws me glances which say a lot about his thoughts. I remain impassive even if I know that my trans darling and my balls can be seen under the towel which is only trying to hide my intentions. A few minutes pass, and then my host leaves. I decide to visit the basement, which includes the famous glory hole. There is almost nobody there.

I inspect the first empty room and then find another one occupied by a transvestite poorly disguised as a woman. A blond wig, not-so-good make-up, fishnet stockings. He stares at me. I hesitate, visit another room and return towards him by making me violent. He is sitting in front of me, and I advance towards him in an authoritative way. He doesn’t flinch when I ask him to suck my pecker as I lift my towel to present him with my freshly waxed cock. Furthermore, he takes it greedily without saying a word. Immediately, the guy from the sauna makes his appearance and puts himself next to the tramp to gobble my balls.

He obviously wants to discover a pretty femboy

He obviously wants to discover me and sucks me like a big pervert, sighing with pleasure. Quickly, the presence of the transvestite bothers him and he suggests me to pass in the next room. I accept immediately and here he is kneeling in front of me; another guy arrives in my back and starts to caress my parting by pinching my nipples. This annoys me and I ask him to stop pinching me. He thinks that I have a nice little hole and that he would like to fuck me. Besides, I feel a finger sinking in me. He then smears his fingers with gel and can search my hole while the first one sucks me while massaging my balls. I want to be taken.

While he uses a dildo on me with his fingers soaked in intimate gel, I grab his thing and jerk him off gently. He is well erected and very excited by the situation. He asks me if I want him to take me. He puts on a condom. I bend my buttocks backward and guide his cock towards them so that he comes to impale me. He thrusts into my hole. His pecker is just the right size and he files me jerkily while I’m still getting sucked. I press my hands against the wall to better arch my back and feel that cock even better. It feels good! The guy who is sucking my cock is getting really excited and jerking my balls while running his hand over my parting. However, the standing position is not ideal for my partners. The cock often comes out because it is difficult to be sucked and sodomized at the same time.

We choose another place to put me on all fours and to be taken in doggy style by my sucker. He humps me wildly while I suck my first straddler. I jerk him off in my mouth and he gasps as he finally says he’s going to cum. Meanwhile, I’m getting my opening fucked by my unknown rider, who asks me to lick his cock all the way in when he comes. I caress my balls while touching his that are slapping against mine. It’s a great feeling. The cock in front of me shoots long streams of cum that end up on the carpet and on my hand. I don’t want to taste this semen, despite my rider’s insistence.

Next, an Asian trans

I caress my balls as well as his which tap against my ass. This one does not delay to cum in my ass also by pushing a moan of pleasure. It is finished for this improvised ride that I appreciated a lot. I go back to the bar to recover a bit and drink a coffee. As soon as I arrive, I notice a dark-haired Asian trans man who is giving me a lot of looks. Looking for a place to sit, she claps her hand on the bench and invites me to come next to her. We got to know each other and a few minutes later, she invited me to follow her. We go to the small lounge. She sits down on the bench and I take off my towel to push my cock in her mouth. She seizes it with avidity while asking me to pinch her nipples. She likes that!

Moreover, she sucks me much better than the two previous ones. I leave her mouth to ask her to get comfortable in a lying position. I kneel down in front of her and grab her face so that her mouth impales on my stiff as wood cock. My hand slides to her lower abdomen. her legs are thin and only a small brown triangle surmounts a tiny beardless cock! I jerk him off while she sucks me deliciously. She massages my balls at the same time with great skill. I want to suck her a little; her cock is soft. Too bad, I go and come faster and faster in her mouth. My cock is hard, I tell him that he sucks well and that I will come soon.

I ask her if I can cum in her mouth, and she answers me enigmatically. It comes hard! She jerks me off with cries of admiration. She takes great pleasure in seeing me cum in her hand, but I’m a little frustrated that she didn’t keep my cock in her mouth. Too bad, it was still very good! We leave each other and I go back to the bar where I find one of my first partners of the afternoon (the one I had sucked while being sodomized by another). He whispers to me that he would like to take me downstairs. I don’t hesitate for a second and we both go downstairs to the room where the sling is, a kind of leather seat suspended from chains. I settle down and spread my legs well to offer him my hole as widely as possible but it is not enough for him.

He takes my ankles and passes them on the other side of the chains. Thus, I have the ass offered to his cock without being able to carry out a movement. the situation excites it terribly, more especially as it starts by introducing me to a finger full of intimate gel while sucking me the cock. The noise of the chains accentuates the excitement. Then comes the moment when his cock presents itself in front of my burning hole. He penetrates me slowly and begins to move in and out of my ass. My body sways to the rhythm of his cock and I feel it enter me well. It’s great because it’s the first time I let myself go like this. He pulls out and suddenly licks my hole with his tongue.

After the moment of surprise, I jerk off while he slides his tongue into my hole full of intimate gel. His cock comes back to file my ass and my partner starts panting while he pistons my ass like crazy. I’m having a great time. He comes back to lick my ass again. I can’t take it anymore and cum once more while jerking off. My partner enters my ass one last time to cum like an animal. The rhythm falls slowly. I free my legs from my chains. My illustrious stranger thanks me for this good moment and leaves me. I take the last shower before leaving to the changing room to change.

Mia Femboy