Give Mr. Thomsen the 50 crones if he brings the lawnmower over,” his mom had told him, “and offer him a beer, … Oh, and no parties with your buddies at my house while we’re gone!” Photo from a beautiful trap.

“Yes, Mom, of course,” Bent replied, while his mother and his sister Catalina got into the cab that would take them to the airport, because they had booked a long weekend in Paris, for shopping and because it’s just so great there. Bent could be right; he had been looking forward to this free weekend for a long time. Finally free of the stress. Finally, he could be a girl, a beautiful trap.

Of course, he didn’t plan to have a party with his buddies. He was going to take his time looking through his mother’s bedroom dresser for new toys, which she had been buying regularly since the divorce. Of course, he would try out one or the other darling and at the same time he could indulge in his vice of jerking off to hot pics he gathered on the Internet. He would also search Catalina’s closet, because he had found great pleasure in putting on her clothes to pose in front of his webcam and to show himself to older gentlemen in girly clothes. To do this properly extensively, without the fear of suddenly being disturbed, it was almost inevitable that for some time there was no one else at home but himself. And that was finally the case again. Great!

On 4chan and 7chan he surfed most often for a while. On this site there were many different sex pics, and often related links were posted, which then led to further pics. On 7chan, he came across the term “beautiful traps” some time ago, which totally fascinated him. The word “trap” means feminine boys who dress like women and can be mistaken for a sexy girl. A trap, therefore, into which men sometimes fall.

So what could be more natural than to borrow some of his sister’s clothes from time to time to turn on some men in front of the webcam? Nothing gave him more satisfaction than when a mature buck got a big dick and squirted his juice because of him. Bent liked to pretend he was a slut, which didn’t fit his otherwise rather shy nature. It’s only on the webcam… and nobody recognizes me, he said to himself.

This beautiful trap was ready for the webcam session.

At first he thought about putting on some strapless stockings, but decided against it and chose a mustard-colored mini with matching bellyless top. He also found in the attic, among many other shoes, a pair of bright red platform shoes with insane heels. Since the shoes were open at the back, it didn’t matter that they were a little too small for him. The ultra-short mini stretched tightly over his round butt. He rounded out the overall look with a pair of his sister’s thick-rimmed glasses, giving him that teacher look he liked so much. Before Bent sat down in front of the webcam in his room, he paced back and forth a few times in front of the large mirror on the living room wall. He was pleased with what he saw and licked his lips seductively.

His mom had actually stocked up on toys. The new piece was a silicone imitation of a fat black cock with a suction cup that allowed one to easily attach it to smooth surfaces. When he found himself imagining what his mother might do with it, he actually got a little red in the face and when he thought that she might catch him trying the darling out, he got hot. He put the thing on his desk right next to the keyboard and sat down in front of his PC. He was ready to go.

At the same time, Mr. Thomsen was enjoying a beer on the balcony of his multi-story apartment building. The afternoon spring sun was pleasantly warm and Mr. Thomsen was pleased with himself. He had just overhauled Mrs. Henriksen’s lawn mower so that the darling was fit again for the coming lawn season. He loved to tinker around in his garage, doing simple mechanic work for the entire neighborhood.

Before the leaves on the trees thickened, he had a good view of Bent’s room, which was on the lower floor of the Neufeld single-family home.

The desk lamp was burning and the screen of the PC was also illuminated, which is probably why it briefly caught Mr. Thomsen’s eye. He saw the young girl from Neufeld stumble into the room and thought, “Wow, she’s really dressed up today, I wonder what she’s looking for in Bent’s room,” and what he then saw made him hold his breath for a moment. Catalina sat down in the office chair, put her feet together with the bright red shoes on the desk top, and, spreading her legs wide, grabbed her white panties. “Oh my God, I’ve got to get a closer look at that,” Thomsen said to himself, and he stumbled into his living room to retrieve the small binoculars.

As Thomsen, somewhat breathless with excitement and covered by the bamboo plants on his balcony, turned the setting wheel of the binoculars, he first saw the fat rubber cock standing there, then the elongated legs, the short mini…. But wait: “Didn’t Corinna go to Paris with her mother? How did it happen that… Oh my God that’s one of them!” Right after that he also saw the stately rod, which Bent pulled out of the white panties and slowly jerked off. “This little horny sow,” muttered Mr. Thomsen and he felt his pants slowly getting tight. After a while he had seen enough. “Time for me to bring the lawnmower over,” he grinned and went on his way.

