A short story of me, a married man, family, and home. And a secret love for ladyboys. The fantasy is about Beautywoman211cm. She has a big penis and I fantasize about her quite a bit.

My wife kisses me goodbye at 7 o’clock. “Bye, I’m going to work,” she says. Half asleep, I also reply with “Bye.” But I can’t get back to sleep and keep thinking, “Oh, I feel like sex.” I rub my hands over my cock and balls, which soon become stiff. That’s because of those delicious ladyboys I watch from time to time. Does that look familiar to you?

I take off my shirt and panties and now lie naked. This feels horny. I grab the tube of lube from the nightstand and put a good cuppa on my hand. I start massaging my cock and balls, moving further and further down toward my butt crack and anus.

Now and then I let a fingertip disappear into my hole. I moan softly and notice to myself that I am getting really horny. These days, I sometimes fantasize about having sex with an extra man there. It seems super horny to suck that one and get fucked by him. I am definitely not gay, but I find this idea really exciting. I think more men sit with this, which is why shemales are also becoming so popular. Anyway, I get the need to fuck my ass. I grab the butt plug from my nightstand and insert it into my already relaxed anus. “Oh, this feels so good!” I walk now, with the butt plug in my anus, to the cabinet where I have hidden my prostate vibrator.

It’s a dark red, U-shaped rod. Back in bed, I slowly pull the buttplug out of my narrow hole. “Oh, how nice this feels!” Now I lubricate the vibrator well with lube and finger myself with another blob of lube for a while, trying to reach my prostate. This just barely succeeds. It’s time for the heavy artillery! I grab my prostate dildo and guide it to my sensitive hole. I squeeze a little and, with slight back pressure, it disappears into my rectum. “Oh, wow, that feels so good!” I moan.

A big drop of pre-cum comes out of my glans. I wipe it up with my finger and swipe it along my tongue. I let myself get used to the padded feeling for a moment. Then I slowly move the vibrator back and forth in my asshole, finding my prostate, which I start massaging delightfully. “This is so horny!” I think, as I fuck myself in my ass and with my other hand lightly pull my cock, still slick from the lube, down. I fantasize about a handsome ladyboy with big breasts and hard nipples taking me hard in the ass. But first I want to suck her hard and suck her breasts.

After a while, I feel my seed rising. I want to cum hands-free this time and stop jerking off. I position the vibrator right on my prostate and try to cum. This takes a while, but that doesn’t matter. The horny feeling stays longer, and I’m loving every second of it. After concentrating for a while and still a few pulls on my swollen cock, I cum overwhelmingly. I moan and gasp, and then I’m done. Four thick strands of seed come out of my hard cock and fall onto my belly.

I still feel horny and want my own cum, so I wipe it away with a paper. I repeat this a few times until my belly is clean, and I lick my fingers. “Huh huh,” I tell myself, “this was hot!” And I remove the vibrator from my now rather open star, turn over, and try to sleep some more, dreaming about