A story of a boy who becomes a trans girl and leaves the small town for the big city. There she finds new friends who like her to be submissive. Photo is of trans girl Judy

I had moved from a small village to the city to find work, as there was nothing in the village or nearby. I had managed to scrape together the storage to get myself a small bed near the center of town. It wasn’t much, at least it was comfortable, it also meant I could easily go to the pubs and clubs. At the age of 21, I needed a job, which seemed to be very sparse to find at the moment.

On the plus side, though, it meant I could dress whenever I wanted without anyone recognizing me as a man. My parents seemed less pleased when I least told them I wanted to be a trans girl, and since the day I left home, we have never spoken. My doctor quickly put me on the path to my dream after seeing a psychiatrist a few times when I was prescribed hormones. After a long time of settling in and noticing a slight improvement in my breasts, I decided to go out on a Friday night to cheer myself up since I still didn’t have a job in my new life as a trans girl. I first shaved my body to make sure it was completely hair-free and smooth. Next, I dried off and rubbed some moisturizer on my skin to give it an extra soft look with a sexy glow. I went into the bedroom and opened my drawer, taking my time to select a pink bra and panty set.

I put them on, making sure to pull on the straps, so the bra fits my breasts perfectly. Then I made sure I hid under the hiding place of the bulge. I opened my closet and looked for something to wear while looking through my clothes. Finally, I could see what I wanted, it was perfect and made me smile. I pulled out the denim strap dress with a rose motif over the front pocket and added a pink t-shirt, which she carefully placed on the bed. Sliding the t-shirt over my head and my arms through the armholes, I smoothed out and stepped into the dress, placing the straps over my shoulders. I looked at myself with a big grin, just because I knew I would have a lot of eyes on me as a new trans girl.

I selected some huge earrings and slipped them through my ears, which closed tightly. I applied my makeup in front of the mirror, blue eye shadow mixed with white to highlight the corners to make my eyes look wide. I took a pink lipstick and gave them a few coats, making sure to blot for each layer. Then I added gloss to complete the look. Using a large brush, I put a light touch of Ber on my cheeks. I felt good and started to hope I looked stunning. I got out my blow-dryer and started styling my hair, leaving it slightly damp. I was able to use my curling irons to give my long brown hair strands. Finally, I picked out some shoes, deciding to wear black sandals to complement the nails I had done that morning along with my fingernails. On my way out, I grabbed my bag and headed to the pub, a gay-friendly place where everyone was always nice and always a great place to start a good night. While at the bar, I noticed an out-of-place older couple staring at me.

Had they never seen a trans girl before?

They seemed to be talking and looking over, so I smiled before sitting at a table. The music was coming from the jukebox well, and I chatted with several friends before deciding to go into the club and finish my drink before I left. I decided to go to a smaller mixed club. By mixed I mean it was frequented men and lesbians and of course some transsexuals and transvestites. I ordered spiced rum and coke and decided to stand at the bar for a while. As usual, the usual crowd got better at music. The lady from the bar gently tapped on my shoulder. “Would you like to dance?” She asked. “Yeah, why not,” I replied before following her onto the dance floor. We danced for a while, not really saying much. As I just moved in sync with the music, I felt like we looked good together in the mixed crowd of same-sex dancers. I looked around for the man she was with at the pub and noticed he was sitting on a stool with his eyes on us. I guessed the age was around the late 40s since she was a bit younger. “Your friend seems to be enjoying the view,” I said as the music slowed. “This is my husband Hank, I’m Anna,” she said as she held me close and ran her hands up and down from my waist to my ass. Her knee crunched in my crotch and my cock felt like it wanted to escape there and then. “I’m Judy, does he mind you dancing with a transsexual like me?” “No, he’s fine, young lady,” she grinned.

She nibbled gently on my ear before asking; “If you don’t mind being dominated, maybe we’ll get a fuck.” I lay in bed as if I had never been with a woman before, wondering how Hank fit in with me. My head was spinning just thinking if he was going to watch, did he mind joining in. I had never been dominated either, so worried I some also, I was willing to give it a try. “Let’s go get a drink,” Anna spoke in my ear, breaking my thoughts. We got to the bar and she asked what I wanted to drink before Hank paid for our drinks. “Hank, this is Judy, isn’t she cute? Such a pretty trans girl”. He nodded before saying hello and smiling back at me. We drank before she went back to dancing. As we danced in the time she still held me closer than before, she explained that sometimes she liked to be in control of someone younger and liked trans girls like me. She told me she wanted to dress me and just tie me down, which didn’t sound bad to me. This was like an older woman’s dream come true to attract me, and possibly in front of her husband, I soon agreed to join them at their house.