As Bent was poking his creamed rosette with the thick silicone cock for the third time in front of his webcam to make another gentleman squirt, the doorbell suddenly rang and Bent almost toppled out of his office chair in shock. Who could that be? He shot up, clicked off the window, and nervously stumbled this way and that in the hallway like a scared chicken. Finally, he kicked his red platform shoes under the big armchair in the living room, put his glasses on the dresser, and snatched his bathrobe off the hook in the bathroom and hastily pulled it on before nervously shaking, he went to the door and peered through the peephole. “Damn it, the basement creek. Does it have to be now?” But then he opened the door. “Yes please? Oh, Mr. Thomsen… um… yes… just drive it around the house, I’ll open the porch door in a minute.” He saw Mr. Thomsen pushing the lawn mower down the garden path. A big, heavy man in his fifties. He closed the front door, walked into the living room, where Mr. Thomsen was already waiting outside the porch door.

After Bent invited Mr. Thomsen into the living room, he handed him the 50 euros, “Um…that’s…that’s from my mother…. So…um…would you like a beer?” “A beer would be great” Mr. Thomsen smiled and sat down on the sofa without being asked, and leaned back. Bent went to the kitchen and got one, tightening the robe’s strap as he did so. Meanwhile, Thomsen looked around a bit. The living room was huge, with a generous modern seating area with two sofas, large modern pictures on the wall, further back a large wall mirror that reached to the floor, and in one corner a bar with four stools, and lots of expensive-looking bottles on a mirrored wall shelf behind it. Boah, like in Hollywood, thought Mr. Thomsen.

“Here you go, cheers” Bent said as he put the beer on the coffee table for Mr. Thomsen, “…I was just going to take a shower, um…I think I’m going to change for a bit” Bent said in a somewhat strained voice. “Oh, never mind,” Thomsen said jovially, “you don’t have to, I’ll be going in a minute. Why don’t you get a beer too, I don’t like drinking alone, ok?” “Um… ok… I… yeah, um… good idea,” Bent mumbled, also getting a beer in the kitchen. Thomsen let his gaze wander again and spotted the red platform shoes under the one armchair. Thomsen grinned. Bent came back and sat on the edge of the chair across from the sofa while Mr. Thomsen toasted him. Bent took a big gulp.

“Is that actually your rubber cock on your desk, or is it Catalina’s?” asked Herr Thomsen with relish. Bent almost spit out the entire gulp of beer again. He choked it down, staring stunned at Herr Thomsen . “Or is he your mom’s?” Bent turned bright red. “Aha. Who would have thought. The genteel Mrs. Henriksen stuffing her cunt with a fat black rubber cock. So, so … interesting … and? Does she come out loud?” “Um…I…that…well, I don’t know…it…” stuttered Bent stupidly to himself. “Feel free to take off your robe Bent, we both know what you’re wearing under there.” said Thomsen, smiling.

“Oh that’s…that’s one of them…. I..I don’t think I like taking the robe off…I…well” Bent stuttered defensively. “Well, I think you’d like it even less if I asked your mom if she knew her son was playing around with her fuck stick on her rosette, wouldn’t you Bent?”

“There…there…that’s nasty,” Bent gasped out, but after a glance at Thomsen, he found his argument quite convincing. He stood up, undid the knot of the belt, and let the robe slide off his shoulders. Bent felt a little shaky and inexplicably warm. “Well, sit down again, Bent…. And don’t forget your beer. It’s quite excellent, by the way,” Thomsen said, taking a big swig from the bottle. Bent sat down in a genteel, ladylike manner, and also took a large sip, quite unladylike.

Thomsen let his gaze slide over Bent’s long slender legs, which would probably make most women envious. “So you show yourself off like that on your webcam. Who’s watching you most of the time? Boys? Girls? Men?” “Me…I…well…mostly men, I guess,” Bent whispered hoarsely. “Men? Mature men?” Bent lowered his eyes and nodded imperceptibly. “I see.” agreed Thomsen. “And you get excited when the old bucks get excited about you. Doesn’t it?” “Yeah,” Bent pressed out after a pause and a long inquiring look from Thomsen. “Yeah, it kind of turns me on…. well… it… it just turns me on.”

