Hi, I’m John. A German by birth and with my girlfriend, I experienced a super hot vacation with a trans woman or shemale if I may use that. She’s very similar to this cutie named Chloe. I now know that she was a model.

Last summer we were on vacation to Colombia. We are a spontaneous couple, me, John 39 years old, and Kim 29 years old. Already 10 years together and the vacation had to send our relationship dip away. We had a dip in our relationship. There was almost no sex, and everything seemed as if it should be. On the way to Colombia, we discussed what was causing it. We were both clear that it was a dip since we were still crazy about each other. The first few days at the campsite were quiet and cozy. The hotel was well positioned overlooking the beach. Yet the sex still hadn’t returned. During an evening on the beach with a nice drink, we talked about it. The tension was gone, it had to come back. But how? Kim still looked delicious. She was 29 years old, you’d estimate she was 24 or 25 years old.

Beautiful white tight skin, nice round 75c cup breasts with small but horny nipples. Lovely tight buttocks, horny flat tummy, and always a lovely smooth shaved pussy. Not too big and so just still a hot little thing, several tattoos and a tongue piercing, and her dark hair down to her shoulders. She always wore a thong bikini and was always on display. From our neighbors, we had heard that just beyond the beach behind the dunes, there was more happening. Since they were always on the beach. This was talked about, since this did seem like something exciting, and we used to fuck around outside. Kim laughed and said, okay, exciting, but good chance someone will want to join in. I laughed and said, sounds exciting. Kim sipped her wine and looked at me with a pair of fun eyes. So you want to say that I can legally cheat. That’s what it comes down to, I laughed. Kim looked at me laughing and said, that sounds hot. But if we walk there, the neighbors know enough. Well, that was true. But you do like it then. Kim laughed shyly and said, yes actually. The idea that another gets horny from me and does it with me I find nice and horny. I laughed and said, then we should try it. A few days went by and the sex was back with us. However, always with the story that maybe she would do with another woman.

It was Saturday, we came back early to the hotel. Kim had a new white thong bikini that she put on. The neighbors got in the car. They opened their window and said, we’re going to have a look in the mountains. That’s something different. We waved them off and looked at each other. You could read the tension on her face. I took our large towels and cooler. Filled it with wine and beer. Some food with us and off we went. After walking for 10 minutes on the beach, we came to the part where some people were sunbathing. We walked a little further and there it was quiet. We sat down and decided to have a look first. It didn’t take long before I saw another woman, at least it seemed that way. She came closer and was very beautiful to look at, Muscular and with full breasts. And did I now see a sizable clit in her panties? It wasn’t long before she was near spreading her towel.

Kim was wearing her new thong bikini and you could see that her panties were wet. I smiled and said, come pack our things and head over the dunes. Slightly nervous, we walked across the dune with our stuff. Saw some small and large dunes but nothing more. We walked a little further and found a large sandpit. We laid down our towels and Kim lay down again. Topless she lay there. I got up and walked up a bit and drank my beer. Walked a little further because I thought I saw something. But it was nothing. I stepped towards the pit again. I could see over it and now saw Kim sitting there and saw that pretty woman standing there, she was so pretty to look at and they were chatting. I looked at the trans woman. Her panties were well filled, but she was talking and acting very feminine. She had nice wide hips and a full bunch of curls. Furthermore, she was nicely clean-shaven and had a tanned body. They laughed and chatted a bit. What was going to happen? I decided to stay and watch for a while. It was exciting that I was peeking. She knew she was allowed to cheat with a woman, but yes she dared and did. The trans woman took off her panties and took a step forward, and I saw Kim smiling and looking around her. We had eye contact for a moment. She smiled and nodded yes to the trans woman. Kim sat down properly. I looked wide-eyed now, Kim grabbed his cock and pulled. She was really doing it. As she pulled that cock off and it started to get hard, she looked at me with a smile, looked at that cock again and started sliding her tongue and piercing over his glans.

I just about snapped out of my swim boxer. She was just sitting there at her leisure entertaining a wildly strange trans woman.
She now had two hands around his completely stiff cock sucked him vigorously and played with his small balls. She had her head held and was making, shaking motions. It looked like she was enjoying it. Well, she was doing it nicely. How far should she go, just sucking until she comes, it seemed like. The trans woman withdrew his cock and slumped through her knees. Pushed Kim on her back and caressed her breasts and pulled her nipples. Okay, that was something she did love, being pulled on her nipples. The trans woman slid down and stroked her crotch. She pulled off her thong and she grabbed her cock and pulled on it. She pushed her legs wide and up. Now began to stroke her pussy. What a horny sight this was. She fingered her pussy and played with her breasts and let herself be jerked off. She bent down and started licking her pussy and rotated on top of her in position 69. I moved to a different position. Was standing closer now. I heard her panting and saw her sucking heavily again. I heard the transwoman moving faster and saw Kim’s lower body moving briskly.

So she was cumming with another transwoman and it could be heard. The transwoman turned and said something to her. She lay next to Kim and stroked her and licked her nipples. She said it again, but yes, Kim doesn’t speak Portuguese. The trans woman turned and slid over her, clearly, she wanted to fuck her. Kim apparently didn’t have enough to ejaculate once and her legs parted and she was now between them. Would the trans woman really be allowed to fuck her? She moved around a bit and I could clearly see her cock sliding along her pussy. That was pretty easy, so she was soaking wet. She moved up a little and I could see her glans pushing against her pussy. Kim placed her hands against her stomach, later I heard her to stop it, there was no condom. The transwoman pushed her hips forward and her cock slid between her chattering wet labia. She slid into her now. Kim’s mouth fell open. It was quite a big cock, big but also thick. Very slowly she moved her lower body. Kim still appeared to be pushing but didn’t say anything, and soon the trans woman was on top of her and moving her cock deep inside her. Kim raised her legs and closed them around her buttocks. She had surrendered, she said later, it was so good. Her name was Chloe, 23 years old.

