All day long I think about sex. I lie on the beach and fantasize the most awesome stories about the girls and couples passing by. I see them imaginary walking naked and each fantasy is even hornier than the other. Next to me a girl is greasing her friend with sunscreen and she is so fucking horny that my dick jerks in my pants and I quickly dive into the cold sea to cool off. All hope for tonight. I’m going to Saint-Raphael for a beer with my buddy, hopefully we’ll get along.

It has been a long time since my last adventure. Quick home and a quick shower and shave, I love it when everything is nice and smooth again. Well… ready for Saint-Raphael. To temper the sun in my body, I let the aftersun flow richly and massaged it in slowly, turning myself on a bit. Shit, shit, shit… my buddy cancels, he has to work overtime, that sucks. For a moment I think about what to do, but I’ve been looking forward to it too much, I’ll just go to Saint-Raphael and see.

The train to Saint-Raphael is full, I have to stand. There seem to be only beautiful, scantily clad women on the train. They are all beautiful and so fragrant. I see a very beautiful woman who occasionally looks at me and smiles and then shyly looks away. Mmmmmm that one is delicious, I say. She is dressed in a short, thin dress with nice big breasts. Halfway through, some people have to get out and I make sure to stand against them at the back. Let’s see if I can make contact. Suddenly I am startled. A hand is rubbing my crotch very gently but surely….and it’s her hand. My dick comes up in leaps and bounds. I swallow for a moment, because I had expected everything, but not this…. Not so shy after all.

She looks over smiling and says in a sultry voice, “Ohh, he is nice and enthusiastic. Totally overwhelmed I reply something like: “Yes, I am too”. She bursts out laughing … A wonderful, happy laugh. “Are you always this sharp?” I whisper in her ear. She turns her head to my ear and with my cock in her hand she says, “Only when it’s worth it. Her tongue flicks briefly over my auricle and I feel the pre-cum in my cock rise to the surface. The train stops and I try to stay in contact, but we are separated by the other passengers.

I see her walking on the platform and quickly catch up to her and ask, “What’s your name and do you fancy a drink? She smiles happily again and says, “My name is Devon, and yes, I was supposed to go for a drink with some friends on the beach, but I lost them when I got off the beach.” “I’m Marc,” he says, shaking her hand. “I have to go home and freshen up first, if you go to the square I’ll meet you there,” Devon says. I think I’m being dumped and you can see the disappointment on my face, I think, because she smiles and says, “Okay, you can come with me, I’ll be quick and if you wait downstairs I’ll be ready in no time, it’s close by. Chatting pleasantly, as if she hadn’t just made my dick hard and nothing happened, we walk towards the beach.

In an alley she says: “Wait here, I’ll be right back, I have an apartment upstairs”, a quick kiss on my cheek gives me confidence. After 10 minutes she comes out looking great. What a hunk Devon is; very high heels, short skirt and a tank top where her breasts almost pop out and yes they are not real but nice…. “Yeah, just shut up, you know,” she laughs. We go to different bars, laughing and drinking a lot and in a bar she knows we hang out and get more and more horny. I start to get drunk and more horny as the bar starts to close. Three people are still there when the woman behind the bar asks, “Devon, will you lock up the place or we’ll get a fine.

In a dark corner, a big guy is still horny with two sluts and I see him smiling and grabbing between the legs of both of them. Devon comes hip wiggling towards me and licks her lips, I’m half sitting on a bar stool and she grabs me between my legs. “Now let’s see how horny you really are,” she says in my ear. Her tongue makes a wet trail from my neck to my ear. Devon drives me crazy with her tongue down my neck and ear. It makes me terribly horny and my already hard cock starts to wet my underpants. The bartender disappears down a hatch behind the bar into the basement and yells, “Devon, you send people out like that, I’ll be downstairs for a while. The trio in the corner get up and I see the big guy pulling the panties off the two bitches. Laughing he yells, “You won’t be needing them tonight, come with me.”