“Well, it’s no big deal, Bent,” Thomsen said jovially, draining his beer bottle in one go. “You know what? I feel like having a drink at the bar. You look like you could use one, too. Why don’t you go get us some ice from the kitchen?” Bent stood up. “Oh, and why don’t you put on those red shoes that are under the chair there, you wore them before too” Thomsen grinned, “then why don’t you put them on for me?” Bent, now bright red in the face, obediently did as instructed. And then he stalked into the kitchen, hips swaying.

Thomsen stared open-mouthed at his buxom bottom. The living room was long, and the whole time he couldn’t take his eyes off Bent’s buttocks wrapped in yellow fabric. Thomsen noticed his pants getting tight. “Whoa, what an ass!” he thought. “He sure beats my favorite sissy Natalie’s butt!” Thomsen stood up and sauntered over to the bar. As he passed, he picked up the teacher’s glasses from the dresser and placed them on the counter. She would perfect Bent’s transformation into a hot bitch.

Bent returned to the living room with a container of ice cubes, and stalked over to the bar, and it looked like he was even enjoying Thomsen’s greedy looks. He placed the container of ice on the counter and sat down on a bar stool, crossing his long legs as Thomsen began mixing the drinks. Bent noticed the glasses lying on the counter, put them on without asking and watched Thomsen with a flirtatious look as he poured the alcohol, chewing lasciviously on your lower lip. Thomsen thought Bent was laying it on thick. Thomsen liked that and his pants got a little tighter.

At the point where the counter was attached to the wall, virtually growing out of it, Thomsen spotted a button with various knobs and buttons. “Oh, what’s one of them?” asked Thomsen, and immediately began trying out the knobs. Outside, dusk was already well underway; it would soon be dark. As Thomsen had suspected, the slat blinds on the windows could be lowered automatically. The buttons were quickly pressed and the blinds lowered. The knobs were connected to the lamps and Thomsen mixed a warm, subdued light. Bent watched him in amazement, sipped his drink but said nothing, letting Thomsen have his way. “Well, is there another button for music somewhere?” he asked. Bent pointed to the dresser next to the huge wall mirror, over on the far wall. “In there,” Bent said.

“Well, why don’t you make us some music… something modern or something… something with rhythm…. House… or tekno,” Thomsen said and, drink in hand, leaned against the bar stool, watching Bent stumble to the dresser, hips swaying. “The horny sow has it really on it,” thought Thomsen and said, when Bent had tuned in a station with breakbeats: “Come Bent… dance something for me…. you can look at yourself right there in the mirror, you’re really a hot sight.” “And you make with a big dick…” but Thomsen only thought that and then he watched how Bent started to dance… a bit inhibited at first, but then more and more lascivious and provocative. Thomsen mixed himself and Bent another drink, barely able to take his eyes off Bent’s round little ass.

“Come back here, Bent, and have another drink,” Thomsen said after a while. He saw Bent coming towards him and noticed how he briefly looked at Thomsen’s crotch. Bent had just noticed Thomsen’s big bump. Thomsen knew that and Bent knew his look had been noticed. “Well, want to touch it? Want to feel how big my bump is?” grinned Thomsen and Bent turned bright red. “I know you want to, Bent. So touch it,” Thomsen said softly but promptly as Bent stopped between his knees and hesitated. Then he reached out. Thomsen let out a sigh and let his thick rod twitch and throb. Bent’s hand encircled the testicles and root of his cock, then slowly rubbed his palm along the shaft that grew down Thomsen’s pant leg, stretching the fabric. Bent got wide-eyed, blushed, and let go…. he took a step back.

Turn around, let me get a close-up look at your hot little ass.

Thomsen was already breathing heavily when he whispered hoarsely to Bent, “Turn around, Bent, and let me get a close-up look at your hot little ass. Red to both ears, Bent turned around. Thomsen’s gaze seemed to burn on his butt and soon Thomsen’s large hand began to stroke, knead, finger his butt cheek. “Mhhh…you’ve got a hotter ass than your sister Catalina,” Thomsen whispered hoarsely. “I guess that makes you horny when old bucks get hot because of you, huh, Bent?” Thomsen’s breath blew into Bent’s neck. “Come on…put your knee on the barstool next to you.” Bent tightened his leg, spread it off, and put his lower leg on the barstool. He balanced on the other leg, but because of the platform shoe, he had to hold onto the counter to keep from losing his balance. He felt Thomsen pressing against his thigh, felt the twitch of his rod.