Too bad about the condom, but she was too horny and wanted to be taken by this gorgeous woman.

She now started to fuck my beauty. She placed her nails in her back and increased the pace. I heard her say yes yes yes and saw and heard her cum. The transwoman got off and lay down and as if it hadn’t been enough, Kim now sat on top of him. She held her cock up and I could now clearly see how big it was. She sat down with her back to her face. She looked at me and grabbed her uncovered dick, smiled and gently sank down with her mouth open. After a few times, she slid all the way in and started going up and down more and more wildly. She kneaded her breasts and pounded her cock deep in…. How horny she was, and apparently she was having a great time. She twisted on her cock and went up and down wildly. I looked and was shocked, there was a second blonde shemale coming. She walked right up to them, was also naked, and had a hard-on. She stood behind Kim who still didn’t realize anything. She grabbed her breasts and kneaded them, Kim was shocked but couldn’t do much unless she stopped fucking and she didn’t want to. She turned her head to see who was on her and immediately she had the trans woman’s stiff clit against her mouth, it was open from panting and the trans woman put her dick in her mouth.

Where I thought she would stop now she went ahead and just started sucking that cock too. Wow, the two of them exchanged regularly and fucked my whopper all over the place. Her mouth and pussy filled all the time. She was on her knees and that second transwoman was fucking her. She fingered her asshole and now pushed her glans against her asshole. No, he may never do that I laughed. Kim just kept sucking and so after a few times, the guy slid anal. Ok, I stepped closer too and the trans woman laughed, so they didn’t know I was her boyfriend. Kim was taken quite a bit in her ass. Well then she must be really horny otherwise it won’t work. The trans woman with the big dick turned under her and I saw how she pushed her dick in her pussy. Very slowly now two cocks were sliding into her. Kim had her mouth open and was looking at me in a very horny way. I pushed my dick into her mouth and said, suck another dick. We were doing her double now. What a horny sight.

Especially now that I was in on it too. The transwoman in her ass started moaning and squirting her seed in her ass. Kim was lying on her back. The transwoman waiting for more. I laughed and pushed my cock into her mouth and played with her breasts. That trans woman pushed her big cock into her pussy again and fucked her hard again. It was obvious that Kim was going to come again, and that trans woman growled and squirted her seed against her pussy and even squirted up to her face. Her breasts were covered, and she squeezed it empty against her bottom. I squirted my seed into her mouth for the first time in our relationship. That was horny!!

Both transwomen walked away, and Kim rinsed everything clean with a bottle of water. We were alone again and I looked at her. I think you enjoyed yourself. She laughed and said yes was really nervous at first, actually, I didn’t want it. What motivated you then I laughed. She came close and told me in poor English that I had to suck her. Now that I found it exciting and honestly her dick was huge. Well, when she crawled on me and I felt her dick slide through my pussy it was double, I wanted it but she had no rubber and wanted to stop him. But she was too strong and the feeling too good. When she slid in, I was sold and wanted her to fuck me. I was shocked when I felt those strange hands and I turned my head and immediately had that cock in my mouth. I thought this was you. But it wasn’t. But I was so horny at the time that I didn’t care.

Then anal and even double, that was really horny and wonderful feeling. That they came in and around my holes I didn’t care anymore and that you filled my mouth was fine by me too. The next day it was clear Kim wanted to do it again, why not I laughed. Without hesitation, we walked past our neighbors as if we didn’t see them. Again into the dunes and again into that big sandpit. Kim immediately lay down naked. I walked away again and wanted to see it from a distance. Just found that very horny peeping at her. Soon that same transwoman from yesterday was there again. Soon she was sucking him and licking her. Now I looked closely that was our neighbors. They both laughed and looked into the pit. The transwoman walked over and it could be seen she had a hard-on. The woman next door followed and she was naked too. Pretty good tits she had. She stepped in just as the shemale pushed her big cock back into her. Kim was shocked but couldn’t do much as she got that big cock deep inside her. i heard the neighbor say so that’s a big cock in you. Kim sagged and said yes nice. The neighbor sat over her and sat with her pussy on her face. I looked wide-eyed and saw how Kim started licking her bare pussy. Wow how horny.

I was startled, I woke up. Damn, I had been dreaming. But Kim indeed wanted to go back to the place. She found it horny that I was peeping at her. We had left before the neighbors, so they didn’t know we were there. She was taken like a horny slut by that trans woman. Kim let herself be taken hard and was really covered in seed. I had been watching and masturbating all this time. Kim admitted that she had enjoyed fucking me and that I had been watching and jerking off. A few days later we were having drinks with our neighbors in the evening. The transwoman laughed and said, have you seen twice now while you were behind the dunes. Is it indeed that exciting. Kim’s head turned red. I laughed and said, well quite. The neighbor laughed and said, in the evening it is also fun. Dark and exciting. We came further into the dunes where there was a small lake. The transwoman stood behind Kim and laughed and said, may I. She grabbed her breasts and opened her jogging jacket. Soon there were several of her friends. Kim was naked and sucking the trans woman’s cock. She smiled and said, nice she does it really nice. The trans woman stood behind her and fucked her standing up.