We drank more before leaving the club and getting into their car for a short drive back to the detached house they owned on the outskirts of town. As we entered their home, which was large and spacious, Anna said; “You pour our drinks while I help Judy”. I followed her up the stairs and into a dressing room, a little lost sheep. “Don’t worry about it, I just want to change your shoes and give you some socks to wear, you look pretty good tonight anyway.” Those words made me smile as she handed me black Mary Jane shoes and long white knee socks. “Put them on for me Sweety, now be a good girl for me, this will make you look so much prettier I promise. The shoes were just a little tight, the socks fit her perfectly and told me to settle for just the shoes for tonight “What do you think now?” she asked Hank as we entered the lounge and picked up our drinks from the coffee table. “Oh wow, she’s even cuter now,” Hank said with a big grin. She asked me to pose in front of her before she patted the sofa, so I could sit between them.

Anna explained that they were in a domestic discipline relationship where something was missing. As we drank and talked she told me that Hank was like a daddy homeschooler, she felt that sometimes she was mommy, Hank could punish her. I was now totally confused by what she had said! They need a trans girl! We talked into the night about how she couldn’t have children and how her relationship with me worked, and told them how I had moved to find work and eventually become a girl. As the night went on, she grabbed me and pulled me over her knees, lifted my dress up, and exposed my panties to Hank. She teased my ass, which previously circled;. Beat! Beat! Smack! I bit down hard on my bottom lip as her spanking got harder. “N-n-no, please, I’m not asking you so hard.” I managed to grunt with tears in my eyes and began to think I had bitten off more than I could chew. I just thought to myself, I just have to grin and bear it so I don’t let anyone down. As quickly as she started, she stopped and gently rubbed my red ass, which eased the pain.

Although it had hurt by the time I felt my cock getting harder. “You naughty trans girl, did I tell you to enjoy it?” she barked at me. “S-So sorry,” I yelled, she started hitting me again and realized she must have known all along. This time when she was done I felt something cold against me as she rubbed against my hole before I felt her finger open it. She pulled her finger out and suddenly pushed a plugin. I gasped rather loudly as I felt it stretch me wide, then my ass closed back around the main bulb and held it in place. It was my first time having a plug used on me that felt strange. I got that strange feeling as my ass was filled.

When I was still over her knee, my legs twisted around the jelly. “It seems like she likes to be full, doesn’t it?” Hank agreed with her in a flash. “Yeah, she just wants to please her mama, I guess,” Hank interjected. He stood up and walked around me before opening his pants and pulling out his already stiff cock. Shoved it in my mouth and fucked really deep, giving me a taste of his cum. “That’s a good trans girl, suck daddy good, or I’ll make mommy punish you again!” I gagged and swallowed as he thrust hard into my mouth like it was a pussy. Almost similarly, he pulled his cock away from me as Anna pulled the plug out of my ass. I didn’t even have a chance to move. Anna held me tight as Hank slammed into me. I could soon feel his balls slapping against my ass and was soon pushing back on him as he got faster and faster. “Oh God Yesssss!” Hank moaned as he pumped gallons of hot cum into me before pulling out. Hank entered my mouth again and told me to clean his cock while Anna put me back in. When he was satisfied, he withdrew. I felt Anna lose her grip on me as she allowed me to finally stand again.

Then she patted the sofa next to her and told me to sit down. Hank was sitting in a chair across from us. Anna pecked me on the cheek; “I hope you enjoyed that?” She asked. “Yes, it was nice,” I replied, thinking to myself that just getting fucked was worth it. Anna got up and left the room after returning about 5 minutes before sitting down. She whispered in Hank’s ear, so I couldn’t hear what was being said. He whispered back before she leaned in next to me. “I’m a beauty therapist and Hank is a banker. Do you work, Judy?” I shook my head in response before she said; “We could maybe help you then if you were interested, you wouldn’t mind dressing for us full time as a sexy trans girl?” Asked Anna. “What do you mean?” I asked. “You could move in with us. We’d make sure you didn’t want anything. You would call us mom and dad and dress like we always tell you.” I thought about it for a while, I knew I would have to get dressed full-time at some point, so why the heck not now it made perfect sense to me. “You would move in as our daughter if you agree?” Hank said as he handed us each a different drink. “I’ll teach you to cook clean and so much more about dressing, Judy if you’re okay with that?” Anna told me.

