Rosalyn, are you almost ready honey, our guests will be here soon.” We had invited some friends over that night, four couples our age that we had known for a while. It was spring and already very pleasant outside. And even in the evening, the patio with the heaters was delicious. Transgirl Rosalyn, sweet as ever, had said she wanted to help with the drinks and such that night. We had gotten her crazy enough to dress up as a waitress for the evening and had bought her some special clothes. A pair of high heels that she had to learn to walk in, garter straps, black fishnet stockings, a short black skirt, a sheer black blouse and a short white apron.

A bra wasn’t necessary, Marilyn had said, there was an apron in front of it anyway, and she could leave the panties off for tonight. At first, she thought it was strange, but when she came downstairs she looked like a picture. 18 years old, almost 19 and ready to fall in love. A little bit horny, too, because the garter belt came out a little bit under the short skirt, so you could see a little bit of her bare thighs. And I knew that her trans pussy up there was also exposed. Recently she had also been shaved deliciously smooth, Marilyn had taken care of that.

One by one the couples trickled in and our sweetheart obligingly walked around with a tray of drinks. We also had a caterer bring in all kinds of snacks. At first it looked a bit like a standing reception, but one by one everyone found a place to sit, in the salon, on the sofa, but also outside on the terrace. They all knew each other and soon there was a lot of talking going on. I was sitting outside with one of the couples when Rosalyn came by again with some snacks. She stood next to me and I secretly rubbed my hand under her skirt, first along the inside of her leg, then gently against her bare trans pussy. “Don’t Frank, I’ll get all wet later and I have to work all night anyway,” she whispered. “You can do it again tonight.” I said she could watch TV in the kitchen, the guests had enough for now, I would yell at her.

What she did not know was that it was not just a social evening, the guests were all swingers and had come for one purpose, yes, to make delicious love to each other. So she feast her eyes when she came back inside half an hour later. Two of the women were sitting with their torsos bare, feasting on each other’s nipples. Marilyn was also sitting on the couch, skirt up, being fingered by one of the men. She didn’t know where to look. She was back outside next to Frank. “Honey, calm down, it will get crazier later. This is what our guests came for. And you can join in later.” Again she felt her hand on her trans pussy. “And if you get wet, it won’t be a problem,” he joked.

A little confused, she disappeared back into the kitchen. A sex party? And she had to join in? She was used to a few by now, together, but also when Cynthia came over. But tonight, with all these people. She had been sitting in the kitchen for another half hour, a little nervous, when Marilyn came to get her. Muscularly naked. “Bring you another tray of drinks, honey, the guests are a little dry again.” Rosalyn grabbed the tray and went back inside with her. No one was dressed now, and some were making out with others. “Just put the tray away, honey,” Marilyn said, leading her to the center of the large room. “Folks, you don’t all know her yet. This is not just any waitress, this is our niece and sweet gift daughter, Rosalyn.” She felt completely elated, all eyes were on her now. “Isn’t she beautiful?” Rosalyn didn’t even notice that Marilyn had undone her apron and was taking it off. Her sheer blouse revealed her firm tits and perky nipples. There was a murmur in the room as Marilyn unbuttoned her blouse as well. She leaned down slightly and planted a few kisses on her nipples. “Nice huh honey!” She now had her hand on her bottom and pushed her skirt up slightly.

Meanwhile, she undid the buttons with her other hand, causing the skirt to fall down.

Rosalyn tried to cover her trans pussy, which Marilyn prevented by holding her hand. “Honey, our sweet Rosalyn is going to serve you like this for the rest of the evening. And maybe you can touch her now and then, huh, Rosalyn?” She wobbled a little on her feet but realized that everyone was naked tonight. Marilyn asked her if she would take the tray to serve the drinks to the guests. Reluctantly, she walked over to the small table and bent down to pick up the tray. Everyone could now clearly see her tight ass and also the trans pussy that was slightly hidden between them.

She let the first woman take a drink from the tray. The latter leaned down slightly and gave her a kiss on her stomach. “What a beautiful body you have and a beautiful trans pussy, Rosalyn,” she said as she touched her trans pussy with her hand. Rosalyn was startled and almost dropped the sheet, which fortunately was grabbed by the man sitting next to her. She felt a finger slip between her labia and touch her hypersensitive clit. The woman wrapped her hands around her bottom and pressed her lips to her trans pussy. Shaking all over, Rosalyn lowered her knees and fell backwards onto the couch. Two seconds later, the woman had spread her slender legs, buried her head between them and began licking Rosalyn.