Devon breaks away from me and lets the couple out of the pub and locks the door. At the door she turns around and walks slowly towards me, unzipping her skirt and standing in front of me with her pussy bare. I immediately want to touch her pussy but she whispers “Stay where you are” and takes off her shirt as well. Her big tits look really nice. She pinches her nipples and pulls them gently. Again I want to touch them, “Stay here,” she says again and now she ties the shirt she just took off over my eyes. “Mmmmaarr… ” I murmur quietly protesting. “Ssssssssst, nothing but…. I’m going to spoil you”. Her hands are everywhere and within seconds I am standing naked, blindfolded, with my cock against my navel, wet with horn, moaning in front of her. “Ooooohh … yhhaaaa … how cool this is”. I want to surrender completely to this horny cancer and she knows it.

With my cock throbbing I stand with my back against the bar. Her tongue flicks over my nipples and a deliciously long wet tongue kiss makes my knees buckle. First I feel her tie my left hand to the bar and then I stand with my arms spread as wide as possible. I see nothing and hear only the sultry South American music. I smell a horny pussy scent and suddenly I feel two wet fingers in my mouth. “Taste my pussy juice…. Isn’t it delicious?” and immediately I feel her mouth next to mine and together we lick off her fingers. “I always get so horny from my pussy juices and so do you, I can tell by your wet cock.” I feel her hand rubbing the pre-cum off my cock and hear her tasting it, “Mmmmmmmmm…………………………… Nice cock you have. Immediately I get another one of those wet horny tongue kisses and I taste my own horny now and slowly go crazy with excitement. I want to fuck, I want to ram my dick deep into her, but I don’t want to spoil this pleasure.

I’m pretty sure the bartender is watching by now. Devon’s tongue is everywhere, licking and gently biting my nipples making me moan “mmmm…. ohhhhh… keep going. Heeee fuck what is that?” I suddenly feel two mouths and immediately a lot of giggling. “You don’t mind, do you? If Robin joins in”. My nipples are bitten a little harder as if I shouldn’t refuse, which I really wasn’t going to. I moan in response and immediately my legs are spread. I am completely helpless, naked and horny in front of 2 women in a bar in Saint-Raphael.

My dick is tied tightly in front of me, my legs are tied wide apart and my arms are tied tightly to the bar. Then the shirt is pulled off over my eyes and there stands Devon, my new horny girlfriend, and Robin, the bartender. “This is my domain, this pub, and Robin is my regular slut, just like you are now,” Devon says smiling. I roll my eyes. Robin is on her knees in front of Devon, wearing a leather collar with a ring around her neck. I am a little nervous, horny and yet curious about what is to come. “Robin is going to spoil me and you get to watch.” By the collar she pulls Robin’s mouth hard against her pussy, “Lick slut!”

I hear her slurping lick. Devon bends over and her mouth licks all the horny juices off my cock and gives me another tongue kiss. “You’re very horny aren’t you, your cock is dripping with it but you taste great too you know. Do you like it?” I nod and moan as she strokes my bald balls very gently. “Just watch Robin make me come, maybe you can too. Right in front of me she is lying backwards on a table with her legs spread wide. I can see her labia glistening with Robin’s horn and saliva. He stands next to her and works on Devon’s cunt. I want to get loose, I want to lick that cunt, I want …. I’m going crazy with lust.

A meter away I see a wet cunt being fingered, licked and ooohh shit, Robin is now shoving a dildo in it, gigantic…. “Ohhhhhhhhhh….. Jhhhhhaaaaa… I kommmmmmm…” The liquid squirts out of Devon’s cunt, so hard I feel the splashes. Shaking and convulsing, she cums and Robin licks and drinks as much fluid as she can. Jesus… what a great show! I hope it’s my turn now, just a little more and I’ll come without help. Slowly Devon gets up and pushes Robin to my cock. “So suck this cock now.” She looks at me closely: “What do you really like?” she asks softly in my ear, “hard or soft, slow or fast or just very teasing, well… you tell me”. “Gmgmmphh…” I moan as Robin’s tongue licks my balls.

