Of course, this wonderful story of a German man (Vielen Dank, Hans) is backed up by a photo. And that’s Arlenee, a 19-year-old German ladyboy. But wait, could it have happened like that?

Arlene worked in a strip-tease tent in Berlin. She was a beautiful woman and with her full breasts, long legs and shapely ass, she could work in any strip-tease tent she wanted. The one she worked in was a not so big one and also a not so well known one, but still she had been enthusiastic from the beginning and that was because She-Male, that was the name of the strip-tease tent, was the only one in Berlin, where a transsexual could perform and Arlene was a transsexual of the first order !!! Back in the day when her name was Dennis, she was not really unhappy with her body, but still there was something she missed and soon in her still young life she had surgery. That had been the most drastic period of her life, but in retrospect, she was glad she had done it, because as a woman she really felt like a fish in water.

Night after night she was doing her show; she was then dressed in a sexy short skirt with fishnet stockings, suspenders and high heels and as she slowly stripped down to her panties in front of dozens of men to the exciting music, her horniness rose just as quickly along with it. The moment she finally took off her panties, and the surprised looks from all those guys was the highlight of the evening for her. For some time now she had noticed that every night the same man came to watch her show. He just looked at Arlene and she could see from his eyes, that he was enjoying it. One night she decided to go into the bar after the show and talk to the man. His name turned out to be Hans and he was a representative of a truck dealership.

They got into an animated conversation and eventually, everything pointed to her taking him back to her apartment because Hans was definitely an attractive guy and she had gotten so horny again that night from her own show. This time she didn’t feel like being alone in bed and so she decided to take Hans with her. He knew she was transsexual so that barrier was already taken. Hans made himself comfortable on Arlene’s big couch and he waited impatiently for her. She had told him she would be changing for a while and every man knew what that meant in these situations.

He was looking forward to seeing Arlene in horny lingerie and he was not disappointed in that; Arlene was wearing a soft pink babydoll with ditto panties underneath. She walked up to him and sat down next to him, crossed her legs and pressed herself against him. Hans reciprocated her hugging with a hot French kiss, and soon they were making love close to each other. Arlene was a hot and experienced woman and Hans was not much different. They didn’t have to wise up or teach each other anything and soon Hans had stripped Arlene of her tiny panties. He bent forward and Arlene’s cock jumped at his face.

He let his greedy mouth slide slowly around her genitals and felt at the same time, that Arlene was also indulging because without him noticing much, she had opened his pants and conjured up his thick penis from his underpants. Both of them were now in position 69 sucking each other hot and the cum ran down their wet lips. Hans was sucking his Arlene with devotion and Arlene was already doing not much else. At one point, Hans decided to take Arlene from behind, and Arlene was already moving forward on her knees on the couch to receive Hans’s thick cock. He wet his fingers and rubbed sexily on her buttock seam, making it nice and slippery. Arlene was already moaning out in pleasure, and she wondered what it would be like once she had Hans inside of her. Moments later, Hans’ glans felt against her beautiful round rosette and immediately thereafter he penetrated her from behind. A wonderful fine tingling went through her body and she moaned with pure pleasure. Hans did too, as he felt her warm anus all around his cock. He now began to slowly but surely fuck her faster and faster and wildly both bodies jerked against each other. Hans felt his orgasm coming soon, but he knew that Arlene wanted to enjoy his fuck much longer. Therefore, he held back for a moment each time, until the rising orgasm had subsided, but then he began to fuck again like a man possessed.

Arlene was still on her knees in front of him and felt his hands closing around her beautiful round hips. This was often the sign, that men were going to cum, because they were no longer holding it back now and Hans was no exception. He wanted to take his cock out of her hole, but she stopped him with a movement of her head and a light moan; Hans could, yes had to cum in her, that was what she wanted! Hans didn’t let her say that twice, and now went like a mad dog in her blissful ass. She suddenly felt his orgasm coming and the waves of sperm rushed deep inside her. Hans moaned out in pleasure and panted heavily. When he had guided the last drop from his cock into Arlene, he pulled his increasingly limp cock out of her asshole and lay down panting on the couch. Arlene didn’t leave him alone for a moment, however, because now it was her turn. She got on top of him and brought her cock to Hans’s mouth and let him suck on it.

Hans took Arlene’s heavy spear in both hands and slowly began to suck her. He was enjoying that warm spear in his mouth while there was otherwise a hot and exciting woman on top of him. Arlene was moaning now and began to slowly fuck Hans in his mouth. Hans grabbed her by her beautiful round ass and rubbed and squeezed it lustfully. He was getting excited by this beautiful bum in his hands. Arlene now began to pant and moan more and more heavily and it was clear to Hans that his bed companion was about to cum and he decided, that Arlene would be allowed to cum in his mouth; after all, he had cum inside her as well. As Arlene’s orgasm came, Hans felt the warm stream of cum being squirted into his mouth and he forced Arlene to keep squirting into his mouth by grabbing her ass from behind and pressing firmly forward. That night they would both cum once more and Arlene’s flat became Hans’ regular stopover when he was on his way to the northern provinces, but he was willing to make a slight detour for other provinces as well….