The beautiful woman from the train, the photo is from xnotabolickx, she pretty much matches Laura in the story. But xnotabolickx, how do you come up with a name like that?

It happened a lot of years ago, I was just twenty-six at the time and from Oslo. I had had many girls, but had not found the right one yet. In those years I looked very good, I did a lot of sports, because of this I had a strong and well-shaped body. I still have that now, only it’s gotten a little older. In those days I almost always traveled by train, I didn’t need a car, and it saved me a lot of money. I worked a lot, and sometimes didn’t get to girls and fun for weeks, my friends were all already married.

Three of my friends also had children, because of this change in their lives they couldn’t go out anymore. At the time, computers and the Internet were in their early stages or were just too expensive to purchase. Once again I had worked overtime, and boarded an almost empty train, my trip took twenty minutes. I had bought a spacious apartment where I could retire comfortably.

Sometimes a friend would come over for the weekend, and the last time I had given a party. Twenty people had been there, the whole weekend was a party. A lot of booze had gone through, but we’d had an awful lot of fun, and a lot of old stories had been told. After the weekend, I had spent about three days cleaning up and replenishing everything. As I enter the platform, I see that the train is quietly waiting for the conductor to blow his whistle for departure. I have sunk a little into my thoughts, it is already quite dark outside.

Look what kind of beautiful woman is coming

The summer is over again, the days are getting shorter and that is very noticeable. Suddenly I hear a door open, I put my hand in my pocket because I think it is the controller. For a moment nothing happens then I hear the tapping of heels, I take my hand from my pocket, and look what kind of beautiful woman is coming. There is a smell of perfume in the train, and then the woman comes out from behind the benches. She is very good-looking, I estimate her to be around thirty.

She’s wearing a skirt that goes down to just above her knees; underneath, her legs are hidden in tights or nylons, I can’t really tell. Over the skirt she wears a sweater in which her not too large breasts are firmly outlined. Her face is cheerful, a light tan that must still be from the sun.

Long dark blond hair, her eyes are slightly set with a pencil and her lips glisten with lipstick. She has on pumps with a nice high and thin heel, her gaze wanders through the train, then she sits down on the other side facing me. When she sits down, she pulls her coat out from under her, which for a moment creates an insight for me a little further under her skirt. Smiling, she looks at me, and she takes a book from her bag.

She lets her eyes pass over me for a moment

My thoughts are working overtime, and pretty soon they make my dick hard. I carefully stroke my pants, and then look outside again. Luckily it has gotten completely dark, in the glass I can look at her. There is something about this woman that draws me in, she sits quietly reading, and as she turns a page she looks at me. She lets her eyes pass over me for a moment, and continues reading in her book. I hope this train ride never ends, this is the first time I have seen something so beautiful on the train.

She has another page out, folds her book and lets her gaze slide past me again. She says; Why don’t you just look at me? Of course it is exciting by looking at me in the window. But I think you see more if you just look at me. Her beautiful, not too loud voice takes me out of my thoughts, startled I look at her. I can’t utter a word through this obvious question of hers. She keeps looking at me, her eyes are fixed on mine. With her tongue she passes her lips, her hands lie still on her legs.

Still overwhelmed by her remark, I say; You are a very beautiful woman, I have never experienced this in the train. Sorry, that I am looking at you like this, but because of your beauty I can’t help it. She looks at me laughing, her hand disappears into the bag, and comes out with a ticket. She extends her arm to me, I take the card from her, and look at what the card says. She says in a soft voice; I would like it if you would call me sometime, the number on that card you can call any time of the day.

You are a beautiful young man, with whom I would like to make your acquaintance. The train starts to slow down, the woman gets up and straightens her clothes, and without a word she leaves the train. I am left alone in the wonderful smell of her perfume, I look at the platform and see the woman closing her coat, and leaving the station with a brisk pace. The train starts moving again and a moment later everything is gone, only the scent of her perfume is left in the train.

The next stop is mine; before the train gets going it has to slow down again. As soon as it stops I get off, and walk to the bike shed, then I ride to my apartment still in my thoughts. I put the bike in the storage room and take the elevator upstairs. Normally I always take the stairs, but this night is very different from the others.

I hang my coat on the coat rack and walk into the room, I turn on some lights, and immediately draw the curtains. In the kitchen, I take care of my things I need for the last day of the week. With a pen and sheet of paper, I walk through the house for a shopping list. On the table is the woman’s card, it seems to draw me to it every time. I grab my phone and dial the number on the card.

When it rings three times I hear her voice, she mentions her name and immediately there is silence again. Then again; Laura. Hello Laura, with the boy from the train. I just wanted to hear your voice. My name is Aaron. She responds enthusiastically, saying; Hello Aaron, I’m glad you called me. When I left the train I didn’t have a good feeling about it. Now that feeling has changed completely, would you like to visit me this weekend?