“I like everything, teasing, wet, horny, soft ooohhhhh, mmm…. mmm but no pain,” I stammered. “Ooohhh, you really are a lover, obedient too and we’ll see”. Devon unties me, “Just lie down where I was. Robin helps me onto my back on the table and stands by my head and immediately pins me down, pulling my legs so far apart and towards my head that I can’t get away. “Good Robin, that looks nice, like a real whore slut. Give me those legs and I’ll sit on his face.” Devon comes to my head and her wet pussy slides over my face. I lick her delicious juices and my tongue works on her wiener. “Mmmm… Good girl, just lick my pussy. Robin, help me milk this horny cock. Get completely undressed first.”

I feel Devon’s mouth slide slowly over my cock, up to my balls and Robin’s tongue licks those balls. I lick the labia as if my life depended on it. “Oooohhhhh…. ikkkk kommmmm again…. gaaa ddddoooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr…” The horns of the writhing cunt pour over my face and my cock drips with horn as a tongue slowly makes its way to my anus. My cock jerks against Devon’s uvula and I feel my own orgasm coming on. But suddenly the mouth and tongue stop and I hear Devon say, “No…. not so fast, you can’t even come yet”.

I am lying on the table with my cock almost squirming. Robin gets up and stands between my raised open legs and Devon stands with her pussy over my head and they kiss each other wonderfully horny with lots of tongue and saliva. “You let Mark feel your talents,” Devon says as she stands behind Robin. Robin has taken over my legs and spreads them wide and then sinks over my cock with her mouth open. Very slowly I see my cock slide further and further into her mouth, almost at the end she sticks out her tongue very far and licks my bare balls as I really feel her tonsils against my glans. Heavenly … really heavenly, so horny and agonizingly slow to be licked and sucked and held on the edge. Then I feel her tongue around my glans again, then again she licks my anus very deep, so horny I am in all states.

Devon asks, “Would you like to fuck Mark?” I’m so horny I can barely speak and nod and moan softly, “Mmmmmmm….ohhhhh…yyyy, I’m so hornyll”.
“Good slut of mine, then do Robin”. This is a sign for Robin, immediately she slowly slides up. Lying flat on top of me, our tongues dance, saliva, horny and all. She licks my ear and says in a husky voice, “I’ll be gentle. Before I know it. I feel something pressing against my anus. My ass is soaked from the licking and so willing with horniness that I feel how effortlessly a cock penetrates deep into my ass. “How do you like Robert’s cock?” Devon whispers in my ear. “OOHhhhh… shitttt… sooo… hhhorny…” I moan. I feel the cock gently sliding in and out of my ass. “You’re doing really well, I always love the surprise,” Devon says and immediately pumps a huge dildo into her wet cunt.

I can’t go, I don’t want to go, I’m so horny the juice is pouring out of my cock. I am in a stupor and let her do everything to me. Devon squirts her juices all over Robin and me again. With my legs spread I am fucked deep in the ass by a transsexual and I like it too. I feel her cock pumping and stretching my sphincter. Devon leans forward and pushes her, fingers dripping with horn, alternately into Robin’s mouth and mine. “Lick my juices, sluts.” I slowly realize that Robin’s climax is not far off. Slower and slower the slightly thicker cock slides in and out of my slippery ass. Devon also notices and slowly pushes two fingers from her wet cunt into Robin’s ass. “Grrrhhhh…. yyyyhaaaa…. honey… geillll… pump those fingers in my ass. Yaaaaaaa… I come… “. Robin’s cock squirts all over my belly, the big pool of cum is smeared by Devon. With her big tits she rubs my chest, smearing all the horn and seed.