She hadn’t seen it coming, but the woman licked her so wonderfully that she soon surrendered to the mouth and tongue. Especially when two fingers were inserted into her and the woman was able to find her G-spot perfectly. Moments later, she was writhing with pleasure. Another couple had joined them to watch her being pampered. Rosalyn couldn’t take it anymore, Marilyn knew how to find her G-spot too, but what this woman was doing to her was overwhelming. Her inner trans pussy, her clit, she was glowing all over. When the man also bent over her and started sucking on her nipples, she lay there writhing in pleasure. “Come sweet honey of mine, come delicious, let yourself go,” the woman said between her legs.

And that was not too much. She felt her belly grow rock hard, squeezed her legs tightly around the woman’s head and came. Came like never before. For the first time in her life, she felt a huge jet of fluid spurting out of her trans pussy. She thought she was peeing, but for the first time she was squeezing her delicious nectar into the woman’s mouth. Screaming and shaking wildly, she surrendered to the orgasm that seemed to last forever. Trembling violently, she lay on the couch as the woman gave way to the man who had just sucked on her nipples. She did not even notice that he had pushed his glans between her labia and was trying to slide into her still squeezing trans pussy. It took a while too.

Slowly he pushed his phallus deeper into her tight slit and began to fuck her. Leaning on her shoulders and pushing her deeper into the couch cushions, he was now fucking his buddy’s young niece full length. It was probably the first time he’d been in such a tight, squeezing trans pussy as he didn’t last long, growling as he came and squirted his cum deep into her belly. Renalyn lay panting and sweating, being pampered by the woman who had fingered her. It took at least ten minutes for her to regain her senses and walk to the kitchen, her knees buckling on her high heels. She had come hard and was fucked. Leaning against the counter, she drank glass after glass of water before sitting down in the kitchen chair, wondering what else was in store for her. The night would be long.

Two fucking couples she saw when she came back in later and Marlyn was on her knees giving a blowjob to a man. The one man who had nothing to do for a while came up to her and asked where the drinks were. She walked ahead of him to the kitchen to show him. A moment later she had two hands around her that began to massage her firm tits. She now knew she was one of them and let him do his thing. He seemed to really enjoy it and pressed his hard cock against her buttocks. “Come on honey,” he said as he made her bend over the kitchen island. She leaned forward and spread her legs a little. A big hand rubbed along her trans pussy and what she had only experienced a few times, she felt him insert a finger inside her starlet. He moved it up and down a few times, which she did not find uncomfortable.

He let her put her hand back to pull his cock away a little while he fingered her. It wasn’t massive, but it was rock hard. He pulled her buttocks apart slightly and dropped a glob of spit between them. She let out a moan as not one but two fingers entered her starlet. He fingered her ass for a moment before placing his cock in front of her fuck hole. She was already quite wet again and felt the cock enter her. Again and again he pulled it up and down her new trans pussy, a few times, pulled it out and pushed it against her starlet. Up to five times. She squealed when he didn’t push it against her, but into her. She had never been fucked in the ass before.

She wrapped her hands around the edge of the kitchen counter and flailed her legs a little. With small strokes, he pushed him deeper and deeper into her poop hole until he was all the way in. She was still clinging to him, but now she was relaxing a little. She felt his cock slip out a little bit each time, then he drilled it back in as deep as he could. Slowly and gently at first, then faster and faster and harder. Time after time she was really pressed against the kitchen counter with her belly. At first, she found it very unpleasant, but the longer it went on … she found herself beginning to find it delicious. She even had the feeling in her lower abdomen that she was going to have an orgasm.

For at least ten minutes, he had been drilling his cock into her second narrow fuck hole. And she felt her trans pussy cramping again and felt the horny dripping down her legs. The man behind her also let go and squirted his seed into her squeezing asshole. He pulled his cock back and held her pussy open a little more, slowly dripping his seed out, which he licked out of her hole. Very sweetly he held her for a moment, gave her a kiss and went out on the patio. Rosalyn sat down again, completely stunned, she had been fucked in the ass and it was delicious too.