Tgirl Aubrey Kate is a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Real Estate agent. More often than not, her male clients lose sight of buying or selling real estate when they see her, which is always a struggle as she tries to be taken seriously as a business woman. Out of nowhere, she received a call from her ex-boyfriend Connor Maguire about seeing a house, and she reluctantly agrees to show it to him despite their past.

Connor is seriously interested in the property, but despite his best efforts to behave, after laying eyes on his ex he’s unable to help himself from commenting on her beauty. Aubrey expertly plays it off and maintains a professional veneer. After looking at the house, and his former woman, it finally becomes too much for him, and he takes Aubrey in his arms and kisses her deeply and passionately.

Eventually, the two find themselves on the couch making out passionately, which of course reignited the flames of their former passion. First they please each-other orally, Aubrey expertly pleasing her man with her mouth and Connor is no stranger to sucking on her lovely little she cock.

Eventually it becomes too much and after fingering Aubrey’s tight little ass, Connor fills her tight ass with his cock. After some intense love making on the sofa, Aubrey jerks herself off while bringing her man to the edge with her mouth until he cums all over her face and breasts. Was this true passion or what she needed to do to seal the deal? Either way, they both got something out of this lusty liaison.