Slowly I’m made to stand up, my cock can’t take it anymore, it’s throbbing, wet from my pre-cum, Robin’s seed and the juices from Devon’s squirting cunt and I’m about to cum. If anyone looks at my cock, I squirt. Ooooh God how horny I am. I want to let my seed run free from the all controlling horniness.
Devon grabs a handful of ice cubes and … ohhhhhhh my God… all of a sudden my cock is hanging at half eleven. “Haahaha, so we gained some time again Robin”. Robin laughs and says “Great, then we can continue”.

I am put on a chair and blindfolded and slowly they start to work on me with their tongues. I feel them everywhere, my nipples, in my mouth, in my ear, on my balls, then again a tongue flashes across my arse and every time my cock threatens to pop up I feel the ice lumps freeze my cock and it’s over. Devon suddenly whispers in my ear, “Mmmm, I’m getting nice and horny again from Robin and you. How about I give you a nice deep blow job? Do you like it when I take your cock really deep down my throat?” “Yesss…. please… I find that so horny, you can suck so well,” my voice jumps. “Mmmmmmm… okay, but I’ll only do what you do”. I don’t understand a word until I feel Robin’s cock against my lips. “I’ll only do what you do, so….can you suck as good?”

I hesitate but feel that Devon is really waiting for me to take the cock in my mouth…. “Go ahead,” she says, gently encouraging me. She joins me with her head and licks my lips, coaxing my tongue out. I feel a hand on the back of my head and can’t pull away. The head of Robin’s cock enters my mouth and slowly I suck the cock and then feel what I am doing being copied on my own cock. I get more and more horny and my tongue explores and finds the thick balls and I lick, suck and everything is wonderfully copied by Devon on my dick… I take the dick in my mouth as far as I can and feel how Devon sinks down to my balls with her mouth. I don’t understand any of it but I find it delicious and horny how I have to work a throbbing cock to be held deliciously on the edge of cumming myself. “Ahhhh… you’re going to love it, aren’t you?…. I thought so, my little slut”.

My cock proudly rises again. I feel Devon grab my cock and the next thing I feel is a strap around my balls and cock. “So that must delay your ejaculation a bit because I want to be fucked.” The blindfold disappears and I look at Robin’s cock and take it deep down my throat. Jesus, what a slut I am… …. I’ve never been so horny. I lick the cock again and then Devon helps me up. “You in my pussy and Robin in my ass.” Robin lies down on the table and Devon slowly sinks her ass over Robin’s cock. With her back to Robin, she spreads her legs wide and I ram my cock deep into her pussy all at once. I pump my cock excitedly in and out of her cunt, so hard that Devon’s cum soon makes everything soaking wet.

I feel Robin’s cock along the thin wall between her pussy and ass, massaging my cock. “Ohhhhhh … I come again,” Devon moans, “Ahggggg zzooooo ggggeilllll …” I feel her pussy spasm and know I’m about to come. I quickly stop and move my mouth and tongue right over the writhing cunt, licking the cunt and leaking balls as I thrust in and out of her ass. Robin also cries out, “I can’t hold it anymore. Yyyyyaa I’m going to squirt”. Devon pulls the cock out of her ass and squirts the cock all over her cunt. With my face close to her cunt, she grabs my head and pulls it against her filled cunt. “Lick slut, then I’ll come again.” I feel her clit tighten and her cunt squirt again.

Robin has come up behind me and is sucking my cock deliciously wet and deep. Devon also joins me and together they work my cock “Ooohhhh…. I kkkommmm…pipe through, swallow, suck, lick…. Oh…yes…” Shockingly, I finally squirt my cum all over both faces. I can feel their tongues fighting for my cum. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, squirt nice,” Robin moans. I feel my cock spasm and squirt like I have never squirted before. Devon and Robin catch it all. I am still shocked when Robin and Devon come over me with their tongues and put their tongues in my mouth as well. I can taste the horniness of us and I shudder. “We should do this more often,” Robin and Devon say in chorus “Yessss!”