Thomsen’s hand traveled over Bent’s buttocks, his thighs. The hand was very warm and its grip strong. “Getting horny when the bucks get hot because of you,” Thomsen murmured again, “real hot and hard, huh?” And Thomsen s hand went between Bent s legs from behind, over his skimpy white briefs, and grabbed his sack. Bent inhaled sharply and sighed. His rod twitched violently in his sister s tiny briefs, threatening to free itself. “Awesome your full sack, wow,” Thomsen gasped in Bent’s ear. “You should do something about that right away.” Thomsen’s hand went back to Bent’s butt cheek, squeezing it, but then she went under the briefs and grabbed Bent’s testicles again while Thomsen’s thick thumb pressed against Bent’s slippery rosette which was already twitching violently.

Before Bent knew it, Thomsen had freed Bent’s rod, took it in his fist and pulled it back between his legs while his other hand kneaded Bent’s butt. Bent gasped in excitement as Thomsen jerked him off, bending the hard cock backwards over and over. Bent clawed at the bar, he was boiling hot while Thomsen milked his rod skillfully and before Bent could say anything he felt it coming, his rod twitched faster and faster and then he heard, while he groaned, his sperm already slapping against the bar stool and on the marble floor. Thomsen jerked him off expertly. “Jaaaa, squirt your juice, horny…. Yaaa… make it come.” Thomsen’s gasp was very close to his ear. Bent panted and moved his butt against Thomsen’s thick thumb, and he squirted and squirted.

Bent’s leg slid off the stool. Thomsen took Bent by the shoulders, turned him, and leaned him back against the bar counter. Bent was all wobbly on his feet, still panting with his mouth half open, cheeks all red with arousal, and watching Thomsen with astonished eyes. Thomsen grinned and demonstratively wiped his cum-soaked hand on Bent’s top. Then he grabbed Bent’s nipple and twirled it, making Bent groan again. “Well, was that horny? Come on, take off your panties. Ne horny bitch doesn’t need something like that.” Bent turned bright red, but he immediately reached under his mini and there were the white panties at his feet. Thomsen stood in front of him and had Bent’s nipples between the thumb and forefinger of his strong hands. “Getting hard again, huh? Come on… grab my crotch, Bent. Knead my hammer.” Bent reached out as Thomsen’s fingers pinched his nipples, and his rod stiffened again. “Yesssss,” Thomsen gasped out, “yesssss…. Feel how horny your hot ass made me?” Thomsen stood wide-legged in front of Bent and let his sack and tube be hornily groped. He grunted and gasped, his gaze fixed firmly on Bent, who licked his lips almost lustfully.

Thomsen let go of Bent’s nipple, grabbed Bent by the neck and pulled his head in. He pressed himself against Bent, grabbed his butt roughly with his other hand and pushed his thick tongue wetly into his mouth. Bent moaned in surprise and suppressed. Thomsen’s thick tongue explored his mouth roughly. Bent started sucking on the tongue and gasped into Thomsen’s mouth. After a while he let go of him and wiped his mouth. Bent turned bright red and he gasped hard. “Go sit on the big chair by the wall mirror and pose a little for me,” Thomsen gasped excitedly and hoarsely, undoing the buckle of his strap. “Show me that cunt, Bent…I want to see you….”

Swaying slightly, with soft knees, Bent stumbled to the chair and sat down. Under Thomsen’s gaze, stripping off his pants and underpants, he slowly spread his legs, placing one over the armrest. The mini slid up, revealing Bent’s hard rod, testicles, and shiny twitching rosette. He hung vulgarly in the chair like ne hot whore. Thomsen took his thick cock in his hand and slowly jerked off while greedily staring at Bent. “Now you’re about to get it, you horny dirty stud.” Thomsen could just feel Bent’s gaze on his thick rod and saw how his words made him turn deep red. “That’s what you’ve needed for a long time, you little sow. A strong buck to do it to you. Right, Bent?” Bent turned deep red again and he nodded noticeably. But he couldn’t make a sound. He chewed on his lower lip as Thomsen slowly approached him. Bent was totally excited and his cock and rosette twitched nervously.

“Shameless beast!” Thomsen’s fat rod bobbed back and forth as he walked toward Bent. He stood next to the chair and held two fingers to Bent’s lips in a demanding manner. Bent opened his mouth and Thomsen’s index and middle fingers explored Bent’s mouth. Bent began sucking on the fingers while staring at Mr. Thomsen’s thick rod, which was even fatter than the big black rubber cock on his desk.

