You don’t have to put on the red light. Those days are over.

From that red light won’t happen. It’s more about her being absent now. Call me for a chat, says her HD screen. That picture is of Roxanne, a 30-year-old ladyboy, now a transwoman, but born male. Her video and sound are nice and clear. The many photos on her personal page show a warm Asian country where she was ready for the photographer in various poses. You won’t let such a beautiful Princess walk away, will you? So it’s a pity that she is absent.

Yet an F5 refresh does wonders. Suddenly she is back, and now as a blonde. Roxanne is without make-up and looks amazed into the camera to see if she sees new people. From the looks of it, a warm wind is blowing through her room, the light curtains blowing lightly with the wind. The blonde Trans woman has a very feminine appearance with corresponding shapes. She is feeling warm and uses her keyboard for communication. Just before the question comes, a private chat presents itself. So wait.