If you like, we can go shopping together, have a drink and maybe watch a movie? I would like to come over on Saturday afternoon, just tell me what time. She says smiling; if you really want to come, I’ll expect you around 1:30. Can you do that? Is that a bit convenient for you? No problem, I’ll do everything in the morning and be with you around 1:30. She hangs up, smiling. I have a good feeling about it.

For the first time in my life I’ve been decorated, that’s how it feels to me. Smiling, I walk through the house and turn off the lights, after a nice long shower I dive into my bed. Another day of work, then quickly do everything in the house. Then a beautiful weekend awaits, what will happen I do not know, I let everything come over me. I’m definitely going to enjoy it, and that night I have all kinds of dreams.

I stroke it slowly

One is more exciting than the other, and when I wake up in the next morning, I have a hard cock in my slip. I stroke it slowly, and I can already feel the first drops falling on my hand. Smiling, I get up; I don’t have that much time. After having breakfast, and getting my things together, I walk downstairs. Holding the bike by the hand, I exit the storage room. It is still very quiet everywhere, I am the only one who leaves so early every morning. I once told my neighbors that I do this to get home early. They had a good laugh about it, I’ve never come home earlier than they have.

Smiling, I ride to the station and park my bike in the locked bike shed. When I walk onto the platform the train is just arriving, there are not many people in the train. When the ticket inspector checks my pass I have a chat with him. We have known each other for a few years, he often drives this route, and I take this train every day. I have a car, but I only use it on weekends, or when I have to go somewhere in the evening. For the first time I am home early on Friday night. The next morning I finish the last things in the house.

Enjoying myself I walk out of the house to do some more shopping. On my return I make some coffee and sit down on the couch. Before I leave I take a quick shower and get into my car on time. I arrive at the house fifteen minutes before the agreed time. I park my car along the sidewalk and walk to the front door. It takes a while for the door to open after I ring the bell, as soon as the door opens the wonderful smell of her perfume hits me. Standing in the opening is a very beautiful woman. She is wearing a long skirt with a short boot underneath with a high heel.

A tight blouse where the breasts stand out very nicely, her hair hangs wavy along her face. The face is slightly made up, and her eyes look at me radiantly, she gives me a hand and pulls me gently inside. I get a kiss on my cheeks, and feel her warm lips for a moment. Hi Aaron, nice that you’re already here. Could you find it easily? She closes the door behind me and walks into the room before me. There she turns around and looks at me with mysteriously glistening eyes. I have only driven wrong three times Laura.

That’s not so bad dear Aaron, there are people who can’t find it. But there is another part of the street that is just as hot as this one. And when you get there you can’t drive here in one go. I thought you might come by bike? But you have a car I saw. I have a car, only I rarely use it, the train is many times easier for me. Never any trouble parking and it costs less, and if I had gone to work by car I would never have met you.

Quickly she presses a kiss on my lips and then walks into the kitchen, she comes back with two cups of coffee and puts them on the table. We talk about our lives and tell each other about each other. She shows me her house and then says she will change, so we can leave. When I tell her that she does not need to change because she already looks wonderful, she looks at me long and lovingly, then she walks out of the room. Ten minutes later, she returns and has replaced her long skirt for a shorter one.

The blouse has made place for a sweater, she has changed nothing else. I get up and walk with her to my car, we agreed that we would go to town. I drive quietly, and every time I look at the beautiful woman sitting next to me. I still ask myself why she is going out with me, I am sure there are many men who would kill to go out with her. After parking the car, we walk downtown. Soon she gives me an arm, and walks close to me through the center. Enjoying her warmth and presence, we go in and out of several stores.

Laughing and talking we enjoy a wonderful afternoon

Laughing and talking we enjoy a wonderful afternoon, when the stores close we walk through the increasingly quiet streets. At the cinema, we decide which movie to watch later, then walk to a cozy restaurant. It looks reasonably expensive, but at that moment I don’t care. She hangs her coat at the checkroom, and walks in before me in her high heels. It looks like she comes here more often. At a little table in the back of the store she sits down, I take a seat opposite her. A leaky girl with the menu card comes to zone table, she picks up our drinks. Laura puts her hand on mine and looks at me. May I put together our dinner?

Of course you can Laura, I leave it all up to you. She takes the menu card, and puts it at the edge of the table. When the girl comes back she orders for us. The girl writes everything down with a smile. I look at the cozy looking restaurant, and feel her fingers stroking over my hand. A lot of warmth emanates from her fingers, which slowly spreads through my body. I look at her and see a beautiful glint in her eyes. It seems like we have known each other for a very long time.

