I am Anett, a sporty blonde of 21. My story starts with my great passion, handball. Although I am in a relationship with Rick, I love to shower with the other girls after a game. I find it exciting to look at other women’s tits. Then I sneak my fingers into my pussy… There is 1 girl I have a crush on but have never seen naked. Tracy is a gorgeous brunette of 18. She has eyes you could drown in, a pretty face, and very sexy.

But strangely, she never showered with the others after training. Neither before nor after. As we could become champions the following weekend, our chairman gave us a weekend of seclusion in the Ardennes. We slept two in a room, and you can imagine that I slept with Tracy. This morning’s run made me sweat a lot, so I took my clothes off and jumped in the shower. “Join us,” I called to Tracy, “we’re just girls here. “I’ll wait for you to finish,” she called a little embarrassed. After freshening up a bit, I lowered myself down to the bar with the other players. When I got there, I noticed that my bag was still in the room. Back in the room, I heard the shower running.

The door was ajar and I couldn’t resist sneaking a peek. Tracy had a delicious ass, 2 beautiful tits and no…. “This can’t be,” I thought and looked again. As well as nice tits, she also had a large male member hanging between her legs. Tracy heard someone there and came out of the shower. She was startled when she saw me. “Ellen,” she stammered, tears streaming down her face. Although I was quite startled, I felt sorry for her/him, I didn’t really know myself. “Come, come, come,” I said, putting my arms around Tracy. When she calmed down a bit she told me that she felt trapped in her body and that was why she had done the transplants. “You are beautiful,” I whispered and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. Before we realised it, we were tongue-kissing on the bed. We got hornier and hornier.

Tracy’s member became harder and I couldn’t resist touching it. Slowly, Tracy undressed me and stroked the nipples of my breasts. She took off her shower cap, her long brown hair falling over her bare shoulder blades. My pussy was wet and with a horny look on her face, she pushed her member into my pussy. It was more intimate than with my boyfriend Rick. I stroked her breasts and felt her member slide further and further into my body. She came first, and I licked the tip of her head with my tongue. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks, but Tracy will go through life as Laurens from now on. My boyfriend Rick and I have split up and Laurens and I are still a couple because he is different.