Thomsen put his other hand on his head and pulled his fingers out of Bent’s mouth. “Suck my cock!” he ordered hoarsely, pulling Bent’s head closer. Bent opened his mouth reached for the shaft and took Thomsen’s rod into his mouth. Thomsen gave a horny moan, then thrust. Bent grabbed his sack. “Boah you horny sow,” Thomsen gasped and fucked Bent’s hot wet mouth. He bent over and began to open Bent’s twitching rosette with his wet two fingers. Bent’s loud moans and yips were muffled by Thomsen’s fucking boner. Bent’s hole was hot, very tight, and twitching away.

Thomsen’s grunts and gasps grew louder. It mingled with Bent’s smacking sucking sounds. “Ahhhh you horny sow you’re doing guuuut” gasped Thomsen. “In a minute, in a minute I’m going to stab you,” he panted. Bent jerked the thick shaft and groped Thomsen’s thick balls. With the other hand, he clawed into his strong buttocks. Panting loudly, Thomsen finally tore himself away from Bent. He let his gaze slide over Bent’s slutty body and stood between his widespread legs.

“Now the bull’s gonna do you, you horny mare!” Thomsen gripped his spanking tightly and went to his knees. Then he pushed the thick glans into Bent’s hole with screwing motions. He propped himself up on the armrests of the chair and slowly and relentlessly thrust into Bent’s tight slippery rosette; a little deeper with each thrust. Bent turned his head and could see in the large wall mirror as he lay open in the chair receiving Thomsen’s thick device. When Thomsen’s rod was about six inches deep in Bent’s twitching hole, he began to really fuck him. Bent acknowledged each thrust with a squeal or a loud yip. In between, he moaned hoarsely, but this was almost drowned out by Thomsen’s gasps and grunts. The buck speared him. Deeper and deeper. Finally!

Bent stared between his wide-spread legs.

Bent stared between his wide-spread legs, panting, and watched as Thomsen’s hammer stabbed into his butt. He squirmed under the thrusts, receiving the bull’s cock sometimes left, sometimes right in his hole, almost driving him out of his mind. When Thomsen’s thick hairy testicles hit his butt for the first time, he raised his eyes and immediately turned red in the face when he met Thomsen’s gaze. Thomsen was in him to the hilt, and he paused for a long time, letting his rod twitch a few times in Bent’s butt. Thomsen moaned. Then he slowly pulled back six inches and thrust hard again to the hilt. “Uhhhh!”, Bent acknowledged with a hoarse suppressed cry from his half-open mouth, his eyes fixed firmly on Thomsen. Thomsen repeated the fucking thrust, paused, and thrust hard again. Bent’s cries grew louder. “That’s one fuck, huh?” gasped Thomsen, “that’s what your tight cunt needs, you little sow…. There!!! … there!!!” Bent tossed his head back and forth. “Uhhhh!…wow…that’s one of them…. Uhhhh!! take…me…. Oh wow…me… Uhhhhh! Fuck!!! Yahhh! … Oh I…it… it… Uhhhh!” Bent’s cock began to twitch, spurting semen up to Bent’s neck, cheek, chest… stomach. Each thrust of Thomsen drove more white, thick juice from Bent’s rod, which Thomsen responded with “come you sow…. Yes! Squirt… !!!” and also got louder than Bent’s rosette twitched and contracted tightly.

Bent noticed Thomsen grunting and shaking as his hammer kept fucking deep inside him. “Whoa you got a horny cunt” Thomsen moaned as he let his rod go deep and started ramming. Bent clutched Thomsen’s hips with his legs, pulling him firmly on top of him. The fat rod twitched and Bent knew the buck was about to come. He received Thomsen’s thick tongue in his mouth and felt the bull pumping semen into his hole. Bent’s butt was hot and his cunt was slick and smacking from Thomsen’s thrusts, making him blush with shame. Thomsen collapsed on top of him and pumped the last drops into his twitching hole. Bent sighed loudly in satisfaction, even though the heavy bull lying on top of him almost crushed him.

When Thomsen finally stood up and put his pants back on, Bent straightened his top and tight mini. He sat demurely in the chair again, well fucked and satisfied for now. He watched as his Master tightened the strap, adjusting his bulge. He licked his lips teasingly, and Thomsen’s look told him that this was not the last insemination he was to receive. The weekend was still long.