Aaron, do you know that you are a very beautiful man? You must think me a strange woman, and maybe see me as an adventure. I have known you for a long time, a long time ago I saw you for the first time, and then I felt a certain atmosphere. I wanted to get to know you back then, but due to various circumstances, nothing ever came of it. This past week was very important to me, if it hadn’t worked out now, it would probably never happen again. I already told you that I am single, and have experienced very few men.

My life otherwise consists of a lot of work and little fun. It has been a long time since I have been out with anyone. I hope you like being with an older woman here. Laura, I love being here together with you. I’m a simple guy, who doesn’t do anything I don’t like. Or does it, because someone else wants it, I think you are a very beautiful woman and that you are older than me I just love. I hope it will last.

She squeezes my hand firmly for a moment, and then laughingly lets go of my hand. The appetizer is brought by the girl, it looks very delicious. I eat in silence, every bite is a treat. During dinner we talk about all kinds of things, she tells about her work, her past, and how she sees her future. When we ask for the bill I am not given the opportunity to pay. I look at her strangely, because I wanted to pay. Smiling, she pays, and at the checkroom I help her into her coat. At the cloakroom I help her into her coat. Smiling, she gives me a kiss and we walk to the cinema. I buy the tickets so she can’t pay for them.

We take a bottle of drink with us and sit down in the theater, I put her coat in a chair next to me. When it slowly gets darker in the hall I feel her hand grasp my hand. Again the warmth flows through my body. For the first time I feel very calm with such a beautiful woman next to me. Whenever I went to the cinema with a friend, I usually wanted to try to catch her as soon as possible. With her next to me, I don’t feel the need for that at all, I would like to but it’s not something I’m really into.

After the movie, shall we go for a drink? Soon I notice that she has had enough. I suggest we leave. For a moment she looks at me and smilingly gets up, and a little later we drive to her house. I see that she relaxes completely. With her eyes closed, she enjoys the gentle jolt of the car, with her hand slowly stroking her skirt. Will you join me for a drink in a moment, Aaron? If you’d like, I’ll join you and stay until you show me out.

Smiling, a strange glow can be seen in her eyes. When she opens the door, it suddenly starts to rain, we both look outside and have to laugh about it. We are home just in time, otherwise we would have gotten quite wet. Laura pours us a drink and comes to sit next to me on the couch, her eyes shine and look at me. For the first time in my life, I feel a little uncomfortable because of her sharp gaze. Slowly Laura opens her mouth, with her tongue she strokes along her lips for a moment. She puts a hand on my arm and closes her eyes for a moment.

What do you think of me Aaron? Do you find me vulgar? I think you are a wonderful woman Laura, and certainly not vulgar. Why would I think that? I invited you Aaron, we went out. If you do that as an older woman, most men will immediately think you’re a whore, and up for grabs. Laura, that is the biggest nonsense there is, I do not think that if you invite someone that you are a whore.

Of course if you would do that every day then it would be different, I think you are a very beautiful and special woman, and I am very glad that you invited me. Aaron, what is something that you would never do? I mean this in all respects. Are there any taboos for you in daily life and in sex? I assume you regularly fuck a young woman. I have a fair number of girlfriends, but I don’t dive into bed with them very often. I don’t think I have any taboos, well actually I do. I will never do anything sexually involving poop, children and animals. Although the last is the least as far as taboo is concerned, so that’s what I’ll never do, and other than that I don’t know.

Beautiful trans xnotabolickx

Maybe time will tell if there are other things I won’t do. Why do you ask? Just like that Aaron, sometimes as a human being you know that there are things that are better not to try. But from what I hear you say, that won’t be so bad. I would really like you to stay with me this night Aaron. Would you? I’d love to Laura, you’re a wonderful woman. She turns to me and presses her warm lips on mine. For a moment nothing happens, then I open my lips slowly, my tongue slides between our lips. I immediately encounter her moist tongue. Stroking, and gasping for air we make it a long passionate French kiss. When I slide my hands along her back, a light moan comes from her throat, she lets go of my lips and looks at me with moist eyes.

Laura takes my hand and pulls me behind her into the hallway. In the hallway she grabs my hand again and pulls me with her up the stairs. For a moment I look under her skirt and see her beautiful legs, wrapped in black nylons. In the bedroom she presses on a few small lights, with skillful fingers she quickly removes all my clothes. When I want to take off something of hers her hands hold me back. Enjoying her fingers, her nails and caresses the shivers of pleasure run through my body.

