SophiaRichie was fascinated by her feminine side from an early age. She soon realized that she identified more with boys than girls, and that she felt more at home in girls’ clothes. When she first saw a transgender model walking the catwalk at the age of 20, she knew this was her true identity. She began hormone therapy and by the time she was 24, she was a beautiful, tall trans girl with a slender, feminine figure and long blonde hair.

Sophia had always had a strong sexual desire, but now as a transgirl, that desire was even stronger. She enjoyed dressing up in sexy lingerie and showing off her feminine form. She had been saving for breast augmentation for some time, and her breasts were now beautifully round and full. Sophia was proud of them and felt sexy and confident.

One hot summer evening, Sophia decided to go out on the town. She wore a tight, short dress and high heels. She felt the eyes of the passersby on her and it excited her. She loved being watched and knowing that people wanted her. As she walked past a group of boys, she heard whispers and giggles. She looked up to see one of the boys looking at her defiantly. Sophia smiled, knowing that she had his attention.

The boy, whose name was Michael, stood up and walked toward Sophia. She was momentarily startled by the attention, but they soon struck up a conversation. Sophia told Michael that she was a transgender girl, and he seemed surprised, but also interested. Before long, they were kissing and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

They decided to go to Michael’s apartment and once inside, the brakes were off. Michael enjoyed stroking Sophia’s long, blonde hair while she excited him with her sensual lips. Sophia enjoyed feeling his strong, muscular body and his hands sliding over her breasts. They went into the bedroom and Michael laid Sophia down on the bed. He began to undress her slowly, admiring her feminine form. Sophia moaned with pleasure as he kissed and caressed her everywhere. They were both excited and longing for each other.

When the moment came, Sophia revealed her well-hidden secret to Michael. She saw the surprise and amazement in his eyes as she removed her panties, revealing her beautiful, full genitals. She gave him time to process it and he decided he wanted to please her no matter what.

Michael ran his hands over Sophia’s body, massaging her breasts as he placed his mouth on her genitals. Sophia couldn’t hide her arousal anymore and moaned loudly as she pushed his head against her. Michael enjoyed her reactions and pampered her as if she were the most precious and respected woman in the world.

When Sophia came, she felt fulfilled and happy. Michael was the first person to accept and love her as a transgirl and it was a feeling she could not describe. They hugged and fell asleep in each other’s arms, knowing they had found each other on a warm summer night.

The next morning Sophia woke up with Michael’s arm around her and she knew this was the beginning of something special. She had found her true self and someone who loved her for who she was. She was SophiaRichie, a proud and beautiful transgirl, and nothing could ever take that away from her.