She then explained how they would help me pay for my surgery and buy my clothes for me. “Are you ready to be our daughter and take care of mom and dad’s needs?” “I made up the guest room for you tonight, why don’t you give us an answer in the morning?” We finished our drinks before I was shown to my room and they were just in the next room. Anna got me a nightgown to borrow for the night. I put the nightgown on and put a blur of what had been said to bed. I turned on my side so the plug was more comfortable. I didn’t sleep much that night and morning came soon. Anna entered my room. “Good morning, darling, how did you sleep?” “Well thank you” I lied the plug was still in me didn’t help either. “Have you still thought about becoming our daughter?” I hadn’t thought about anything all night and my heart ruled my head. It really was a dream come true to be able to dress full-time!

The added bonus of having my trans girl surgery paid for also sealed the deal. “Yes, I would very much like to be your daughter,” I smiled sweetly. She told me about her own childhood, how bad it was after her parents separated and she was in foster care. She wanted to get those lost times back and thought the best way to do that was to do it through me. We got up and dressed and all met in the kitchen for breakfast, just toast, and cereal. Anna broke the news to Hank as we ate. “That’s great news, Judy, welcome to the family.” “Thanks, Hank” A leg-up response was quickly given to my reply. “It’s Daddy Now and don’t you forget it!” “Sorry Daddy,” I quickly replied. My new mommy announced that she would be shopping most of the day and that my dad would be picking up my personal belongings from my bed and I could give my message that I was leaving or that I had already left. After breakfast, my new mommy took measurements and my shoe size with her comment that my boobs were just perfect, just like for my new role. Dad drove me to pick up my things while mom went shopping. I soon packed what I had, scribbled a note for the landlord who lived downstairs, and posted it and my keys through the mailbox after the car was loaded. “Leave your stuff here in the lounge.” Daddy pointed to a spare room. I was told to fix lunch, and we talked after I had washed up most of the afternoon. Finally, Mommy arrived with a car full of groceries, which I helped her take. My new mom soon told me that everything was for me and that I should take her to my new room on the other side, not the guest room where I had been sleeping As I walked into the room, I noticed that it was completely decorated as a teenage girl’s room. Even the posters on the walls were all current boy bands. It was a real girl’s room.

Which I really liked, and I just knew I could be very happy in my new room. “I’ve looked through everything, Judy, come out to the backyard.” Shouted mom up the stairs. I went outside and was able to put all of my things in a yard waste burner. That was the moment Daddy lit it right in front of me! “Well, you’re here to stay bunny, so you don’t need any of that!” Explained Mommy. “Now let’s try on some of the purchases I bought for you and then put them away.” As I tried on different outfits and Mummy agreed, she explained that I would dress younger at home, so when I was out with them, I would be dressed a little older. After a while, she told me to put on some white cotton panties and a matching bra along with white socks. She chose some very tight denim shorts along with a vest with a Betty Boo motif and had also designed me some new makeup and other beauty products. “Put your new clothes away and I’ll call you when dinner is ready,” she said as she walked down the stairs. That night, Daddy explained the house rules and announced that Mama would need some time to teach me how to cook for at least the next week.

We then sat and watched TV, with me preparing a drink or two for all of us before it was bedtime. That night I slept well and realized it wasn’t going to be all punishment and sex. It looked like I was going to be very happy from now on. Sunday morning I got up with no sign of anyone and decided to take breakfast like Saturday and toast it with tea. I put everything on a tray, went into the room and knocked before entering. I felt very pleased with myself. “We are on a Sunday, Judy without breakfast!” Dad yelled at me. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” “Stand in the corner until I say another nose to the wall!” I did as I was told as I listened to them eat without daring to look for fear I would be punished. After that, I had to endure their loud lovemaking. I couldn’t help but turn my head. Daddy soon noticed and told me to turn around again. Finally, Daddy spoke; “Go to the store and get my paper”. He told me the one he wanted and gave me the money to get it for him. When I came back, they were up and dressed. I helped Mom the rest of the day with the housework and preparing dinner.