Our lips find each other again for a long tongue kiss, slowly I pull her sweater up. Laura lets go of me and with ease the sweater disappears, a very nice dark green bra appears. With my hands I grab both breasts and caress them gently. I feel the nipples grow between my fingers, soft moaning sounds come from her beautiful mouth. Her head sinks back, leaving her breasts tight in my hands. As I slowly stroke her belly with my hands, she puts her arms around my neck. I unbutton her skirt and let it slide to the floor.

My lips caress her body

For a moment, she looks at me with startled eyes. I press a kiss to her lips and caress her beautiful round buttocks through the panties. I feel her body gently tremble as my fingers slowly creep forward. I notice that she turns away slightly and tries to keep her crotch away from my hands. With my hands under her buttocks, I lift her up, laying her on the bed. My lips caress her body, I grab the hard nipples with my lips through the beautiful green bra.

My hand caresses her legs and the lovely smooth nylons, which stop just below the panties. Under my leg which lies over her crotch I feel a slight bulge, with my lips I slide down and pull the panties aside. A beautiful hard not too big cock jumps out, I look at it and let my tongue slide along it. With a loud moan, Laura tries to slide her growing cock between my lips. With my tongue I keep stroking the cock, and when I finally take it between my lips it has become rock hard. Laura was a trans.

Stirring and enjoying this surprise, I see that he is bigger than mine. I try to take it as far down my throat as I can, I have sucked a dick before some years ago. But a cock attached to a woman’s body that looks so beautiful and large I have never had. It doesn’t take long before I hear her moan that she’s going to cum. She wants to pull her cock out of my mouth, but I stop it, and suddenly I feel her body jerk. My mouth fills with the warm cum, every drop disappearing down my throat. Slowly she calms down again, when I look at her, I see tears rolling down her cheeks.

With my slick and wet cock I crawl further

She wants to say something, I prevent that by pressing my lips on hers. She puts her arms around my body and pulls me hard against her, the kiss becomes fuller and warmer. My cock lies on her stomach, leaving a wet trail of moisture. She lets an arm slide off my back and gently caresses my buttocks. For a moment she squeezes it and then slides her hand between us, her soft fingers closing around my cock. The warmth emanating from her hand creates a delicious orgasm. Shockingly, I squirt my cum all over her belly and hand. Smiling, she looks at me and presses her lips on mine again. With her hand, she continues to caress me.

Normally I can’t take much, right after I cum, but now I feel that my cock doesn’t even slacken. Slowly I get off her and sit between her legs, pleadingly she looks at me. With my slick and wet cock, I crawl further up and press my hard cock against her buttocks. She puts her legs against my chest, immediately my cock disappears into her ass. I can’t hold back for long, and start fucking her with hard thrusts, her eyes are closed. I feel my sperm bubbling up again, with a loud moan I cum for the second time, violently shaking I squirt everything in her ass. I grab her cock, and pull it off with soft strokes, it is hard again, and shines of my sperm that has been sprayed against it.

She looks at me excitedly, she pushes me off her and gives me a long tongue kiss. Then she turns around and lays me on my stomach on the bed. I know what’s going to happen, and I’m all ready for it. She sits down between my legs, pulling me up by my hips. I feel the smooth cock stroking along my balls, and immediately she presses it against my starlet. Very carefully she pushes her big cock into my ass, when it’s halfway in she sits still for a moment, and then pulls it back a bit.

At that moment I relax and immediately Laura thrusts her full length into me. It hurts, but I bite the pillow and let it all come over me. Very gently her hands caress my buttocks, which makes me relax more and more. She begins to fuck me gently, the pain disappearing very quickly and giving way to blissful pleasure. She notices that I like and enjoy it, and begins to fuck me with hard and faster thrusts. I squeeze my buttocks tightly together with each thrust and notice that she likes this very much. I get the feeling that her cock is starting to get bigger and bigger.

Her hands close tightly around my hips and I hear her moan, then her warm cum flows into my buttocks. A very strange sensation takes hold of me, for the first time I feel an ejaculation in my ass. The warmth it gives me is blissful, and I immediately know that I want to experience this many more times. She sinks over me, and together we stay for a while. When our breathing returns to a bit of normal, she gets up and pulls me with her. In the bathroom, she turns on the taps and together we step under the delicious water and wash each other. That weekend I never left her side, after that weekend I spent many days, weekends and vacations with her.

This dream was for me the most beautiful thing that can ever happen in a human life, but after a few years, our relationship suddenly ended. What exactly happened is I don’t know, when I rang her doorbell she was not at home. Normally she always told me she was leaving, this time she hadn’t said anything. When I called her the following week she gave a strange answer, I was told later that she wanted to think for a while and be alone. I gave her that space then, that was the beginning of the end.

I never saw her again, when I think back they were three wonderful years. We did almost everything, but I never found out why it was suddenly over. Now many years later I still think back to that experience very often, I think there are only a few men who have gone through my experience.