In the evening, we watched TV again before I was sent to bed at 10 pm, which surprised me. Monday I was woken up by mom because I had to get dressed and go to the kitchen with her. I was shown how to prepare Dad’s cooked breakfast just right for him before he left for work. The whole week consisted of cooking, cleaning, washing with makeup, hair care and some free time on a sun lounger. I earned a few slaps during the week and some corner time from Daddy at night, no sex and no punishment and was always sent to bed each night. Friday night came and I had prepared dinner myself after we ate. We watched TV as we had done most nights. “Judy tonight is punishment night before me,” Daddy suddenly barked in a very loud voice. “And you can join her, Anna.” We instinctively stood side by side and lowered our heads to the floor. Mommy’s list didn’t take long for him to read me things I did wrong for an entire week until one night I went to bed two minutes too late. “Judy sits down at the desk and writes me 100 lines. I can never be late to bed on a school night or suffer the consequences on a Friday.” I was shocked to be asked, while listening to Dad beat Mom hard as she sobbed quite loudly before being put up against the wall like me. My hand hurt from the lines I immediately finished Daddy off with. “Bring them here!” he demanded. I handed him the lines, which he looked at before tossing them in the trash can.

He ordered me to bend over the back of a chair and simultaneously lowered my panties to lift my skirt. I got ready to wait for his first spanking. I screamed out loud as I felt a cane across my ass. All I could think was shit that hurt like hell. More soon came down with me in tears long before he was done! My butt was instinctively covered in welts. I rubbed my very sore ass before getting a very hard spanking from Daddy telling me not to do it. I was then also sent to the corner next to mommy after he pulled up my panties. We seemed to stand in front of the wall for hours before Daddy broke the silence again. We stood in front of him again and bowed our heads in shame. “Step forward Judy, I have something for you.” He lowered my panties and fastened a pink chastity belt around my cock and balls. ” I’ve seen the way you keep looking at Mummy when you think I don’t notice, so it stays! “. He attached a lock.” Now thank me. ” He opened up and noticed his already stiff cock. I dropped to my knees to suck him dry. I wanted his cum in my mouth so bad and he wouldn’t let me down, he pushed my head deeper and deeper on his cock. “You better watch how she does it, Anna, because this trans girl can teach you a thing or two about sucking cock.”

Now I felt really good as I moved my head up and down harder from time to time, catching my breath as I teased the tip. “Oh god, yes, suck it good, kiddo, I’m gonna cum!” “Yesssss!” he grunted. Squirt after squirt and hit my tonsils as I swallowed the last drop out of him before cleaning up his cock. Then he had me kneel back a little more from him. The crossed palms of my leg were face down on my knees before he let Mummy’s legs stand apart. He lowered her panties and slapped her hard again, making me look at her this time. She showed no pain as his other hand was around her teasing her pussy. Her moans got louder as he played with her clit now before she couldn’t take it anymore, screaming in a huge orgasm and squirting all over my face. “I forgot to tell you Judy Mama is a squirter, I would say like you.” Laughing hysterically. “Well like you used to anyway!” Mama turned crimson at what he had said and I was all wet and red with embarrassment too. He told Mom to get dressed. “Here’s my paddle, honey, it’s your turn to punish Judy!”

Mom grabbed the paddle before putting me over her knees on the straight-backed chair Dad had knocked me onto. Another list of things I had done wrong was piled on soon before. A steady, determined rhythm rose on my butt as she pounded harder and harder with each new stroke. Again I burst into tears and begged her to stop, to offer to improve my ways or do anything either of them asked of me. She finally stopped when I had no idea how many had been given to me, and my eyes burned with tears. “Thank you, mom and dad,” I sobbed. “See you in our room from you!” Shouted Daddy. Daddy climbed on the bed and asked me to join him, so Mummy knelt and watched as he did me in every possible position before finally shooting his load deep inside me. He then had Mummy lie on the bed before he put me over her face and she cleaned my pretty trans girl face. I then screamed in ecstasy as I had an orgasm of my own. We all lay on the bed together and cuddled for a while. “Bedtime, Judy,” daddy snapped at me. “Night I love you,” I said as I went to bed. As I slept, I wondered what I would bring next week.